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Trish Regan Show Pulled For Stating The Obvious?

Trish Regan Coronavirus
Democrats never let a good crisis go to waste, as evidenced by Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s unsuccessful attempt to put taxpayer-funding of abortion in the coronavirus emergency spending bill. While Democrats were unsuccessful in putting that poison pill in the supposedly bipartisan spending bill there has been a successful Leftwing campaign to squelch conservatives who voice skepticism of Big Government’s role in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

A week ago, Trish Regan of Fox Business told viewers that the Democrats were trying to engineer a ”mass hysteria to encourage a market sell-off” and wanted “to demonize and destroy the president” in “another attempt to impeach” him.

She said according to the UK Independent’s transcript: “We’ve reached a tipping point. The chorus of hate being levelled at the president is nearing a crescendo as Democrats blame him, and only him, for a virus that originated halfway around the world.”

Nick Caruso of reported Regan’s impassioned monologue about how COVID-19 was being used by President Donald Trump’s adversaries to take down the commander in chief. While a graphic reading, “Coronavirus Impeachment Hoax” flashed on screen, Regan claimed Democrats were causing “mass hysteria to encourage a market sell-off” and sparking fear and panic about the virus in order “to demonize and destroy the president.”

In a statement reported by multiple outlets Fox Business said Trish Regan Primetime and another show, Kennedy, would be “on hiatus until further notice”.

It added: “Due to the demands of the evolving pandemic crisis coverage, we are deploying all resources from both shows for staffing needs during critical market hours. Fox Business will run long form programming in prime time for the foreseeable future.”

Regan tweeted: “I want to let everyone know that Trish Regan Primetime is now on hiatus. FBN has taken prudent steps to limit staffing levels and is prioritizing its coverage during market hours. I fully support this decision -- we all must to do our part to keep our colleagues safe. #TrishRegan.”

Nowhere in the Fox corporate statement does it say that Ms. Regan’s show was pulled for stating the obvious: That Democrats and Leftwing media shills were fanning the flames of coronavirus hysteria in order to damage the President politically, but that is the assumption shared by a large percentage of the Trish Regan audience.

However, the headlines and coverage from Leftwing media and various “progressive” shills clue us that we are right to believe Ms. Regan was taken off the air because she said what many conservatives think.

Here are just a few:

After Her Insane COVID-19 Coverage, Trish Regan’s Fox Show Placed on Hiatus

Trish Regan Primetime Yanked by Fox Business After Anchor's Bonkers Coronavirus Rant Sparks Backlash

Trish Regan’s Fox Show Put ‘On Hiatus,’ Days After Off-The-Rails Coronavirus Rant

Fox Business Benches Trish Regan After Outcry Over Coronavirus Comments reports the hiatus of Regan’s show adds to the 70+ shows that have already been cancelled or postponed due to the lingering health threat of the coronavirus.

Michael M. Grynbaum of The New York Times reported Trish Regan's comments "left her cable network facing a firestorm of criticism" and that her remarks "caused many colleagues at Fox Business and its corporate cousin Fox News to cringe." Although he cited no sources for those comments, taking his report at face value it is clear Mr. Grynbaum is firmly in the coronavirus alarmist camp.

Which leads us to an important point; using coronavirus alarmism and hyping the coverage of the epidemic in hopes the public loses confidence in President Trump’s leadership are clear tactics and goals of the Left.

Trish Regan was right – the Left was and will continue to use the coronavirus to attack President Trump. Conservatives recognize this, which is why Trump’s approval rating has not budged, even as the President and his team have been pummeled by the establishment media for a response that, especially compared to Obama’s response to the swine flu, has been nothing short of heroic.

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Stating the Bill Maher did

If true that Regan's show was benched for proposing that the fake news media is reporting a very real event - but also that the Democrat's attack dogs are spin doctoring the "news" in any way that is anti-Trump, then Fox should be ashamed for caving and not supporting one of their own.

It might be different if this was some left field sentiment, but multiple leftists including Bill Maher have publicly stated that they wanted a recession if it hurt Trump's ratings. Do any real conservatives think the Democrats are somehow above collectively hoping that this pandemic kills Trump's election chances - in addition to a slew of people? Not for a second. It's literally the ONLY chance they have to win with Biden throwing down on a union worker and gun enthusiast, obvious dementia onset, and more gems yet to come like Super Thursday, Trump re-elected, and Biden for Senate.

Since they have thrown their lots against Trump and for Russia collusion (fail), Quid Pro Quo Impeachment (fail), and Trump is stronger than ever, a pandemic attributable to no one, may be their only hope. I doubt it, but who knows. The Dems are pros at grasping for straws...when they are not outlawing them.

The view of Trump by the Democrats

When we finally get through this epidemic and it is shown that
all Trumps actions were effective in lessening the diseases's
effects on America, he will be held in even higher regard by
the average American to the angst of the hate Trump media.