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Peaceful 2A Lobby Day And Rally In Richmond Disappoints Democrats

Black Guns Matter
Monday’s peaceful Second Amendment Lobby Day and Rally organized by our friends at Gun Owners of America and the Virginia Citizens Defense League must have been a big disappointment to Democrats, especially Virginia’s gun-grabbing Governor Ralph Northam.

According to reports from our friends who were there, the Lobby Day and Second Amendment Rally in Richmond was a serious event but at some points there was a carnival-like atmosphere around Virginia’s historic state capitol square. “What could you do but laugh at Alex Jones driving around in a tank?” observed one Lobby Day participant. “The crowd was serious, rather than angry,” said one attendee. “Northam must have been disappointed there was no violence,” said another, who also noted a feeling of comradeship and what he called “a positive vibe” in the crowd.

Julio Rosas documented the carnival-like atmosphere in a couple of tweets available through these links:

As Esoteric Jeff (@EsotericCD) tweeted as the Rally wrapped-up:

Wait the Richmond 2nd-Amendment rally is over? Where was the white supremacist violence? I was promised white supremacist violence. Please don't tell me that hysterical politicians and cynical media types led me astray again.

But that was not for lack of trying to stir things up, as Movie Geek @pros_nba tweeted:

Hidden ANTIFA member tries to instigate an insurrection! #virginiarally #virginia2a #lobbyday #Richmond2ARally #Virginia2A #richmondrally

Video link here:

A group of communists or socialists were there and passed through the crowd unmolested and largely unnoticed.

Andy Ngo (@MrAndyNgo) summed the establishment media’s smear nicely in this tweet:

The ease with which some mainstream journalists & public figures have referred to the Virginia 2nd Amendment rally as a “white nationalist” or “neo-Nazi” rally should tell you how they often work to amplify antifa’s propaganda and disinformation.

And true to form, the establishment news media played-up Northam’s claims of “credible” intelligence that “extremist groups” planned violence at the Lobby Day and Rally, with CNN headlining an article “FBI working with Virginia law enforcement regarding 'threats of violence' before Monday's gun rights rally” and trying to tie this year’s Lobby Day and Rally to “white nationalism” and the 2017 brawl between Left and Right extremists in Charlottesville, Virginia.

However, social media live from Lobby Day and the Rally told a much different story.

@VALobby tweeted:

At the #VirginiaRally, there's lots of guns, lots of energy, lots of patriotism, but absolutely zero violence. "USA! USA!" Chants break out frequently.

@MichaelCoudrey reported:

Representation for the gay community is also in attendance at the 2nd amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia.

“Gun rights are also gay rights”

#VirginiaRally #Richmond2ARally

And Melisa Cortez tweeting under the handle @Jackouteeee noted the number of African Americans in the crowd:

Replying to @T_S_P_O_O_K_Y and @RadioFreeTom

More pictures of people carrying rifles at the #VirginiaRally and more evidence that debunks the narrative that the rally is filled with racists and white supremacists.

Krissy Morrison – twitter handle @ItsKrissy – summed-up the 2A Lobby Day and Rally better than we can in this post event tweet:

Women’s march: violence, small children holding signs w profanity, angry white women yelling f words

2nd amendment rally: Americans from every race, holding American flags, laughing and enjoying their freedom of speech together


In conclusion, we don’t expect Lobby Day or the Second Amendment Rally to change the minds of Democrat legislators who were bought and paid for with anti-gun campaign contributions from George Soros and Michael Bloomberg.

However, there has been another interesting reaction to the Democrats’ anti-gun legislative agenda that may bear on the success or failure of their efforts. Virginia's monthly gun sales jumped in December and nearly surpassed the highest number of transactions recorded in the last 30 years, according to preliminary data.

Estimated firearm sales added up to 73,849 last month, according to WHSV. That's almost as many sales as in 2012 when sales hit 75,120, the highest level seen since the data was first collected in 1990, according to The Associated Press. December's sales total was also a 47 percent increase over December 2018.

Added to the millions of guns Virginians already own, that’s a lot of guns for Northam and his allies to try to confiscate.

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