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Democrats Run Cities Where Cops Kill Blacks

A group of conservatives, including prominent African-American conservatives Lt. Col. Allen B. West, Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr, Hon. J. Kenneth Blackwell, Former Mayor, Cincinnati, OH, former Sheriff David A. Clarke, Jr., James Golden, Founder, New Journey PAC, Star Parker, President UrbanCURE and Dr. Carol M. Swain, retired Professor of Political Science and Law, Vanderbilt University have addressed a letter to President Trump and Congress pointing out that, as well-organized protestors, agitators, and politicians attempt to weaponize George Floyd’s death to demonize law enforcement, President Trump, and conservatives in general, it would be easy to forget that the Minneapolis city council and mayor—along with the district’s congresswoman, both senators, and the Minnesota governor—are Democrats.

Full text of letter and list of signers follows:

June 15, 2020

Dear President Trump and Members of Congress:

America is founded on the rule of law. Without law, there can be no justice, and there can be no peace or prosperity. The rule of law exists not to control the people, but to empower them; not to impose the will of the State on the people, but to guarantee to all law-abiding citizens an orderly and peaceful framework in which they can exercise their rights. Every day, hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officers across the country selflessly place their own lives at risk to uphold the rule of law, better their communities, and protect the most vulnerable. Their brave sacrifice builds safer and more secure communities, and they deserve our respect.

No profession is perfect, and people in every profession will always be flawed. But it is undeniable that the vast majority of law enforcement officers hold themselves to the highest of standards, in recognition of the great trust that the public has placed in them. They know that they wield great power, and they are acutely aware of the devastating consequences to innocent lives, to their communities, and to their profession if they do not meet the standards of character and conduct that are expected of them. And in the rare cases where law enforcement officers abuse their power and undermine the rule of law, such as the unjustified killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, they should be held accountable, as should everyone else in positions of public trust, from elected officials to bureaucrats.

Unfortunately, there are those who would like nothing more than to politicize those rare abuses to sow division, to undermine and destabilize the United States, and to use the coordinated chaos they create to force their agenda on unsuspecting Americans. The radical Left, the Democrats now openly admitting they are “socialists,” and the far-left terrorist groups like Antifa are seeking to do exactly that today. They foment racial division to stoke anti-American sentiment, to misinform, and to instigate and justify violent riots and looting. These are elements of the long-term, well-organized, well-funded strategy of the Marxists who seek to destroy the American way of life, fundamentally transform our system of government and silence, threaten or censor any who speak out for traditional values.

The goals of radical Leftists vary, but they all share extremist qualities and are given cover by the mainstream media: some seek radical ideas like defunding and dismantling the police altogether, while others seek a federal takeover of every State, local, and Tribal law enforcement agency in the country so they can use them to push their radical social agenda and punish their ideological adversaries. In the wake of the tragedy of George Floyd’s unjustified death, it would be easy to forget that all four police officers involved in this tragedy were quickly fired from their jobs and are now facing charges. As well-organized protestors, agitators, and politicians attempt to weaponize George Floyd’s death to demonize law enforcement, President Trump, and conservatives in general, it would be easy to forget that the Minneapolis city council and mayor—along with the district’s congresswoman, both senators, and the Minnesota governor—are Democrats.

The fact is that the far-left radicals burned and looted American cities in the name of a slogan with which virtually nobody disagrees: Of course black lives matter, but an uncontroversial slogan is not the true message of those who seek to use violence and unrest for their own purposes. The fact that the riots, mayhem and killing of innocents by mobs continued, after all four officers involved in George Floyd’s tragic death were charged with crimes, makes clear that this isn’t about George Floyd. As Congresswoman Karen Bass, a California Democrat, recently admitted, what the Left really wants is to “push the envelope as far as [it] can because we have a moment now.”

Make no mistake: What the Left is actually after is the destruction of the American way of life, a life built on the rule of law and individual freedom. They are after control by the State, and seek to destabilize the country to get there. It is ironic that the very people who seek the end of private gun ownership, claiming just weeks ago that only the police need carry weapons, now openly seek to dismantle the police. The very people who attack the idea of our military being used—as it has for hundreds of years—to supplement law enforcement and maintain order and safety during times of escalated violence, also seeks to use government power to crush and bully any who dissent from “woke” culture.

As the Left seeks to dismantle the police and weaponize the plight of vulnerable communities to justify rioting and looting, they ignore that vulnerable communities are the ones most impacted by violent crime and the ones that most need good, well-trained, well-funded law enforcement officers. They ignore that the statistics show that, despite the horrific anecdotes—and they are horrific—passed off as an “epidemic,” the race of a violent crime suspect has no effect on the likelihood that they will be fatally shot by a police officer during a confrontation.[1]

Of course, calls to dismantle the police aren’t their only tactic. They have enlisted the media—both traditional and social—in their quest to demonize traditional American values, they have taken over the education system to instill their propaganda, and they amplify anti-American sentiment through Hollywood celebrities and large corporations. Anyone who questions the liberal line will face censorship by Silicon Valley, anyone who refuses to be sufficiently “woke” will instead be “cancelled,” and any corporation that does not provide leftist mobs with financial support as penance for perceived sins will be boycotted, defamed or destroyed. Intimidation and mob rule is their means for their ends for America and Americans.

As leaders, we stand with law-abiding, America-loving citizens. Despite what incessant and biased media coverage might indicate, Americans overwhelmingly reject the radical ideas being exposed on the Left. According to a recent Morning Consult poll, for example, 71% of registered voters support the use of the National Guard to supplement local police forces dealing with riots and protests, while only 18% oppose such use.[2] Likewise, 58% of registered voters support the use of the military to supplement local police forces, while 30% oppose—of course, you would be forgiven for thinking that wasn’t the case, if you watched the New York Times get rid of its opinion editor and reassign its deputy opinion editor last week following a “woke” meltdown over a single op-ed suggesting that the military could be used to supplement police forces in cities facing violent riots.[3]

We all agree that we can continue to better our police departments, along with every area of our government, but we reject the radical notion that law enforcement, or this great nation, is inherently and systemically racist or beyond repair. We reject the radical notion that defunding police departments will increase public safety.

But we support the notion of individual responsibility and freedom. We support those who insist that individuals who betray the public trust be held accountable. We recognize that most Americans merely want to get back to working hard, contributing to their communities, and getting along in peace with their neighbors. We support those who, rather than loot or burn, rather than call to destroy the police, instead help clean up their streets and remove the graffiti and destruction wrought by rioters.

In short, as Americans, we reject the insurrectionists’ attempts to destroy and destabilize our great Nation, and we support the selfless law enforcement, brave public leaders, and ordinary Americans who are willing to stand against them.

Signed, (Organizations are for identification only)

Ed Meese, Former U.S. Attorney General

Lt. Col. Allen B. West, US Army, Ret., former Member of Congress

Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr., President, STAND Foundation, Inc.

Hon. J. Kenneth Blackwell, Former Mayor, Cincinnati, OH

David A. Clarke, Jr., Sheriff (RET), Crime Research Center

James Golden, Founder, New Journey PAC

Star Parker, President UrbanCURE, syndicated columnist, Creators

Dr. Carol M. Swain, retired Professor of Political Science and Law, Vanderbilt University

The Hon. Bob McEwen, Retired Member of Congress

Rep. Jim Ross Lightfoot, Retired Member of Congress

Diane Black, Retired Member of Congress

Steve Deace, Host, BlazeTV

Tom Fitton, President, Judicial Watch

Seth Dillon, CEO, Babylon Bee

Tim Daughtry, Ph.D., Author, Daughtry & Company

Cleta Mitchell, Esq., Partner, Foley & Lardner, LLP

Jenny Beth Martin, Honorary Chairman, Tea Party Patriots Action

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

Rabbi Aryeh Spero, President, Caucus for America

Anne Schlafly Cori, Chairman, Eagle Forum

Colleen Holcomb, President, Eagle Forum

Eunie Smith, President Emeritus, Eagle Forum

Rick Manning, President, Americans for Limited Government

Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin (Ret.)

Morton Blackwell, President, Leadership Institute

Jim DeMint, Chairman, Conservative Partnership Institute

Dr. David Black, 2ndVote, Doctor of Legal Medicine (Toxicology)

Roger Kimball, Editor & Publisher, The New Criterion

Trevor Loudon, Filmmaker, speaker

Richard Viguerie, American Target Advertising

Kevin Freeman, Founder, NSIC Institute

Art Ally, President, Timothy Plan

Daniel Greenfield, Shillman Journalism Fellow, David Horowitz Freedom Center

Rebecca Hagelin, CEO, United in Purpose

Stuart W. Epperson, Chairman of the Board, Salem Media Group

Bill Walton, President, Council for National Policy

Glenn P. Story, Founder & President, Patriot Mobile

Stella Morabito, Author

Ginni Thomas, President, Liberty Consulting

Rod Martin, Founder & CEO, The Martin Organization, Inc.

Shawn Mitchell, Former National Chaplain, National Federation of Republican Assemblies

Foster Friess, Chairman, Friess Family Foundation

Harlan Crow, Dallas, TX

Keith E. Sirois, Chief Executive Officer, Capital Management HPP, Inc.

Ed Corrigan, President, Conservative Partnership Institute

Gary Bauer, President, American Values

Christina Murphy Lusk, Director, Campaign for the American Future

Charlie Copeland, President, Intercollegiate Studies Institute

Frank Wright, Ph.D., CEO, D. James Kennedy Ministries

Don Campion, President, Banyan Air Services, Inc.

David Kupelian, Vice President & Managing Editor, WorldNetDaily

Rod Vandenbos, CEO, VHI Inc.

Mark Meckler, President, Convention of State Action

Ann Lauthner Quest, Unity Quest

Caroline Wetherington, President, BeeLove Rescue

Jim Powers, President & CEO, J.L. Powers & Associates

Colin Hanna, President, Let Freedom Ring

Alfred S. Regnery, Chairman, Conservative Action Project

Tim Echols, Commissioner, State of Georgia

Richard Norman, Founder & President, The Richard Norman Company

Debbie Wuthnow, President, iVoterGuide

Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

Amapola Hansberger, President, Legal Immigrants for America

Scott Cooper, Chairman, Edgefield County Council, South Carolina

Frank Gaffney, Executive Chairman, Center for Security Policy

Rick Scarborough, President, Recover America Now

Floyd Brown, Publisher, The Western Journal

Debbie Georgatos, Host, America, Can We Talk?

Mark Alexander, Publisher, PatriotPost.US

J. Christian Adams, President, Public Interest Legal Foundation

Penna Dexter, Co-host, Point of View radio

Justin Danhof, General Counsel, National Center for Public Policy Research

Clare Lopez, Founder/President, Lopez Liberty LLC

George K. Rasley, Jr., Managing Editor,

Brandon Cobbs, Office of American Innovation

Becky Gerritson, Executive Director, Eagle Forum of Alabama

Khadine Ritter, President, Eagle Forum of Ohio

Sandy Rios, Director of Governmental Affairs, American Family Association

Cynthia Dunbar, National Committeewoman (VA), RNC

Ed Kale, Principal, Carolina Income Management Group

C. Preston Noell III, President, Tradition, Family and Property, Inc.

Carroll Deuel, Vice President, Dual Controls, Inc.

Chad Connelly, President, Faith Wins

John Stemberger, President & General Counsel, Florida Family Policy Council

Guillermo J. Aragon, Chief Financial Officer, Martin Imaging, Inc.

Scott Shepard, Fellow, National Center for Public Policy Research

Troy Newman, President, Operation Rescue

Kevin Ray Lawson, CEO/Founder, Cedarstone School of Music

Charles J. Cooper, Assistant Attorney General, President Ronald Reagan

Daniel L. Montgomery, BG, USA (RET), Strategic Defense Solutions

Mark Fitzgibbons, President, Corporate Affairs, American Target Advertising

Jo-Ann Chase, Chairwoman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Virginia

Martha Boneta, President, Young America’s Foundation

Veso Sobot, Businessman, Sobot Management Group

Mario Navarro da Costa, Director, Washington Bureau, Tradition, Family, Property

Nicholas W. Carper, CFA, retired Principal, Mitchell, Sinkler & Starr

James N. Clymer, Chairman Elect, Constitution Party

Sherri Martin, Executive Vice President, The Martin Organization, Inc.

Haley Martin, President, The Martin Organization, Inc.

Maryann Christenson, Executive Director, Utah Eagle Forum

Sheryl Kaufman, Board of Directors, Americans for Limited Government

James Hansberger, Chairman, Legal Immigrants for America

Cathie Adams, 1st VP, Eagle Forum

Bobbie Patray, President Tennessee Eagle Forum

Cindi Castilla, President, Texas Eagle Forum

Gayle Ruzicka, President, Utah Eagle Forum

Pat Carlson, Eagle Forum

Rael Jean Isaac, Author

John 'Gunny' Hendley, President, Investment Strategies, Inc.

Chris Gilbert, Lions Club International

Dr. James Poole, Fast Brian, LLC

Peggy Dau, IranAliveMinistries

Beth Gilinsky, Founder, Grassroots Women for America

Michael J. Welborn, Board of Directors, The Next Stop

Gail Capps. President, Dallas Eagle Forum

Jim Dau, CEO, IranAliveMinistries

Jake Hoffman, President & CEO, Rally Forge





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What is needed

Unless people change their whole psychological and philosophic orientation toward the primacy of facts and reality over primacy of left wing ideology,the cities will continue to deteriorate. Whoever is voting Democratic has to figure out that they are putting their lives and futures and the lives and futures of those they love in continuous serious jeopardy by doing so. Until they do, the cities will continue to deteriorate in the hands of nihilist Democrats who hate both America and life itself.


The value of police unions is mixed. They do a very good job of protecting innocent police from abuse, but they also unfortunately do a very good job of keeping rogue police on the force.

Public-sector unions are, in general, a bad idea. FDR opposed them. The result is two parties negotiating from the same side of the table against the absent taxpayer.