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As The Far Left Attacks Them We Say Defend the Police, Don't Defund the Police

Defend Police
In the past two decades labor unions have put some $1,513,957,335 into political campaigns, about 91 percent of it going to Democrats. In case you had any doubt about the relationships between the Far Left occupiers of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone and the establishment Democrat Party, that has benefited from that union largesse, look no further than the action taken this week by Seattle’s Martin Luther King Jr County Labor Council to expel the Seattle Police Officers Guild (SPOG) from the organization.

Elise Takahama of the Seattle Times reported that in an hours-long roll call vote, 45,435 of the Martin Luther King, Jr. County Labor Council delegates voted in favor of passing a motion approved May 20 by the executive board, effectively removing the Seattle Police Officers Guild from the council — while 36,760 of the delegates voted against.

“It’s our responsibility to fight for all forms of justice,” MLK Labor Executive Secretary-Treasurer Nicole Grant said in a statement. “In the Martin Luther King County Labor Council, we believe that there can be no justice without racial justice. Any union that is part of our labor council needs to be actively working to dismantle racism in their institution and society at large. Unfortunately, the Seattle Police Officer’s Guild has failed to do that work and are no longer welcome in our council.”

Speaking in favor of the motion to expel the police union from the labor council was Jane Hopkins, registered nurse, and executive vice president of SEIU Healthcare 1199NW.

The SEIU, or Service Employees International Union is one of the largest funders of the Democratic Party, and its allied Far Left organizations. For example, following the Michael Brown shooting in August 2014, Dream Defenders, an organization led by Working Families Party (ACORN) activist and Occupy Wall Street anarchist Nelini Stamp, popularized the phrase “Hands Up–Don’t Shoot!” which has since become BLM’s widely recognized slogan. Dream Defenders is backed by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the ACLU, the Southern Poverty Law Center and others.

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) also funds the Center for Popular Democracy Action. Former Representative and DNC Co-Chairman, now-Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, once touted the CDP Action network as another step toward solidifying grassroots opposition to the Trump administration agenda.

"This national network, led by working class people of color and immigrants, will supply the power and the fight we need to resist the Trump administration's all-out assault on American values," he said. "I look forward to standing with CPD Action's leaders in the streets and in Congress to win real progressive change."

SEIU has been a principal supporter of the Fight for $15 movement, which began on Nov. 29, 2012, with 200 quick-service workers walking off their jobs at dozens of restaurants across New York City to support raising wages to $15 and the right to form a union without retaliation and has quickly morphed into an advocacy group for amnesty for illegal aliens and open borders.

The SEIU was also a major funder and supporter of the violent Occupy Wall Street movement. As Iris Somberg reported for NewsBusters, “Organizations that joined the [Occupy] protesters were granted more than $3.6 million from Soros’s Open Society Foundations. On Oct. 5 there was a “march in solidarity with #occupywallstreet” that listed seven such groups out of the 16 overall supporting the protest. Those seven organizations received $3,614,690 from Soros’ Open Society Foundations since the year 2000, with more than $2 million going to Common Cause Education Fund, part of Common Cause, and another $1.1 million to”

Additional funding, said Somberg, went to the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Community Voices Heard, Coalition for the Homeless, Neighborhood Economic Development Advocacy Project (NEDAP), and

The Occupy movement enjoyed strong support from many labor unions and federations representing millions of public-sector workers, such as the AFL-CIO, the AFSCME, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the United Federation of Teachers. The United Federation of Teachers even donated space to Occupy Wall Street in its New York headquarters.

It will surprise no one that the SEIU gave over $14 million to Democrat candidates and causes in the 2018 election cycle and so far, has given over $7 million to the same kind of candidates and causes this year.

The same SEIU-funded Marxist organizations, such as Far Left radical Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, ACORN, Dream Defenders, the Working Families Party, etc. are now trying to isolate and defund the police, not just in Seattle, but across the country.

The radical Left is turning our communities and cities into smoke, ashes and rubble. We need law and order now more than ever and our police need the support of the American people to keep our communities safe. If you wish to fight this organized Far Left assault on law and order we suggest you contact your local government officials and urge them to defend the police, not defund the police. One of the easiest and best ways to contact your local elected officials is through ACT for America’s website to send an email letting them know that you stand 100 percent with your local police officers and do not want to see any budget cuts to your local police department.

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