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Assault on America, Day 386: God-given rights, Democrats, and the meaning of peaceful protest

Gun Rights Richmond
Only leftists riot… or more precisely, only leftists start riots.

This thought occurred to me as I watched footage from Monday’s ultra-peaceful pro-Second Amendment “protest” in Richmond, Virginia, which based on photos and video (unfortunately, I was not able to attend in person) appeared to be more like a good natured celebration of sacred rights and the freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution rather than the media-promised assemblage of angry firearms toting monochromatic pale humans (translation: white supremacist scum) bent on mayhem and destruction.

Put it this way -- the only orders to “fire” on Monday likely involved individuals seeking a little warmth and comfort on a cold, breezy day in the Commonwealth, and the petrified authorities wouldn’t allow anyone inside.

The crowd on Martin Luther King day (observed) was there to practice their God-given First Amendment rights to assemble and speak, something the great civil rights leader himself would no doubt appreciate and approve of. Despite multiple warnings and a hastily declared “State of Emergency” from the Old Dominion’s liberal Democrat governor, Ralph “Blackface” Northam, nothing even resembling violence happened. Where were the sirens, the barking police dogs, the smoke, the loud booms, the deafening helicopters overhead, the clashing of metal on metal and the dull, muted sounds of blows against human flesh?

All in all, the scene was rather tame. Some might even say boring, but those gripes would stem from folks who don’t value a good peaceful march when they witness one. Isn’t this what America is all about? It also showed, where the police are out in force, things tend not to happen.

There also weren’t any black hooded Antifa goons wielding crude, blunt force weapons designed to intimidate, break stuff and if necessary, inflict injury. There weren’t any screeching pu--y hat wearing feminists complaining about privileges being taken away by an oppressive government that had neither granted nor infringed upon them either. Equally absent were threats and oaths to seek revenge (or blow something up) that are part and parcel to every leftwing powwow larger than a small gaggle of pathetic Obama “Hope and Change” button sporting losers at a bar.

On the contrary, the event was reminiscent of the massive Tea Party rallies from a decade ago, a time when law-abiding citizens took hours away from their busy daily taxpaying lives to assemble, read the actual words of the Constitution and petition their government to address tangible grievances. At those Tea Party demonstrations, no one carried bricks, no windows were shattered, no police vehicles were overturned and unlike the Occupy Wall Street movement, there were no sexual assaults and other assorted controlled substance-inspired crimes being committed. And the participants even cleaned up after themselves afterwards.

If these times weren’t so contentious, you’d almost think the Richmond meeting of gun rights defenders occurred in an era of great political comity and cooperation. But inside the Virginia Capitol building and up Interstate 95 in Washington DC -- where the impeachment hearings targeting President Donald Trump were set to begin -- things are happening that promise even greater civil disobedience… if the ruling elites continue to overstep.

Some argue it’s an American tradition to get out and shout. Patrick J. Buchanan wrote at The American Conservative, “For a republic to endure, there has to be a common consent on the rule of law and what constitutes a good society. But these seem to be at issue again in America. Is abortion the killing of an innocent human being? Do Americans have a constitutional and human right to keep and carry firearms to protect themselves and their loved ones? Who is and who is not a rightful resident of our national home? Do illegal migrants have a right to come here and stay here? Or do their numbers imperil our national identity and existence as ‘one nation and one people’?

“Violent crime was greater in America in the early 1990s. Urban riots were far more common in the 1960s. And there is nothing today comparable to the bloodletting of the 1861-65 War Between the States. Still, Americans seem to disagree with each other more and to dislike each other more than they have in the lifetime of most of us.

“One wonders: How does it all stay together? And for how long?”

Frankly, it’s something all of us wonder. Regular readers of Buchanan’s work might pin him as a glass half empty kind of guy, but there’s little doubting his perspective and wisdom when it comes to assessing and describing the origins and motivations of contemporary political movements. One need only do a little research to discover history does indeed repeat itself -- over, and over, and over, in fact. Free peoples just don’t get angry over nothing.

As usual, Buchanan offered a host of precedents to bolster his arguments. The lifelong conservative pointed out that civil disobedience is hardly a new phenomenon on the North American continent. Buchanan mentioned the Boston Tea Party, the firing on British troops at Lexington and Concord, the 1790’s Whiskey rebellion and the American civil war (among other examples) as proof that citizens of the United States don’t remain passive when their rights are at issue. Might doesn’t always make right in the minds of American patriots, something Virginia’s citizens amply demonstrated on Monday.

Locally speaking, protests go back much farther even than the famous “Shot heard ‘round the world” in Massachusetts. Here in Virginia, for example, there was Bacon’s Rebellion which occurred a full century (1676-1677) before the clash between the Minutemen militia and the Redcoats up in the Bay State.

According to Wikipedia, the “rebellion” was led by Nathaniel Bacon, when “Thousands of Virginians from all classes (including those in indentured servitude) and races rose up in arms against Berkeley, attacking Native Americans, chasing [Governor William] Berkeley from Jamestown, Virginia, and ultimately torching the capital. The rebellion was first suppressed by a few armed merchant ships from London whose captains sided with Berkeley and the loyalists. Government forces from England arrived soon after and spent several years defeating pockets of resistance and reforming the colonial government to be once more under direct royal control.”

How about that? A movement that encompassed all races, economic classes and, dare I say it, genders? White indentured servants fighting alongside slaves and farmers, planters and tradesmen? How could they possibly see themselves equal in the same cause?

The colonists were upset that Governor Berkeley wasn’t doing enough to protect them from frontier Indian attacks (a dilemma that persisted up until and well past the American Revolution), or let them trade with the native tribes. As a result, they decided to take matters into their own hands. And yes, the Old Dominion’s capital (at Jamestown until 1699, when it moved inland to Williamsburg) was burned to the ground. It’s what happens when a government becomes out of touch with the citizenry and the good people are as well armed as their overseers.

Bacon’s Rebellion is a lesson the Democrat ruling class should take to heart today, though again, contemporary Constitution-revering Virginians seem content (for now, at least) to simply show up at the state capital in numbers, wave signs and try to influence legislation moving through committee rooms and leadership offices inside the buildings. At this point it isn’t known whether red flag laws, gun confiscation mandates, intrusive privacy violating background checks or other restrictions will be passed and signed into law by Northam. But it seems certain Democrats will do something to please the people they promised to act on behalf (thanks to anti-gun media campaigns funded by Michael Bloomberg and George Soros).

The real conundrum starts when the laws are set to be enforced. This will require flesh and blood police personnel to confront citizens who’ve never done anything wrong in their lives to demand they surrender their means of self-protection, comfort, sport, recreation, what have you. To many in Virginia and across the United States, the “Pursuit of Happiness” includes the ability to possess and enjoy guns. And the Constitution protects those rights.

Common sense suggests the Virginia Democrats are throwing darts at a very large dartboard hoping to enact trial balloons that will eventually make their way through the federal courts up to the Supreme Court. In the meantime, numerous Virginia locales have passed “2A Sanctuary” measures, essentially assuring citizens that they won’t be hearing a knock at the door in the predawn hours by men with badges and big, big guns looking to seize their weapons.

Something’s gotta give. The voters who put Democrats in power should’ve recognized there’s another side to the argument and that mass shootings are rare and always committed by perpetrators who don’t give a hoot about laws, human life or anything other than hyped media sensationalism and a future Wikipedia mention among notorious, hell-dwelling co-murderers.

Here’s thinking the right side will win, eventually. All we can do now is expect the clash continues being non-violent like Monday’s “protests.”

The Democrats’ excess in Richmond and Washington shows they still haven’t gotten the message about the 2016 election. David Catron wrote at The American Spectator, “While it is unquestionably true that [Hillary Clinton] was overconfident, and this led to numerous campaign blunders, the main reason HRC was beaten is that she represented a status quo characterized by chronic corruption, anemic economic performance, and transparent contempt for the voters. Moreover, the claim that Trump’s 2020 reelection team is as overconfident as was the Clinton campaign fails the laugh test. Whereas HRC’s campaign took entire states for granted, Trump’s team is systematically reaching beyond his base...

“Perhaps the actual lesson — considering Trump’s continued successes in the face of quotidian slander by the legacy media, years of federal and congressional investigations based on implausible conspiracy theories, a hyper-partisan impeachment based on hearsay, and an upcoming Senate trial pursuant to offenses that wouldn’t justify removing him from office even if they were true — is that Democrats can no longer be trusted with power. The Democrats themselves will never absorb this lesson, however. They still don’t get how Trump won in 2016.”

If Virginia is a guide, newly empowered Democrats employ mass hysteria (among their base) as justification to deny innocent people the rights they were born with. What would Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, James Madison, George Mason, George Wythe and Patrick Henry -- every one, a Virginian -- think today? Would they get behind Northam’s delusional “State of Emergency” and side with the government?

Not a chance in… heck.

These are strange times when the government fears the rights-respecting public and declares a “State of Emergency” when groups of law-abiding citizens exercise their freedoms. Virginia serves as a shining example for the rest of the country on how bad things will happen when Democrats assume the reins of power.

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