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Learn From The ‘Funding Father’ Of The Conservative Movement How To Massively Grow Your Conservative Organization

Richard Viguerie
For 58 years my passion has been building the conservative movement and advancing the conservative cause.  I’ve always made myself available to help the cause of liberty/freedom under God’s laws.  And at age 86, I’m more anxious than ever to pass on to others my experience and knowledge.

So, two years ago, after pioneering political direct mail and with over 50-years of success in the business behind me, I hosted my first and what I thought might be my only direct mail/marketing seminar. I’d often spoken before conservative organizations or presented at seminars on direct marketing, but I’d never hosted an event to share my (then) 56 years of direct mail/marketing knowledge – until then.

What prompted me to host that day-long seminar is even more important today than it was two years ago: In recent years, the Left has engaged in massive grassroots marketing—growing hundreds of their organizations by 100, 200, 500%, while most conservative organizations were standing still or were celebrating 10-15% growth.

In the face of this Leftist onslaught this may seem counterintuitive, but as I’ve said many times since 2016, this is the best time in my lifetime to grow right-of-center organizations.

The election of Donald Trump created a new right-of-center coalition, and conservatives at the grassroots level are engaged, but unfortunately many state and national conservative leaders have low energy compared to liberals whose leaders are on fire to crush conservatives/Republicans and stop the anti-establishment Trump Revolution.

It hasn’t always been like this. In the 1960s, 1970s, and most of the 1980s, conservatives pioneered and dominated grassroots marketing.

Unfortunately, today the Left dominates, and they are getting massive off-the-books assistance from an increasingly far Left media and Silicon Valley’s liberal tech giants.

Indeed, Google just announced that they were not going to allow their ad platform to be used for certain types of targeted political advertising – the very kind that Trump’s digital marketing team used so effectively in 2016.

Scott Spencer, vice president of product management for Google Ads, wrote in a blog post reported by our friends at Breitbart:

While we’ve never offered granular microtargeting of election ads, we believe there’s more we can do to further promote increased visibility of election ads. That’s why we’re limiting election ads audience targeting to the following general categories: age, gender, and general location (postal code level). Political advertisers can, of course, continue to do contextual targeting, such as serving ads to people reading or watching a story about, say, the economy. This will align our approach to election ads with long-established practices in media such as TV, radio, and print, and result in election ads being more widely seen and available for public discussion. (Of course, some media, like direct mail, continues to be targeted more granularly.) It will take some time to implement these changes, and we will begin enforcing the new approach in the U.K. within a week (ahead of the General Election), in the EU by the end of the year, and in the rest of the world starting on January 6, 2020.

The one media that Mr. Spencer noted could be used to avoid the censorship of Google and other Leftwing media platforms is direct mail.

On December 10, 2019 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm in Washington, DC, I and three of America’s best conservative fundraisers who happen to work for our company, American Target Advertising, as well as NextAfter, a major Internet marketing company, will be offering a “FREE” seminar on how to use direct mail and marketing to become a world-class conservative fundraiser.

Two years ago, participants gladly paid $4,500 each to attend my first marketing seminar. This seminar is free* and open to anyone involved in marketing/fundraising for conservative nonprofits. In fact, there will also be a free lunch (Milton Friedman take note).

We will not try to sell you anything before, during, or after.  We will also provide a fair amount of printed material to help you remember some of the important lessons we discuss.

I'll speak most of the time, but you'll also hear from Kathleen Patten, our company's president and CEO, Dorothy Miller, president of our list company, and Ben Hart, our company's senior copywriter whose packages for our clients will be mailed to over 50,000,000 people this year.

Also, we will have about two hours devoted to digital/internet fundraising conducted by NextAfter, one of America’s leading digital/internet companies.  They work with many top conservative nonprofits.

It will be a fast-paced day, so come prepared to write quickly (recording is permitted), have your eyes opened to how you and your nonprofit can quickly become the leader in your field, grow the number of your donors and donations by 100-200%+, BRAND yourself, your organization, your Left-wing opponents, and best of all—make an important contribution towards scoring a big victory in November 2020 and saving America.

If you and/or some of your team members, who are conservatives working for a conservative nonprofit organization, wish to attend, call Meredith Cole or Linda Hall at (703) 392-7676. You can also contact them at [email protected] or [email protected] to apply to attend.

P.S.  This seminar isn’t open to the general public – it is for conservatives working at conservative nonprofits only – but feel free to pass this invitation on to anyone you know who works for a conservative nonprofit and could benefit from the knowledge we have to share.

P.P.S.  During our time together on December 10, we'll cover most of the important issues necessary to significantly grow conservative organizations, including:

•             Why are conservatives so far behind the Left in grassroots marketing

•             Where/how to get the money to grow your organization

•             The top 3 reasons your housefile mailing results are weak

•             The top 3 reasons your acquisition mailing results are weak

•             The 5 key ingredients necessary for a successful acquisition mail program

•             The 7 things you must do before launching an acquisition program

•             How Newt's 4-Part Plan helps move all problems toward a solution

•             The #1 mistake 95% of nonprofits make on their website

•             How to write strong prospect, house, thank you, and newsletter packages

•             Writing and designing your donation forms to increase your gifts

•             Internet fundraising

•             Digital strategies and techniques to get the most from your email and postal mail, landing pages, social media, and online engagement fundraising.

•             Why an organization must pass the 4 Horsemen of Marketing™ test

•             Monthly Giving clubs

•             The importance of LTV (lifetime value) and how to determine LTV

•             Importance of a Development Department/team

•             How to be a world-class marketer within 5 years

•             How to build a BRAND

•             The importance of and how to write an effective tagline

•             Where are the good lists and pros and cons of working with a list co-op

•             And much, much more…

*By attending, you give your consent to be filmed or photographed for our marketing materials and commercial videos.

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