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Support Trump 's Plans to Jumpstart the Economy and Get Americans Back to Work

Trump Reopen Economy
One of the most shameful of the many shameful things Democrats have done during the Wuhan virus epidemic and panic is to artificially prolong the economic damage and unemployment caused by government lockdown orders.

The benefits of a lockdown strategy have long expired and President Trump is right to urge the reopening of the economy now that we have “flattened the curve” of Wuhan virus hospitalizations.

Contrary to what Democrats clearly want – which is to increase the economic damage and misery – President Trump has begun to implement a bold plan of regulatory relief to jumpstart the economy and get Americans back to work.

To that end President Trump on Tuesday signed an executive order that will help slash red tape in order to encourage business re-starts and reemployment.

According to an email sent around from the White House Press Office, the Executive Order:

*    Directs agencies to use all emergency authorities to swiftly identify regulations that can be rescinded or temporarily waived to promote job creation and economic growth.

o   Agencies have used these emergency authorities to fight coronavirus, and now we will use them to revitalize our economy and lift up our country again.

o   The Trump Administration will utilize the same determination to jumpstart the economy that it has used to combat the coronavirus.

·       The President’s order asks agencies to speed up the rulemaking process by moving proposed rulemakings to interim final rules with immediate effect – saving years in some cases.

·       President Trump has long made deregulation a major pillar of his pro-growth policies, freeing up small businesses and entrepreneurs to create jobs and drive economic growth.

The President is providing regulatory relief for American businesses as they work to recover from the impact of the coronavirus.

·       The President is directing agencies not to over-enforce when a business is working in good faith to follow the law.

o   This discretion will especially benefit small businesses, who are fighting to recover from the impact of this pandemic.

·       The President’s order establishes a “Regulatory Bill of Rights,” a set of 10 basic principles of fairness to govern the administrative enforcement and adjudication process.

o   These principles will help give businesses the confidence they need to invest and grow as we recover as a nation.

*    Deregulation has played a key role in the Administration’s coronavirus response, and we will look through the hundreds of actions taken already to see which ones can be made permanent.

·       President Trump and his Administration have taken over 600 regulatory actions to combat the coronavirus, including many suspensions, waivers, enforcement discretion, and more.

·       The Administration will look at ways to make many of these actions permanent.

Conservatives were quick to praise the President’s bold action, with Club for Growth President David McIntosh telling us, “President Trump recognizes the economic burden excessive regulation places on job growth… Already, the Trump Administration has taken massive deregulatory actions to create the Trump economic boom. Identifying regulations to suspend, making some suspended regulations permanent, and preventing federal over-enforcement to allow good-faith compliance are all cornerstones of the Club for Growth’s proposal to cut red tape, and we thank President Trump for making them the centerpiece of his Executive Order.”

Americans for Limited Government President Rick Manning also issued a statement praising President Donald Trump for providing regulatory relief to small and large businesses to jumpstart the economic recovery needed after the COVID-19 pandemic:

“President Trump’s decision to provide regulatory relief to jumpstart the economy and get Americans back to work is the exact right step as America begins to reopen.  It is absurd to not provide the presumption of innocence to businesses trying to get back into the game when it comes to simple paperwork violations of regulations, and the President’s decision will allow small business owners, in particular, to focus on what needs to come first, getting back and operational.

“Also, expediting regulatory relief through the rulemaking process is essential to lift excessive burdens from those trying to restore our nation’s economy.  Let’s be clear, one of the primary reasons why the Obama/Biden recovery was hollow can be traced directly to that administration’s love affair with strangling job creators with red tape. Rather than returning to that red flag mistake, President Trump is wisely allowing honest small business people with the leeway to succeed, while retaining laws which protect worker safety.

“Once again, we see that President Trump gets it, that economic growth doesn’t come from Washington D.C. or Albany, N.Y., but rather by the freedom to risk and succeed endemic in our free enterprise system.”

We urge CHQ readers and friends to contact their state and federal elected officials to demand that they follow President Trump’s lead and take every step available to them to jumpstart the economy and get Americans back to work. Start by reading Grading Our Governors: A Report Card on Reopening States' Economies and if your Governor has not earned an “A” or a “B” to call him or her to demand that the economy of your state be reopened. To send a letter to your Senators and Representative and state elected officials go to and use the "Send Letter" tool.

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