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Obama’s Naked Power Exposed

Mondays with Michelle Obama

While in Congress, I stated I thought Michelle Obama or Kamala Harris would end up becoming the Democrat nominee in 2020. Why? Because Barrack Obama has never stopped campaigning or laying the groundwork for a comeback.

It is notable that, besides following Rules for Radicals, Mr. Obama takes guidance from the ancient Chinese book, The Art of War by Sun Tzu which describes how to plan for the long term.

While Obama’s desires and goals are by-and-large hidden from the general public, his actions tell the real story. His hidden agenda is revealed by reviewing his actions and the activities of his two main political nonprofit organizations. These political nonprofits are run by his foremost trusted allies.

President Obama placed his frontline foot general in charge of the key unchecked premier authority in the United States — the Department of Justice. His trusted friend was the leftist activist Eric Holder and he filled the DOJ with hardcore political ideologues and built a compelling wall of hard-charging activists. Attorney General Eric Holder effectively used the DOJ to attack, extort and prosecute Obama's political enemies.

After Obama left the White House, he and Holder set up a nonprofit organization, National Democratic Redistricting Committee, to run a program of intimidation and prosecution via abuse of the legal system in tidal wave of lawsuits against states to challenge voting districts.  For example, they are involved in major lawsuits against North Carolina, Georgia and Wisconsin.  In addition to their own lawsuits, they also advise and coach other lawyers, state attorney generals and sympathizers.

Eric Holder's job is to keep Team Trump and his allies involved in court proceedings, and to turn Republican statehouses into redistricted Democrat strongholds. They have proven their theories and strategies in off-year elections in Virginia. Obama's long view is going after the statehouses giving the Obamas a Democrat Congress to continue carrying out "fundamental change" in America.

Eric Holder runs the legal arm, while Obama’s interest lies in the political wing of the operations. The figurehead of the sham nonprofit, America Votes, is Valerie Jarrett. She's the Obamas’ most closely-held friend and loyal political henchman. For a time, the operation of the nonprofit was run out of Barack's home in Washington where Valerie took up living with the Obamas.

Obama’s purpose of the nonprofit is, using big data, to target and register Democrat supporters, including in many cases, registering illegal aliens. Some of the very important big data was reportedly provided to Obama's nonprofit by Jeff Bezos.

Bezos, a long-time hater of President Trump who frequently sends negative press links from his newspaper, the Washington Post, to his customers. When a customer responds negatively or positively to those articles, that information is collected and passed on to Obama. Bezos’s Amazon is one of the largest collectors and providers of big data and data storage. In addition to big data, Bezos has given Obama's nonprofits many millions of dollars. Anticipating a Democrat returning to the White House, Bezos bought the largest home in Washington - a former museum. He is spending millions of dollars to update the home.

Along with Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg and George Soros have given millions to Obama's nonprofits. Even Warren Buffet has reportedly given millions. But, the way Obama set up the nonprofits, most donors are hidden from public view.

Obama's nonprofits’ joint objective is to ensure that states like Texas, North Caroline, and Virginia vote Democrat. To date, Republicans are all but ignoring actions of the Obama nonprofits. Currently, not only do Republicans fail to recognize the threat, but they have no effective strategies in play to defeat what Obama has been doing. Like Hillary did in 2016, some Republicans are drinking their own Kool-Aid, letting everyone know everything is okay and not to worry about another victory in 2020.

Obama's methodical plot for his come-back has never veered far off course. In the book, Shattered, Hillary questioned why Obama stood by and helped very little. The animosity between the Clintons and Obamas is legendary, but many contended that his failure to help Hillary in a meaningful way was to set Michelle up to become the first woman president. By denying Hillary that honor, Obama helped push that much closer to reality the goal of electing Michelle to the presidency.

Obama's hubris, long-term planning and ambition were demonstrated by his rushed appointments to fill or convert political appointees to GS civil servants, with loyal Obama supporters creating the fifth column in the Trump administration. His political appointees march to Obama's drum beat to stop or destroy President Trump. At Obama's direction the "resistance movement" is a very real and well-organized threat to our nation and to President Trump.

The likely end scenario is that the Democrat super delegates can only agree on one person who will unify the party. And that person is not Bernie Sanders nor Michael Bloomberg, but Michelle Obama. They will meet after Biden's failure at the debates, and Biden's wife will tearfully admit that her husband has dementia and the only choice who could unite the party would be Michelle Obama as the nominee. In exchange for Biden falling on his sword, the Chinese will send him more millions and there’ll be no prosecution from corrupt Eric Holder.

It's so nice to be part of the Democrat privilege class. Now hold your breath as a new onslaught of "soft marketing" of Michelle Obama’s virtues by our Democrat media.  In fact, it’s already begun with Michelle Obama reading bedtime stories to children over free livestreams to get them through the Coronavirus quarantines at home.   She’s undoubtedly not reading them the children’s book, Donald Drains the Swamp.

Following Rules for Radicals, the Obamas will ironically run on improving the economy – a 2020 redux of 2008 - saving us from our own self-made "financial crisis." Remember those rules they follow like Mao and Stalin - never waste a manufactured crisis.

Conservative stalwart Steve Stockman was twice elected to the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas. Targeted by the corrupt Department of Justice, he is now in Federal prison. For more information or to help with his legal expenses, go to

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