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We Endorse Jim Simpson For Congress – Vote Today In Maryland GOP Primary

James Simpson
Republican voters in Maryland Congressional District 2 have an opportunity to send James Simpson to Congress – a full spectrum conservative and a man uniquely qualified to serve in Congress at this moment in history.

Mr. Simpson is one of the Nation’s premier experts on domestic terrorism having authored numerous reports on the ideological roots of the Marxist organizations inciting the mobs that are currently burning and looting cities across the country.

You can access two of them through these links: Capital Research Center and Accuracy in Media.

Jim Simpson’s background in government began when he went to work for the White House Office of Management and Budget, where he saw firsthand the insanity of how government is run. It is, he told us, not a pretty sight. After serving under presidents Reagan, Bush and Clinton, Jim Simpson left government in 1993 to start his own small business.

As a business owner Jim Simpson has analyzed what’s going on in Maryland and concluded that everything that makes Maryland great is at risk. The state is bleeding population every year. This year Baltimore City’s population is lower than it was 100 years ago and such a trend cannot continue without destroying the base upon which a successful and prosperous state is built.

In Mr. Simpson’s analysis people are being driven out by illegal immigration, high taxes and crime. Politicians are now pouring money into one of the worst public school systems in the country -- that already receives more per student than almost any other state. Maryland is turning into California East, Jim Simpson told us, and we agree that Democrat politicians are turning this beautiful place into a dump.

Jim Simpson told us, “I am running for office because I want to stop the insanity. I want to stop the bleeding of people out of our state. I want our friends and families to stay here. I am the most qualified candidate running in District 2 this year. I will fight for your jobs, your income, your safety and your freedom. So, I ask for your vote and your support on June 2. Together, we can bring prosperity back to Maryland and make Maryland Great Again.”

We’ve known and worked closely with Jim Simpson for almost a decade. In that time, we’ve come to agree with former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich who said of Jim Simpson, "A writer, businessman and economist, Jim has the background and backbone needed to take on our hard left Democratic establishment. Jim loves Maryland and can't stand to see what the hard Left is doing to it. Here is a Republican ready, willing and able to bring a refreshingly conservative perspective to the people of the second congressional district.”

The Maryland Republican Primary is today, Tuesday, June 2 – if you live in Maryland and can vote in the Republican primary in Maryland’s Second Congressional District we urge you to vote for James Simpson for Congress.

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