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Don’t Be Surprised If Bernie Wins Iowa Next Week

Sanders Iowa surge
Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is surging in Iowa, and according to CNN concern among moderate Democrats has also surged into public alarm about whether Sanders becoming the party's standard bearer would make it easier for President Donald Trump to be reelected and complicate the party's chances of winning control of the Senate and holding its majority in the House.

Dan Merica and Jeff Zeleny reporting for CNN found a recent New York Times/Siena College poll put Sanders at 25% in Iowa, ahead of Buttigieg at 18%, Biden at 17% and Warren at 15%. That comes on the heels of a CNN/University of New Hampshire poll of likely Democratic primary voters found Sanders leading the race at 25%, with former Biden at 16%, Buttigieg at 15% and Warren at 12%.

And, as All Star Republican strategist Spence Rogers put it in a recent email to friends, none of the other Democrat candidates have the stranglehold on the party that Hillary did, and it is looking more and more like Senator Sanders could win.

Caucus night, said Rogers, it is all about the ground game and the surrogates. Bernie has the cash to support the ground game and he has the surrogates to speak for him.

He has massive amounts of cash. He has the far left of the party in his camp, with AOC and the squad stumping for him. Many in the Far Left hate Trump, and they want a nominee who hates Trump as much as they do. Bernie's campaign also understands the delegate process better than anyone - because they fought in almost every single state against Hillary.

What’s more, Bernie and his supporters have revenge on the Democratic Party establishment as a motivator.

The concerns about Sanders are not new for Democrats. As Dan Merica and Jeff Zeleny put it for CNN, “when Sanders ran against Hillary Clinton in 2016, establishment Democrats publicly said the Vermont senator would be a liability for the party in the general election. But because the Democratic nomination fight was effectively a two-person race, Clinton and her allies were able to eventually defeat the insurgent Sanders.”

Notice Mercia and Zeleny didn’t say defeat the insurgent Sanders without corrupt assistance from the Democrat party establishment and friends in the media like Donna Brazile and Sanders supporters are burning for payback.

Julian Zelizer, a CNN political analyst and professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University says Sanders is surging because his candidacy is built on top of a movement. Sanders subscribes to a vision of electoral politics which stipulates that campaigns need to be built from the bottom up.

The movement serves as a political weapon in the caucuses and primaries says Zelizer. Sanders' supporters and surrogates are known for their quick and fierce response to his critics. Whereas this kind of support has elicited considerable frustration among his opponents, it has been an asset in the heat of the campaign that supplements his own work at rallies and in the media. When candidates take on Sanders, they have to take on everyone around him.

Zelizer also claims Sanders offers the kind of moral clarity, even if simplistic, which can be extremely appealing in an era where nothing seems trustworthy: “At a moment when the President of the United States spews out disinformation on a daily basis and many Democrats seem to go back and forth on key questions--depending on which way the wind blows--there is something powerful about a candidate who has been saying the same thing, fighting the same fight, since early in his career. Though he clearly stands to the left of his party's mainstream, many of his core ideas are connected to core liberal traditions, including national health care and progressive taxation,” observed Professor Zelizer.

Every winner of the Democrat Iowa Caucus in the last 30 years, with one exception, has gone on to be the Democrat nominee. If Bernie becomes the nominee, it will truly be a battle against socialism and what the Democrats are doing in California, Virginia, and New York observed Spence Rogers.

Rogers is right, and we should all remember that Bernie Sanders is a hardcore revolutionary, not a lovable but crusty old grandpa.

And as Paul Sperry noted in a column for The New York Post, he’s not even a socialist. He’s a communist.

In 1989, noted Sperry, as the West was on the verge of winning the Cold War, Sanders addressed the national conference of the US Peace Council — a known front for the Communist Party USA, whose members swore an oath not only to the Soviet Union but to “the triumph of Soviet power in the US.”

Today, Sanders wants to bring what he admired in the USSR, Cuba, Nicaragua and other communist states to America.

For starters, observed Sperry, he proposes completely nationalizing our health care system and putting private health insurance and drug companies “out of business.” He also wants to break up “big banks” and control the energy industry, while providing “free” college tuition, a “living wage” and guaranteed homeownership and jobs through massive public works projects. Price tag: $18 trillion.

Who will pay for it all? You will. Sanders plans to not only soak the rich with a 90 percent-plus tax rate, while charging Wall Street a “speculation tax,” but hit every American with a “global-warming tax.”

Of course, even that wouldn’t cover the cost of his communist schemes; as Paul Sperry concluded, a President Sanders would eventually soak the middle class he claims to champion. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need, right?

As CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie has often said, one of the most powerful – if not THE most powerful – political themes in American politics is “send them a message.”

Yet, in an election year when the “them” in Washington are the target of voter wrath from both Left and Right, only two candidates running for President, Senator Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump, are “message carriers” ready to send “them” a message.

Politicians like Joe Biden and Mitt Romney haven’t figured out the American people are hungry for change, and if Republicans won’t join President Trump in delivering it from the Right, then there are plenty of radical Democrats prepared to join Bernie Sanders who will deliver it from the Left.

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