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Evidence is Building that the Chinese Developed COVID-19 to use as an Economic Weapon Against the United States

China coronavirus
Why did the Wuhan lab choose to work with COVID-19? Wuhan is the only level-4 lab in China.  Why would the Chinese work with a coronavirus that had yet to spread from bats to any humans? There are hundreds of active viruses that Wuhan should be working with that are a threat to China’s population. Why, with such limited resources, did the Chinese have Wuhan working with COVID-19?

To answer that, we must understand how the Chinese think. The Chinese have funded their remarkable economic growth and military expansion by taking full advantage of unfair trade policies along with an aggressive spying program. Enter stage right, a new American President. A President that built his campaign by promising a stop to these unfair trade practices and technology theft.

If you are a loyal Chinese Communist, you see President Trumps actions, as an Act of War. This American President is looking to stop China’s ascent as the world’s leading economic and military power. That cannot stand.  The Chinese are long-term planners and initially felt they could wait this President out.  They will engage in disingenuous trade negotiations with the President. Dragging out the negotiations as long as possible. After all, the President will be impeached and removed from office or he may lose the 2020 election.

The Chinese fully understood that the impeachment was no less than an attempted coup. An impeachment process based on completely fabricated Russian dossier. When that failed, the Americans moved forward with an impeachment based on the President's ninety-day delay in funding a military aid package to a foreign country. As the impeachment hearings progressed, it also looked to the Chinese that former Vice President Biden might be the leading candidate for the Democrats. They could not be happier. They had already curried favor with former Vice President Biden by making his son very wealthy.

The Chinese and the American Democrats understood that President Trump’s strength was in large part derived from a strong U.S. economy. When the time is right, they could help ensure Biden’s election win with COVID-19. The Chinese thought the American Democrats would jump on board and try to extend the quarantines to maximize the economic damage, weakening the President’s reelection chances.

The Chinese realized that COVID-19 would be an effective economic weapon. If it were not for the containment breach in Wuhan, the Chinese may have gotten away with it. Once the virus began to spread in Wuhan, the Chinese government had no choice but to go forward with their plans to spread it to America. They wanted the world to perceive this as an American Virus so in addition to the economic destruction in America, America would be seen as a pariah, the cause of a global pandemic. When it was obvious the virus was spreading uncontrollably in Wuhan, the Chinese shut the city off. They cancelled domestic flights in and out of Wuhan and according to Senator Tom Cotton, allowed international flights to continue, hoping the virus would spread so quickly, it would be difficult to cite China as the source of the virus.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported back on July 14th, 2019 that there was an incident at the National Microbiology Lab (NML) in Winnipeg.  The NML is a level 4 virology lab equipped to work with the world’s most deadly viruses. A researcher with ties to China was escorted out of the NML facility. Dr. Xiangguo Qiu, her husband, Keding Cheng and a number of Chinese students were removed from the level-4 lab. Security access for all of them was revoked. Dr. Qui has a long history of interacting with and working for the four known Chinese bio-warfare labs located throughout China. According to an article by Lt, Col (res) Dr. Danny Shoham, Qiu made at least five trips over the academic year 2017-18 to the above-mentioned Wuhan Laboratory. By 2018, numerous reports showed the Wuhan Lab was experimenting with COVID-19.

In 2017, the Chinese Government started to exercise its leverage with the World Health Organization to put more pro-Chinese leadership in control of the organization.  In 2020, the American government claimed the WHO withheld critical information about what was going on in Wuhan during the early stages of the pandemic.

Peter Navarro, Assistant to the President, Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy, and the National Defense Production Act policy coordinator, claimed that the Chinese government was trying to corner the world markets for medical grade personal protective gear and equipment. The Chinese started this process in the fourth quarter of 2019.

According to Tap News, the Chinese government ran a government continuity drill in Wuhan, exactly where the outbreak started. What is surprising about that is that the drill was run in early September, well before the major outbreak in Wuhan.

When the virus first appeared in Wuhan in October of 2019, the Chinese government immediately started to report in their press that the Americans spread the virus to Wuhan.  Shortly after that, the Chinese government started a global social media campaign trying to suggest America was the original source of the virus.

When Australia pushed for an investigation into the source and spread of the virus, it was immediately threatened by the Chinese Government with economic ruin.  According to the United Kingdom’s Sun newspaper, Australia is not the only country China is threatening.

Richard Lawless, a career banker and entrepreneur who spent three years investigating the Department of Justice while working with the FBI, U.S. Attorneys, Securities and Exchange Commission, and U.S. intelligence agencies. He is author of Capitol Hill's Criminal Underground. To contact, Please Email Bryson Boettger, Shirley & McVicker Public Affairs [email protected]

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