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After Tainted Prosecution And Trial Roger Stone Gets 40 Months

Roger Stone sentenced
Our friend and former colleague Roger Stone was sentenced Thursday to 40 months in federal prison, after a prosecution tainted by FBI misconduct and a trial tainted by the seating of a prejudiced jury led by an activist Democrat attorney who lied to get on the jury.

NewsMax reported Mr. Stone's lawyers had asked for a sentence of probation, citing his age of 67 years, his health and his lack of criminal history. However, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson said Stone's crimes demanded a significant time behind bars, even as she admitted the seven to nine years originally recommended by the Mueller prosecutors were excessive.

The criminal conviction and sentencing of Roger Stone was an "outrage" and happened because of members of the deep state who wanted to "get a return on the president," Trump attorney and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told Newsmax TV.

"You know they actually framed him with a false black ledger, that is now proven beyond a reasonable doubt to have been falsified by Ukrainians and members of the Democratic National Committee," Giuliani told "Newsmax Now," adding he would have been fired as an assistant U.S. attorney if he had used the tactics used on Stone and against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

As independent journalist Mike Cernovich reported via his Twitter feed, and Debra Heine explained in an article for American Greatness, the jury foreman on the Roger Stone trial came forward on social media to defend the four prosecutors who withdrew from the case after the Department of Justice overruled their excessive sentencing recommendation.

A Facebook post written by Tomeka Hart, the senior program officer for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, was picked up by multiple news outlets. But, as Ms. Heine wrote, the reports left out some highly pertinent details about her background—namely that Hart is a hyperpartisan Democratic Party activist who is rabidly anti-Trump and a Russia-collusion truther.

Hart, who has a law degree from the University of Memphis and ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2012, also posted pictures of herself hanging out with Donna Brazile, the former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee; as Shem Horne (@Shem_Infinite) tweeted, “This isn't just an average person that dislikes the President, she was marching past his hotel with a crowd chanting "SHAME" and booing.”

Mike Cernovich plowed through Hart’s social media and found there are dozens of posts expressing hatred for Trump, which is her right as a citizen, but how did she get on a jury involving Trump’s longtime close friend?

That’s a very good question that some are now beginning to investigate.

Some have questioned why Stone’s legal team didn’t raise objections to jurors like Ms. Hart during voir dire, but, according to numerous sources, federal criminal trials have limited voir dire, and Stone’s attorneys were allegedly not allowed to question jurors about political bias.

Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News contributor and no friend of President Trump’s said in a recent column that Roger Stone deserves a new trial – something Mr. Stone’s lawyers have requested, but which Judge Amy Berman Jackson has refused to grant.

Judge Napolitano’s arguments in favor of a new trial for Roger Stone are sound. Judge Napolitano, along civil libertarian Alan Dershowitz, who was on Trump’s impeachment defense team, have both advanced arguments that Tomeka Hart’s post-trial statements are clear grounds for a new trial.

“[Stone is] absolutely entitled to a new trial with a member of a jury making these types of revelations about the politics involved in the decisions to prosecute him,” Napolitano said on “Fox & Friends."

“It is the duty of the judge to ensure that both the government and defendant get a fair trial, and if the judge discovers afterward that there was a built-in inherent bias on the part of a member of a jury against the defendant, that is an automatic trigger for a new trial,” he later explained. “[U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson is] going to have to call those jurors back in and interrogate them or make a decision on the spot."

Even if blind justice were to once again descend upon Washington, Mr. Stone and his wife have been nearly bankrupted by the cost of his defense. At age 67, forced to sell his home and spend his life savings defending himself, sustaining the cost another trial may not be in the cards for Roger Stone.

But maybe that’s part of the punishment Democrats had in mind, when they trumped-up the charges against Roger.

Serious and credible questions about the government’s motives and conduct of the investigation and prosecution of Roger Stone, including seating a tainted jury, have been raised. The vehemence by which the Mueller prosecutors continued to pursue Mr. Stone, including demands that he be taken into custody immediately upon sentencing, even as his credible request for a new trial is working its way through the system, belies any government claims of fairness and due process.

We urge President Trump to step in and immediately exercise his pardon power to right the wrongs perpetrated against Roger Stone.

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Pardon Me?

President Trump allows Stone to serve 1 day symbolically; springs him with a full pardon the next day on the grounds the article mentions.

Fundraisers from patriots set he and his lovely wife up for retirement.

Swamp reacts with lots of weeping and outrage. The rest of us salute a President that stands with his faithful and Stone is off into the sunset to roll out another video on how to mix the perfect _____.