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Senator Graham Must Bring Schiff’s Reign Of Terror To An End

GOP vs Adam Schiff
Conservatives and civil libertarians on the Right and Left have been outraged to learn that Democrat House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff issued secret subpoenas for phone records that swept up the calls of a vast array of individuals and government offices, including the Committee’s Republican Ranking Member Devin Nunes, President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and journalist John Solomon, as well as those of our friend Derek Harvey, retired US Army Colonel, first Director of the Afghanistan-Pakistan Center of Excellence at CENTCOM, and a longtime and valued staff member of the DIA, NSC and House Intelligence Committee.

To say that a warrantless search of the phone records of a fellow Member of Congress is unprecedented understates the seriousness of this breach of congressional comity and decorum; to say that a warrantless search of the phone records of the OMB or other Executive Branch phones is unprecedented understates the seriousness of this breach of the Constitution’s separation of powers; to say that a warrantless search of the phone records of the President’s private attorney is unprecedented understates the seriousness of this breach of centuries of Anglo-American law; to say that a warrantless search of the phone records of journalist John Solomon is unprecedented understates the seriousness of this violation of the First Amendment, because what Schiff’s actions really mean is that once you stand in his way you become a target for his vindictive hatred, and with the power to issue secret warrantless subpoenas, no American is safe from his net.

The silence on the part of the establishment media on this revelation has been deafening, because we can only imagine the howls of indignation and lawsuits that would be emanating from the New York Times, Washington Post and New Yorker had Republicans secretly subpoenaed the records of one of their reporters.

During the hours since these actions became public in the impeachment report, transmitted from Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee to the House Judiciary Committee, conservatives have been asking, "what can be done about this?"

And the short answer is Schiff’s actions were so astonishingly anti-constitutional, no one has an immediate answer.

Rick Manning, President of Americans for Limited Government supplied one answer in a recent statement to the media.“The revelation that Adam Schiff and the Democrats in control of the House Intelligence Committee using warrantless surveillance spied on the Devin Nunes, the minority ranking member, John Solomon, a member of the press, and Rudy Giuliani, the President's personal attorney, is an astonishing abuse of power. If the executive branch were to obtain such surveillance, it would be with a court order, probably from the FISA court. The Fourth Amendment is a general prohibition on the entire federal government, including the legislative branch, guarding against warrantless seizures without judicial oversight. This disclosure transforms the Schiff impeachment sham into an inquisition that would make Torquemada blush. If Nancy Pelosi as the leader of the entire House of Representatives authorized the spying of one member upon another, she should be removed from office immediately. Congress is not the FISA court. This is a gross violation of the Fourth Amendment. Should the impeachment proceed to the Senate, it is incumbent upon Senators to dismantle Adam Schiff and those behind this grotesque violation of basic rights.”

Our friend Phillip Haney, retired Homeland Security officer and intelligence analyst and author of the must read book “See Something, Say Nothing” offered more specific advice in comments making the rounds in conservative circles on the internet: “If the Senate doesn't act, this should go to the Supreme Court, bringing everything else to a halt until it is resolved,” and we agree.

It would be an heroic act in defense of the Constitution if John Solomon or one of the other aggrieved private citizens who were subject to these warrantless subpoenas were to sue Schiff to vindicate their rights.

However, the most immediate act that could bring Adam Schiff’s reign of terror to a halt would be for Senator Lindsey Graham to begin his own investigation into Schiff and the roots of this whole sordid anti-constitutional attempt to overthrow the 2016 election.

To that end we urge CHQ readers and friends of civil liberties of whatever political stripe to call Senator Lindsey Graham, the toll-free Capitol Switchboard number (1-866-220-0044), tell him that Americans of all political views are outraged at Schiff’s anti-constitutional actions and that you demand an immediate investigation into Rep. Adam Schiff, including the scope and authority Schiff used to obtain these warrantless subpoenas and immediate remedial action to ensure this can never happen again.

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