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Impeachment Trial: What Should Trump And McConnell Do?

Pelosi and Mitch
The Democrats’ narrative of the “clear and present danger” and immediacy of impeaching President Trump suddenly evaporated when Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made it clear he was in charge in the Senate and he was not going to play their game.

But what, exactly, is the best way of disposing of the articles of impeachment passed by the House?

As Senator McConnell pointed out, Speaker Pelosi’s strategy of withholding the articles of impeachment gives Democrats no leverage.

“It’s beyond me how the Speaker and Democratic leader in the Senate think withholding the articles of impeachment and not sending them over gives them leverage,” McConnell told reporters after criticizing the House impeachment effort in a lengthy floor speech.

“Frankly, I’m not anxious to have the trial. If she thinks her case is so weak she doesn’t want to send it over, throw me into that briar patch… They said impeachment was so urgent that it could not even wait for due process but now they’re content to sit on their hands. It is comical.” McConnell added according to reporting by The Hill’s Alexander Bolton.

McConnell has said he is only willing to agree to a resolution that would set up how much time the House impeachment managers and the president’s defense team have to present their cases on the Senate floor, and how much time senators have to submit written questions to the presiding officer, Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.

He has ruled out an agreement that would include the possibility of subpoenaing additional witnesses and documentary evidence.

“I’m optimistic that we can agree on Phase One. It’s pretty obvious we’re likely to disagree on Phase Two and we’ll see at that point whether there are 51 members of the Senate who want to take one of two directions, either going in the direction of witnesses or going in the direction of voting on articles of impeachment,” McConnell said according to Mr. Bolton’s reporting.

So, where does that leave President Trump?

Publicly, President Donald Trump has deferred to a Senate Republican plan to hold an impeachment trial with as few surprises — and witnesses — as possible.

But privately, Trump is still harboring a desire to create a flashy, testimony-filled trial, fueled by a belief that such an approach would vindicate him and embarrass Democrats, reported POLITICO’s Anita Kumar.

“We don’t want a quick technical acquittal but complete exoneration,” said an outside adviser who speaks to the president Ms. Kumar reported.

The President’s desire to have his day in court lines up with the thinking of many grassroots Trump supporters who want to see witnesses like Joe Biden, Biden’s son Hunter, impeachment leader Rep. Adam Schiff, and fake “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella all called and flayed alive on TV.

But given the reluctance of Senate leaders, such as McConnell and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, to create the potential for the trial turning into a televised circus, it seems unlikely that will happen.

So, where does that leave the President?

To us the best option appears to be to allow Democrats to present their case, but that it be limited to the facts already in evidence in the House record – no new witnesses, no new documents and certainly no new charges.

That record shows that President Trump committed no crime, asked for no quid pro quo and exercised presidential power and discretion long enshrined in our Constitution, laws and political traditions.

However, that is the evidence upon which all but three House Democrats voted to impeach the President. So, if their case was strong enough to pass the articles of impeachment, that should be sufficient evidence for the Senate to convict – unless the Senate looks at the same facts and evidence and concludes the whole thing was nothing but a partisan coup.

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Why Doesn't the House Vote on New Articles?

If the House wants new charges and new witnesses why don't they go back to the drawing board and vote on new articles? The whole purpose is to surprise Trump's defense team - something not allowed in criminal trials but Pelosi will argue this is not a criminal trial.

I would say McConnell should publicly dare Pelosi to do this. She doesn't want to put her people on record again, especially with the election 11 months away. And the longer this drags out in procedure the less the public will back it.

In fact, were I McConnell I would begin an investigation of my own, calling the witnesses that were called during the House hearings. If Pelosi won't send the articles up, McConnell ought to host his own. Call Joe and Hunter Biden. Call the "whistleblower". These hearings would be held in the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsay Graham's stronghold.

This is roughly how Clinton beat back impeachment; his team and Senate Democrats leaked, and leaked, and leaked, and stole the Republican thunder. Since the GOP controls the Senate anyway they can run these kinds of hearings. Get it out there - get it ALL out there.

But I fear both McConnell and Graham lack the stomach for that.

Ladies & Gentlemen...In this Corner!

Trump the Showman has to be chomping at the bit for another opportunity to smash a Democrat curve ball out of the political park.

As the article points out, the Dems have already messed themselves up and negated their own argument by going jack(ass) rabbit fast to the finish and then tripping at the goal.

Good for Mitch for putting his foot down on Nancy’s attempt to dictate how the Senate was to do their job. Hopefully, it sounded something like this:

[Transcript of a possible call between the top ranking members of both Legislative houses]

Mitch McConnell: Ms. Pelosi please forward the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate

Nancy: That's Honorable Nancy Pelosi

Mitch: You're perjuring yourself right there before we even get started.

Nancy: Address me by my proper title please

Mitch: The Horrible Nancy Pelosi, please forward the Articles...

Nancy: ...

Mitch: Well I'm not going to commit perjury by saying it, so we may as well hang up and you can get to shredding those papers...or I can do it if you send them my way

Nancy: Mitch, I demand that these Articles are properly lodged and that the wishes and vote of the House are respected.

Mitch: Nancy, I promise that our Senate Republican majority will give you the same due process and treatment; the same fairness that your House Democrat majority have extended to
Republicans in their drafting.

Nancy: ...

Mitch: Is there a problem with that?

Nancy: Well...

Mitch: You know, we'll have secret basement meetings with no Democrats allowed, transcripts viewed only one at a time and in front of a Republican overseer, witness testimony screening and steering, all Republican legal experts brought in to testify no Democrat witnesses or cross examination.

Oh, and we will subpoena all the children of elected representatives that hold paid board positions in companies overseas, especially Ukraine, China, Russia, or the mid-East to testify under oath...then each of their parents. You good with that?


Mitch: On second thought, scratch that first part. We ARE the legal experts; we write the laws of the land - so why would I bore the American public with a bunch of obviously biased ivory tower theorist opinions? I won't debase my chamber, shame our party, dishonor the Constitution, make a mockery of the solemn process of something as critical as impeachment, nor discharge our responsibility in such a manner. I do mean it about the kids though...and their parents.

Nancy: ...

Mitch: Still want to send those Articles for our fair and impartial review?

Nancy: ...It's Honorable Nancy Pelosi