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Conservative Action Items: Schiff Show Trial Begins Tomorrow

Witch Hunt
The Democrats’ show trial of President Trump begins tomorrow (Wednesday, November 13, 2019) with House Intelligence Committee Chairman Democrat Representative Adam Schiff playing the role of Roland Freisler, the raving Nazi judge in whose court your trial had a 90% chance of ending in either life imprisonment or death.

The “witnesses,” and we use that term loosely, have little to no firsthand knowledge of the events upon which Schiff intends to base his case against President Trump, they contradict each other and even contradict themselves. Don’t take our word for it, you can read key takeaways from their depositions through these links and make up your own mind:

Key Points about Deputy Secretary George Kent

Key points about Ambassador William “Bill” Taylor’s Testimony

Key Points about Ambassador Kurt Volker Courtesy House Republicans on the Oversight and Intel Committees

Key Points about Ambassador Marie “Masha” Yovanovitch

Key Points about Ambassador Gordon Sondland Courtesy House Republicans on the Oversight and Intel Committees

Key Points Ambassador Michael Kinley

We’ve been through the public record reflected in these documents and it seems to us that the only thing their testimony proves about President Trump is that he was sucked in by the Swamp when he appointed them or did not recall them on Inauguration Day, because they were all obviously opposed to his policies and should never have been part of his administration in the first place.

One more thing: Our friend Jenny Beth Martin, Honorary Chairman, Tea Party Patriots Action, has asked us to help expand the coalition working to defend President Trump.

If you agree with us that the impeachment proceedings against President Trump are not only politically motivated, but a sort of Kangaroo Court akin to the Communist and Nazi show trials of the 20th century, then please join the Fight Impeachment Now/Trump Defense Team so we can act as a force multiplier for Republicans on Capitol Hill as they fight the impeachment effort over the next few weeks.

As the House begins public hearings, those Congressmen and Senators fighting to defend the President will urgently need our help. Members of Congress have asked our coalition to help them fight AGAINST impeachment and recruit rapid responders to spread the facts and correct misinformation to our networks and through earned media.

You know that President Trump and the Republicans in Congress cannot count on the mainstream media to get the full story and truth out. They need you and others like you across the country to amplify the truth that the President’s defenders on Capitol Hill are working so hard to get out to the American people. You have the unique ability to do this not only through your networks (email, social media, local groups, etc.) but also with your ability to reach state and local media through earned media.

Are you currently doing media, sending email updates to your list, giving speeches, answering questions for people in your network, or sharing information on social media to help fight impeachment? If so, I urge you to join us.

As a member of the coalition, you will have access to behind the scenes updates from Capitol Hill, frequent and timely news articles and op-eds relevant to fighting impeachment, and the ability to share your posts, articles, op-eds for others to cross-promote. The coalition will communicate with you through email, text messages, and Capitol Hill briefings via conference calls.

You can simply go to to sign up. Please give my name (George Rasley, CHQ Editor) as the person who referred you.

Also, if you know elected officials or conservative organization leaders in your state who would like to participate in the coalition, please forward this email to them. We are looking for activists, leaders and heads of organizations (state groups too, not just national) and current and former elected officials to help in this fight.

One final thought. This isn’t just about Donald Trump; it is about you and me and our shared vision of America governed in constitutional liberty under God’s laws. That’s what Democrats like Adam Schiff really hate, and that’s what we conservatives must defend in this impeachment battle.

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Schiffs and Polosi's Sham trial

This trial is nothing but a coup by the Dem.'s and the intelligence to rid them of a president who won't go a long with the long time and waist full but profitable for some foreign and domestic programs that were put on the books long ago but never let to expire letting the deep state fund projects unknown to the public! These projects then a followed up by certain american business's to supply. Note: the profit. also supplies for black operations through out the world. Note: black projects and surveillance un-known domestic and abroad. Our president is trying to drain the swamp and givr the voter back the powers over the Gov. and the ruling class dosn't like loosing power they have occurred over years of manipulating funds and power and our president is a enemy to there power! The Dem.'s have no one good enough to win against them. so the only way is to impeach or make him look so bad that no one will vote for him! Schiff Swallswell and Polosi will lie and do what ever to keep him from winning again! They may hood wink Democrats and impeach in the house but not in the senate, which makes this a waste of tax payer money and the Dem.'s not doing their jobs for there constituents!