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Time To End The Corrupt Iowa Caucuses

Bernie in Iowa
Does anyone else think that if Joe Biden had run away with Iowa’s Democratic Presidential Caucus the results would never have been withheld?

This is the third time in a row the Iowa caucuses have been corrupted, and it is time for the Republican and Democratic Party national organizations to end this corrupt scheme to enrich the Hawkeye State’s political class and media companies.

As conservatives, we wish we could say that the problem with the 2020 Democratic Party caucuses was a problem limited to the crazy Left – but it is not.

Just to remind readers of what we wrote back in 2012 when it was revealed that Mitt Romney didn’t win Iowa’s 2012 caucus, even though he was announced as the winner on caucus night:

In the face of the announcement that Mitt Romney actually lost the Iowa Republican presidential preference caucus to Rick Santorum by at least 34 votes, conservatives can’t really be blamed for wondering if the fix wasn’t in from the beginning to anoint Mitt Romney as the “inevitable” Republican nominee.

Iowa’s Republican Governor for Life Terry Branstad is no movement conservative.  For the past 30 years Branstad has held the Republican Party hostage to keeping the Iowa caucuses the first test of Republican presidential candidates.  In so doing he has managed to turn the Iowa Republican presidential preference caucuses into a cottage industry for Iowa’s establishment GOP political consultants and other establishment insiders.

Like Iowa farmers harvesting a bumper crop, every four years these guys rake in the dough from Republican presidential campaigns, PACs and the national media.  And, from George H.W. Bush in 1980, to Bob Dole in 1996, to George W. Bush in 2000, to Mitt Romney in 2012, more often than not, the winner is the establishment choice.

Rick Santorum bypassed the consultant and insider driven Iowa media game and went to every county in the state to sell himself to Iowa’s grassroots conservatives – particularly younger voters with children – and thus was largely ignored by the media and political insiders until he was positioned to win and upset their carefully choreographed coronation of Mitt Romney.

Rick Santorum’s come-from-behind win in Iowa should have propelled him to the front of the Republican pack.  Instead it was denied to him in a flawed and corrupt process that, going forward, can only be justified by the Republican National Committee because it helps and protects the anointed candidates of the Republican establishment.

Four years later, the Democratic Party went through a series of twists and turns and rules changes to give Hillary Clinton a narrow victory over Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders, but only after votes were “found” in cars and other places outside the normal chain of custody. That scandal has never been forgotten by Bernie Sanders supporters, but was largely covered-up by the establishment media that was totally in the tank for Hillary Clinton.

Now, to all too many observers, it appears that the Democratic Party, terrified of having the world witness a clear win for the Bernie Revolution, has triggered a cyberscheme to quash this year’s results and sow confusion about Bernie Sanders’ inevitable win.

We think Senator Lindsey Graham @LindseyGrahamSC was on to something when he tweeted:

What are the odds that:

➡️ most anticipated poll of the year (@DMRegister) is cancelled.

➡️ voting system completely crashes.

....and it has nothing to do with a Bernie blowout and a Biden crash?

But maybe, just maybe, Tom Scocca, the politics editor at Slate, the Leftwing news and commentary site, was right when he wrote this wasn’t a conspiracy at all, rather: “In Iowa, a bunch of people visibly sorting themselves out to be tallied in public somehow got transformed, through the app, into an uncountable data artifact. The real unholy conspiracy is pretending the people behind this know what they’re doing at all.”

Whether there is establishment conspiracy to corruptly fabricate the caucus results or an establishment conspiracy to keep an unmerited and incompetently managed gravy train going for Iowa political consultants and media companies, the 2020 Iowa Democratic Presidential Caucus proved that it is time to get rid of the caucus corruption magnet in Iowa once and for all.

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