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Assault on America, Day 314: Do-nothing House Dems’ day of reckoning is coming… in 2020?

Pelosi and Schiff
Of all the things the current House of Representatives will likely be known for by posterity, legislative accomplishments isn’t one of them. From the time Nancy Pelosi accepted the speaker’s gavel (again) to the present (where liar extraordinaire Adam Schiff publicly flaunts his absurd impeachment witch hunt), Democrats have been preoccupied with appearances.

And the only appearance that’s mattered was to be recognized as Donald Trump’s tormentor, overseer, investigator, interrogator, prosecutor, judge, jury and hopefully (to them) executioner. Of course the alternative would have been to actually work with the duly elected president of the United States to pass laws and supervise the massive federal bureaucracy, but confining themselves to such a basic mission was far too principled and forthright for this group of ambitious all-or-nothing leftist politicians to bear.

Instead of doing their jobs, Democrats have put on public grandstanding demonstrations, shut down the government, obsessed over the “rights” and benefits of illegal aliens, favored transgenders over women and generally made fools of themselves while pretending to be “bipartisan” and working for America’s citizens of all races, religions (or lack thereof), creeds, sexual orientations and other un-named designations (still vital to the politically correct order of things).

Listening to House Democrats, they’re the cat’s meow of virtue, the perfect embodiment of non-judgmental tolerant integrity and the enforcer of all rules and standards good and wholesome. And oh yeah, they can walk and chew gum at the same time, too -- they’ll keep legislating while working to impeach Trump. Susan Ferrechio reported at The Washington Examiner, “House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer sent fellow Democrats a memo outlining the legislative actions they’ll vote on in the coming weeks, with barely a mention of the impeachment proceedings that now dominate Congress.

“The lawmaker from Maryland mentioned the House impeachment proceedings in the seventh paragraph of his note to rank-and-file Democrats, underscoring the Democratic leadership's efforts to show they are not solely focused on ejecting President Trump from office.

“’The House is continuing to do important work for the people, even as our committees continue the impeachment inquiry,’ Hoyer wrote. ‘We can, and we will, continue to make progress on critical issues while upholding our Constitutional duty.’”

You’re forgiven if you swallowed your gum reading the last line. Constitutional duty? While it’s true the House may function semi-normally during this time -- you know, committees will meet, staffers run to and fro, congressmen and women show up, do photo ops with constituents and lobbyists, pretend to listen to people, read “Dear Colleague” letters and sign their names to bills that will never see the light of day -- but they’re really just killing time while the impeachment spectacle inches forward. It’s a ceaseless game of hurry up and stall, with them hoping against hope that Adam Schiff’s circus sideshow will produce something Democrats can use to shout “See! We told you Trump was a charlatan! Ukraine! Biden! Uh… corruption!... Yeah!”

Watching them is like being forced to view a grand dress rehearsal before a big stage production -- which in their case is the impeachment trial, of course. Or for some it could bring back memories of the last day of school every year as a kid when students and teachers alike arrived to find their classrooms cleaned-out and proceeded to do pretty much nothing until the final bell rang. Or maybe it’s akin to a half-speed walk-through of your football team’s formations and plays prior to a critical game. Everyone has a role yet their minds and focuses are elsewhere.

Be proud. Our elected lawmakers are little more than play-acting. Anyone want to talk about term limits now?

According to Hoyer’s memo, Democrats intend to vote on a measure to lower prescription drug prices (a.k.a., more government-controlled price-fixing), a plan to re-up the corporate welfare overloaded Export-Import bank (where they agree with the GOP establishment! Yippee!). And last but not least, Democrats will lend their okay to another temporary budget funding bill so the government doesn’t shut down during impeachment! Wouldn’t that be a shame?!

Democrats know the Republican controlled senate has wisely and strategically shuttered most of what the House has already sent over there, but Mitch McConnell and crew haven’t been completely idle. News came last week that one-fourth of the nation’s federal appeals judges were appointed by the current president. Not bad for less than three full years’ work!

What Hoyer didn’t mention -- and it’s hardly unexpected -- was an itemized list of what the House won’t be doing, namely there apparently won’t be any further action on the new USMCA trade agreement, healthcare patches and fixes for the badly foundering Obamacare, a potential bipartisan agreement on infrastructure improvements and upgrades, a legislative proposal on immigration that would earn Republican support and a Trump signature, etc. What Hoyer’s done is dithered a little more on the things the Democrats were supposed to do while offering cheap crap (seriously, the Export-Import bank?) and filler for real accomplishments and regular business.

Regardless, Trump doesn’t stop. Day-by-day he’s out cheerleading for the burgeoning American economy, negotiating pro-country trade agreements with the Chinese, shoring up his Middle East policy, delivering rousing campaign speeches while orchestrating massive rallies and fighting back fiercely against the fake news media’s relentless personal pursuits.

Message to Democrats: Republicans will work with you if you’ll play fair, come to the negotiations table in good faith and discuss real ways to make Americans’ lives better. But if you’re running around talking to MSNBC and CNN hosts about impeachment, we’ll just stick to confirming judges and whistle as Trump issues executive orders and observe attentively as you impale yourselves on your own spikes hunting something that isn’t remotely possible. It’s not exactly sitting lazily by while the republic burns, but what else can you do when Nancy Pelosi and “Chucky” Schumer are in command of the opposition?

Notice how the Democrats aren’t putting Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal on the legislative calendar either, only relatively non-controversial items that won’t dredge up a ton of opposition while impeachment’s going on. They’re thinking, “Hey, let’s keep the nation’s focus on the awful Trump and not fight among ourselves over trivial matters like the federal budget, government spending or whether the men and women in arms will receive their paychecks.”

What about all their 2018 campaign promises? Can anyone think of a single thing Pelosi and crew have succeeded with that was considered a “victory” apart from Trump? The two sides did come together to pass the beginnings of criminal justice reform, but it wouldn’t have been possible without considerable cooperation from Republicans and the backing of the White House. Democrats also pushed through other “show” measures (like the infamous “Equality Act,” a dead pander to the LGBTQ lobby) that have zero chance of being addressed in the GOP controlled Senate.

Talk about a do-nothing Congress. Ever since Democrats took power it’s been one in-your-face thumb-nosing at the Republicans after another. Voters who chose Democrats thinking they’d “moderate” the president’s policies must be incredibly disappointed. Instead of performing the admittedly arduous task of finding common ground on certain issues, Democrats have stuck to their own course and achieved nothing. So-called “moderates” aren’t getting their money’s worth here. Split government isn’t working, something independents will certainly take into account next year on Election Day.

Some people might not like Trump’s personality but they can’t dispute how he gets things done. Trump promised Americans would “get tired of winning” if he was elected president, and he’s kept his end of the bargain. The only thing Democrats “win” is a competition to determine who’s the biggest fibber and obstructionist. They gambled their Russia-gate gambit would bear fruit and it didn’t. All that’s left are immature accusations left to die on the vine.

Even dedicated Democrat constituencies must be noticing. The other day Trump suggested African-Americans should acknowledge what the Democrats are doing -- or not doing -- for them. Dave Boyer reported at The Washington Times, “President Trump appealed to black voters Friday to support his reelection campaign, saying that Democrats in Congress are wasting their time on an impeachment effort that’s ‘failing fast’ instead of working to improve black communities.

“’Imagine if Democrats just put 10% of the energy they devote to attacking me and my administration to instead making this a better country for African American citizens,’ Mr. Trump told a largely black audience in Atlanta.

“The president said Democrats and the media are pushing ‘the deranged, hyper-partisan impeachment witch hunt, a sinister effort to nullify the ballots of 63 million patriotic Americans.’ ‘’It’s not happening, by the way, that’s failing,’ Mr. Trump said of impeachment. ‘It’s failing fast, it’s all a hoax.’”

It is a hoax. And Trump is doing the necessary thing, going directly to black communities and speaking plainly about the Democrats’ lack of investment in their priorities. These folks don’t want more handouts -- they want a hand-up from a government that will help foster job growth and opportunity, not offer stupid politically correct social justice welfare nonsense that doesn’t put food on the table or level the economic playing field.

I’ve argued it many times -- the future of the Republican Party lies in convincing conservative African-Americans and Hispanics (or anyone) to follow the lead of men like Kentucky’s new Attorney General elect, Daniel Jay Cameron, or Michigan Republican U.S. Senate candidate John James. Or Ben Carson. As soon as black people vote their true ideological principles, they’ll be much better served than allowing Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or Maxine Waters to speak for them. That’s the ticket to continued disaster and exploitation.

And Democrats (and their precursors) have manipulated African-Americans for centuries. It’s time for the group to recognize it. Black voters won’t get school choice from Democrats and they won’t get support for safer communities, additional criminal justice reform and cost-effective healthcare legislation either.

All Democrats promise is more of the same with a heavy dose of racism and the fantasy prospect of slavery reparations thrown in. Conservative blacks want no part of it. It’s time for them to leave the Democrat plantation and join with Trump.

Democrats haven’t been honest with the American public and they’ve especially misled the people who put them in power in 2018 to unclog the legislative logjam of recent times. Instead of working with Trump and Republicans to pass positive laws, they’ve obstructed and obfuscated at every turn. It will catch up with them… but when?

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