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Democrats Playing Politics With Coronavirus

Democrats Corona Virus
As the coronavirus COVID-19 spreads to more countries, including new outbreaks in Italy, South Korea and Japan our friend Sarah Carter reports Democrats in Congress are playing politics and stonewalling a $2.5B request from the Trump Administration to fight the potential epidemic.

While Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar testified on Capitol Hill, Hawaii’s Democrat Senator Brian Schatz tweeted:

While the Trump administration struggles to respond to the #Coronavirus outbreak and asks for emergency funding, today @SecAzar is defending massive cuts to the very programs that fight infectious diseases.

This is absurd.

The White House sought additional funding from Congress to buy protective gear and work on treatments and a vaccine for the new virus. However, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi lambasted the funding plan as "long overdue and completely inadequate to the scale of this emergency."

"Too little, too late," Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said of the president's emergency funding request Monday. "We've seen no sign that President Trump has any plan or urgency to deal with the spread of the coronavirus — we need real leadership and we need it fast."  

In a tweet earlier on Tuesday, Trump characterized Schumer's criticism as "for publicity purposes only" and said the Democratic lawmaker's response to the budget request was driven in part because "he didn't like my early travel closings."

And the President has a point, when principled limited government constitutional conservative Rep. Paul Gosar proposed restricting travel – the most effective way to keep the Corona virus from reaching our shores – there were crickets from Democrats.

Countries including Australia and the Philippines are denying entry to anyone arriving from mainland China. The United States should join them, said Rep. Gosar in an interview with Fox News.

Voice of America reports Senate Republicans say they are satisfied with the administration's response following a closed-door briefing on coronavirus on Tuesday.  

"The administration is on top of this," said Republican Senator Bill Cassidy, who is also a medical doctor. "They're adapting as they need to, trying to allocate resources where they're most effective."  

Cassidy noted that if the administration's current emergency funding request is not adequate, additional money can be added on to the continuing resolution that lawmakers anticipate will fund the government as well as the 2021 budget request that is also being negotiated.

"Let's see how it evolves and then we can easily put more dollars in," he said according to VOA reports.

Jack Phillips, reporting for The Epoch Times, put the threat to the United States in perspective: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed 57 cases of coronavirus in the United States, an increase of four from Monday.

All of the new cases were evacuees from the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was held in medical isolation for two weeks off the coast of Japan, CDC officials confirmed to CNN.

In all, the confirmed cases include 40 passengers who were on board the Diamond Princess, three people evacuated from China, and fourteen U.S. cases.

Of the 14 U.S. cases, eight have been confirmed in California, one in Washington state, one in Arizona, two in Illinois, one in Massachusetts, and one in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, health officials in Oregon, Michigan, and Washington state say they are monitoring hundreds of people who are at risk of contracting the virus.

Igor Nesteruk, PhD, of the Institute of Hydromechanics. National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine has been conducting an investigation of the dynamics of coronavirus spreading. His conclusion: Only very strict quarantine and safeguards can stop the spread of the infection throughout Europe.

We think if Democrats really care about protecting their fellow citizens from a coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic, then they will cooperate with the President and Secretary Azar in immediately closing our borders and funding an expansion of the research necessary to contain the disease. If they don’t then we all will know they are just playing politics with American lives.

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