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We Endorse The Essential Rep. Steve King (Iowa-4) For Reelection

Steve King
The only thing standing between the destruction of the American middle class, and the culture of American exceptionalism that created it, is a handful of principled conservatives on Capitol Hill, and chief among those principled, limited government constitutional conservatives is Rep. Steve King, who represents Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District.

Long before Donald J. Trump rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and made economic nationalism a winning campaign issue, Steve King was talking about and fighting for the interests of America’s working men and women.

Rep. King was one of the first and the few to talk about how the tidal wave of illegal (and legal) immigration was depressing the wages and quality of life of American workers, and he led the opposition to such disasters as the so-called Gang of Eight immigration “reform” bill when Democrats, big business and the entire Republican establishment were all pushing amnesty for 21 million or more illegal aliens.

But Steve King isn’t just a one-note politician – he’s a full-spectrum conservative who has been on the frontline of practically every big battle for conservative principles ever since he came to Congress.

Be it spending, the war Islam has declared on the West, the right-to-life, education, or practically any other issue where conservatives have a concern, Steve King has been our principled – and effective – advocate.

Indeed, it is Steve King’s effectiveness that has put a target on his back in this primary election.

Rep. King’s effectiveness in gathering votes in opposition to establishment Republican betrayals has long been a source of irritation to the House GOP “leadership” and his penchant for truth-telling has often made him a lightning rod for attacks by the Leftwing media.

This year the usual establishment suspects have targeted Steve King, with the open borders Chamber of Commerce and another Super PAC spending over $300,000 between them. And for the first time in his political life King supporters are concerned that lastminute changes to Iowa’s absentee voting rules will allow deep-pocketed outside interests to tip the election against him.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, absentee ballot applications for the Tuesday, June 2 Republican primary were mailed to every registered Republican voter. Iowa election officials are also encouraging voters to cast absentee ballots and avoid voting in person during the coronavirus epidemic, meaning well-funded outside groups capable of launching expensive ballot harvesting campaigns could give King’s lobbyist-backed opponent, state Sen. Randy Feenstra, a leg up.

As a full spectrum conservative, and one of the essential Capitol Hill leaders of the limited government constitutional conservative movement, Steve King has our unqualified endorsement in the June 2 Iowa Republican Primary. If you live in Iowa Congressional District 4 and you do not plan to vote in person on Tuesday, June 2, your ballot must be postmarked by Monday, June 1.

To learn more about Steve King’s principled limited government constitutional conservative record and campaign go to

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