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In Memoriam: Philip B. Haney, 21st Century Paul Revere

Philip Haney Whistleblower
Our friend Phil Haney died last Friday under mysterious circumstances. Mr. Haney was the author of the must-read book See Something, Say Nothing which documented the Obama Administration’s efforts to obfuscate the role Islam played in the numerous Muslim terrorist attacks that took place in America from 2008 to 2016.

Mr. Haney was often described as a Department of Homeland Security “whistleblower,” but Phil Haney’s heroic role in the war Islam has declared on the West was much more important than merely pointing out the follies and failures of Barak Obama.

In the numerous interviews he gave, and in speeches and presentations delivered around the country, Phil Haney explained in simple and accessible terms every listener could understand that Islam has declared war on America and the West and that unless our leaders grasped that reality and engaged all of our national power to defeat it we were going to lose.

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Naturally, this made Mr. Haney a target, not only for political retaliation while he was working at the Department of Homeland Security, but for threats of violence against him and the sponsors or hosts of his speaking engagements.

More than once these threats of violence forced the cancellation of one of his talks, which brings us to the strange circumstances of his death.

According to a statement issued by the Amador County, California, Sheriff and Coroner, "On February 21, 2020 at approximately 1012 hours, deputies and detectives responded to the area of Highway 124 and Highway 16 in Plymouth to the report of a male subject on the ground with a gunshot wound," the release read.

"Upon their arrival, they located and identified 66-year-old Philip Haney, who was deceased and appeared to have suffered a single, self-inflicted gunshot wound. A firearm was located next to Haney and his vehicle. This investigation is active and ongoing. No further details will be released at this time," the office added.

However, Judith Haney, Phil’s stepmother, was skeptical of the official explanation and also wanted to quash some rumors circulating on social media: "No one in the family believes this is a suicide; I mean he was enjoying doing talk radio and was working on another book and was excited about that,” she said. “With his history with the government and everything, it is very very suspicious but with this kind of situation we realize we may never know the truth about what happened."

"Phil was only missing for hours, not days, as previously reported by other media outlets,” Mrs. Haney explained.

Mrs. Haney’s skepticism is shared by many of Phil Haney’s friends, including those of us at CHQ who knew him: Phil was a committed Christian, he had a new book in the works, was talking about his plans for the 2020 election cycle, he was engaged to be married, and was talking to the Department of Homeland Security about returning to some as yet undefined role at his old agency.

And Phil had also often expressed concern for his personal safety.

Joe Martin, retired U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel, expressed the threats against Phil this way in a column for Red State: “Given the enemies he hunted – both foreign and domestic – there are plenty of people and groups who have a strong motive to kill him. And that’s a testament to his tremendous work and his meticulous defense of our country.”

What has been made public so far about the circumstances of Phil Haney’s death does not add up for many of us, and we also wonder about the whereabouts of his massive and meticulously researched archive on terrorists groups and individuals, but we are not going to dishonor his memory by engaging in speculation. However, we do demand the authorities in Amador County look beyond the easy and the obvious explanations and give his death the thorough investigation this patriot deserves.

The plans for Philip Haney’s memorial service, or if the family plans one, remain unknown at this time. For several years we met every Wednesday with Phil Haney and a small group of national security experts to discuss the ongoing war Islam has declared on the West and the strategies by which we could turn the Obama administration’s failures into victory. A gentle, humble man with a dry self-deprecating sense of humor, Phil Haney was an unlikely hero in any war, but that is what he was. Rest in peace old friend.

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