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USA Marks First Coronavirus Death As Democrats Push Panic

Trump Corona Virus
President Donald Trump reassured Americans that there was "no reason to panic" after the United States reported its first death from the coronavirus.

President Trump said the victim in King County in Washington state was a "wonderful woman" in her late 50s who was "medically high risk".

The president banned anyone who had visited Iran in the last 14 days from entering the US, and also advised Americans not to travel to affected areas of Italy and South Korea. And he said he was "very strongly" considering closing the US border with Mexico.

But this was not enough for Democrats who had initially opposed closing the US to travelers from China, let alone anywhere else.

Former Vice President Joe Biden told MSNBC earlier Saturday that Trump's reassuring comments were "absolutely bizarre."

"Look, this is a serious, serious problem. It's able to be solved, but it requires us to be absolutely level-headed and let the scientists have the lead in all of this," Biden said. "But for him to start talking about it being a hoax is absolutely dangerous. It's just not a decent way to act."

Pete Buttigieg, the former mayor of South Bend, Indiana, told the "Today" show Saturday that he's "very concerned" with how the administration has handled the issue to date.

"I was particularly disturbed to hear the word 'hoax' used by the president," he said. "Our lives depend on the wisdom and the judgment of the president at a time like this and what we should be seeing is not only a reliance on science and an insistence on moving politics away from this, but the kind of coordination that is uniquely the leadership role of the United States," both at home and abroad, he added.

Over the weekend Breitbart’s Joel B. Pollak reported billionaire oligarch and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg attacked the Trump administration for its response to the coronavirus, claiming — mostly falsely — that the president had “fired” the country’s pandemic specialist and “defunded” the Centers for Disease Control.

Bloomberg later told a "Women for Mike" rally in McLean, Va. That, “The president should be putting politics aside and rallying the American people behind him he continues to divide by playing partisan politics. We just can't do this.”

Before he dropped out, the other billionaire Leftist in the Democratic Party’s race for president, Tom Steyer, told reporters in the spin room after the Democrat debate Tuesday evening that the coronavirus response proved President Donald Trump was “incompetent.”

“He’s incompetent … He’s unprepared in terms of the coronavirus to deal with the real world when things go wrong,” Steyer said. “He’s incompetent and bad for the American people.”

The Far-Left Huffington Post reported Steyer also claimed, “He [President Trump] stripped the Centers for Disease Control of its money and of its capability. He’s months late on this.”

Steyer added: “This is a huge deal and he’s turning it over to Mike Pence? I can’t be more scared. This is a much bigger deal than I think people in the United States understand in terms of how many people are going to be infected and how much economic impact this is going to have. Trump is incompetent. He is doing a terrible job on this.”

In fact, Bloomberg and Steyer’s charges are completely false: The NSC’s pandemic specialist had left the administration as part of a restructuring of the National Security Council, and as Adam Andrzejewski, CEO & Founder of, reported in an article for Forbes, the Centers for Disease Control have seen a 28 percent increase in agency headcount since 2007. The gross number of CDC employees increased from 8,325 (FY2007) to 10,213 in 2013 – which was a then-all-time high – when the agency successfully helped slow the spread of Ebola. According to the most recent figures available to Andrzejewski (2018), the CDC has approximately 10,639 staff on the payroll earning cash compensation of some $1.1 billion.

Bottom line: Contrary to what Democrats would like to panic you into believing the CDC’s budget and staffing are both up under President Trump.

Why all this panic talk from Democrats and the Leftwing media? Omri Ceren, (@omriceren) national security advisor to Senator Ted Cruz tweeted a great take on what’s going on:

Many people say the press is stuck in a rut and has stopped innovating, but look how they're running the Katrina playbook except this time with tactics from the Kavanaugh fight. Not too shabby.

We think President Trump had it right, there are going to be more cases, but the proactive measures the government has put in place thus far show the system is working and the Democrats’ attacks on the measures he is taking are lies intended to generate fear and panic for their political advantage.

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