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Let’s All Pray For Rush

Rush Limbaugh Cancer
I can’t help but feel that I’m letting everybody down with this. But the upshot is that I have been diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, diagnosis confirmed by two medical institutions back on January 20th.
 Rush Limbaugh on the Rush Limbaugh Program, February 3, 2020

Leave it to Rush to apologize to us and tell us he’s letting us down by being diagnosed with cancer. In the 31 years The Rush Limbaugh Program has been on the air there is no other entertainment personality or political commentator who has been more generous and faithful to America and his audience than Mr. Limbaugh.

And certainly no one has suffered more attacks from the cultural and political Left for that faith and generosity.

Yet, throughout those 31 years Rush Limbaugh has shrugged-off the attacks and persevered in broadcasting his conservative commentary and analysis to an ever-growing audience: Rush has been #1 or #2 in broadcast audience for years and is #1 in the new streaming audio format. He showed the way to conservatives with his pioneering and Rush 24/7 websites which deliver conservative news and commentary through cutting edge technology.

Perhaps the most important contribution Rush has made to conservatism is to make conservatism fun and funny: The Al Gore “Ball of Fire” global warming parody and Paul Shanklin’s 1900 parody songs and skits introduced conservative ideas and political criticism to an audience that might not sit through a speech on global warming – but they got the message in Rush Limbaugh’s hilarious parodies.

In the 31 years Rush has been on the air conservatism shed its fuddy-duddy image and, thanks to Rush, conservative ideas became the cool thing to talk about around the water cooler.

Rush has been a particular friend to CHQ, he’s quoted CHQ Chairman Richard A Viguerie on more than one occasion, and as Mr. Viguerie said after Rush gave him a particularly generous mention, “Whose head wouldn’t swell just a little if Rush called them ‘a big name in conservativism’.”

Rush’s program is a daily three-hour town hall meeting for conservatives where what conservatives think about the issues is debated and molded by his incisive questioning of callers and his commentary on his “stack of stuff,” hitting issues large and small. And all of it mixed in with a little sports and cultural commentary.

But just as importantly, Rush Limbaugh’s daily commentaries provide conservatives with new ideas and opportunities to debate conservatism that didn’t exist before The Rush Limbaugh Program hit the airwaves. And more than once that debate has stimulated a CHQ column, such as Rush Was Close, But…

Yesterday afternoon, when Rush told his audience family of his diagnosis he said, “I told the staff today that I have a deeply personal relationship with God that I do not proselytize about. But I do, and I have been working that relationship (chuckles) tremendously, which I do regularly anyway, but I’ve been focused on it intensely for the past couple of weeks…”

At times like this one’s relationship with God comes into sharper focus, and we invite all CHQ readers and friends to join us in praying for Rush Limbaugh’s good health and recovery and for confidence and strength for his family.

For our Christian readers and friends we suggest:

O God, we, through this prayer, commend to Your compassionate regard our friend Rush Limbaugh who is afflicted with advanced lung cancer.

We beseech You to comfort him upon his sickbed and ease his suffering. We beg that he be delivered from the threat of this disease and submit that no healing is beyond your power Lord, if it be Your will.

We therefore pray that You bless our friend Rush Limbaugh with Your loving care and heal what ails him. We pray that You will renew his strength and give strength and comfort to his family, in the loving name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

We likewise invite our Jewish readers and friends to say Mi Sheberach for Rush at the next Shabbat service or otherwise as appropriate:

May the One who blessed our ancestors —

Patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,

Matriarchs Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah —

bless and heal our friend Rush Limbaugh

May the Holy Blessed One

overflow with compassion upon him,

to restore him,

to heal him,

to strengthen him,

to enliven him.

The One will send him, speedily,

a complete healing —

healing of the soul and healing of the body —

along with all the ill,

among the people of Israel and all humankind,



without delay,

and let us all say:  Amen!

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