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Trump Doesn’t Owe Millions Of Dollars To Red China, But Hunter Biden Sure Raked It In

Hunter Biden
Friday. Politico reported that President Trump “himself” owed millions of dollars to the Bank of China, and the bill was scheduled to come due “in the middle of what could be Trump’s second term.”

However, as the Trump campaign proved, that was entirely false – Donald Trump was never the borrower – but the story has since fallen apart even further. Politico has now changed its story to reflect the fact that the Bank of China’s involvement was limited to 22 days in 2012.

In other words, eight years ago, a private citizen and international businessman’s business was a passive minority investor in a limited partnership that owned a New York City building that was refinanced with a loan from a consortium of banks, and three weeks later the Bank of China no longer had any ownership interest in the loan. Quite a scoop, noted Breitbart.

This means the entire point of Politico’s story – that President Trump was in debt to the Chinese – was not only wrong, it was completely false. The story is now gutted given the significant “clarification,” but it should have been retracted completely.

For four years, the same thing has happened over and over: the media publishes a negative report about President Trump, claiming it’s a bombshell. But soon the story falls apart. A clarification and edits are made, and another massive media fail is swept under the rug. Aggregated stories that ran with the original false report are never corrected.

But a retraction, while consistent with the now largely forgotten ancient ethics of journalism, would not have served the purposes of the narrative – which was to give aircover to Joe and Hunter Biden.

As the Trump campaign war room noted in a weekend data dump, the establishment media has been completely disinterested in Hunter Biden getting a sweet deal from the Bank of China right after flying to China on Air Force Two with his father the Vice President, a trip on which Hunter arranged for his Chinese business partner to meet the VP.

There is no comparison, and there never will be. President Trump – and his children – were successful business people before he ran for president. Hunter Biden was never successful at anything – he had only one thing going for him, and it was his last name. That’s why he got a job with a credit card company based in Delaware that was a big supporter of Joe Biden’s political career. That’s why he was handed gigs at the U.S. Commerce Department and the Amtrak board and worked as a lobbyist in between. That’s why he got special waivers to join a special U.S. Navy Reserve staff program. And that’s why a shady Ukrainian fossil fuels company and China threw potentially billions of dollars at him while Joe Biden was Vice President.

Joe Biden’s family has been cashing in on his career for decades. They even allegedly monetized the Biden Cancer Initiative.

And it isn’t over yet. While Hunter Biden’s lawyer claims Hunter stepped down from the board of the Chinese private equity firm, Hunter still apparently holds a financial stake in it.

We know it is wishful thinking, but it would be nice if just once the establishment media gave the Bidens the same scrutiny they give Donald Trump, his family, and other Republican officeholders and candidates.

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Churchill said "A lie can get

Churchill said "A lie can get halfway 'round the world before the truth gets its pants on."

above article

The so called MSM should be taken to court and sued for hundreds of millions of dollars over their lying and calling their lies the truth. The loss of millions or billions of dollars is about the only thing that will get them in line.