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Is Police Officer Garrett Rolfe Being Railroaded For Rayshard Brooks Death?

Garrett Rolfe
Within days of the death of Rayshard Brooks, Fulton County [Georgia] District Attorney Paul Howard Jr. announced that Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolfe, the officer who fired his handgun three times while he was chasing Mr. Brooks outside a Wendy's restaurant, would face 11 charges, including felony murder, and he could face life in prison, life without parole, or the death penalty if convicted.

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death at the hands Minneapolis police Brooks’ death quickly became a racially charged incident – Brooks is African American and Rolfe is white – but the facts of the case are starkly different.

Officers were dispatched to a Wendy's restaurant in Atlanta on a Friday evening after an employee called 911 to say a customer who appeared to be intoxicated was asleep in his car in the drive-thru. They conducted a sobriety test on Brooks, which he failed, and a tussle ensued as the officers tried to handcuff him. In the midst of the struggle, Brooks grabbed officer Brosnan's Taser and started to run away.

While video and witnesses appear to show Mr. Floyd being cooperative, the video and witnesses show Mr. Brooks fighting with police, running and pointing and firing a Taser he had stolen from officer Brosnan at the officers.

There is another angle to the Floyd death that has been studiously covered up by the Leftwing media: Floyd’s brother Philonise asserted in congressional testimony Mr. Floyd's death was “personal” and “premeditated, implying that Mr. Floyd and Minneapolis Officer Derek Chauvin may have known each other.

There has been no such evidence brought forward about the confrontation between Officers Brosnan and Rolfe and Mr. Brooks.

However, like Mr. Floyd, Mr. Brooks had an extensive criminal record, including pleading guilty to False Imprisonment, Simple Battery/Family, Battery Simple and Felony Cruelty/Cruelty to Children. According to the Daily Mail, Brooks was tried in Clayton County and sentenced to seven years on the first count, with one year in prison and six on probation and 12 months for each of the other three counts, sentences to be served concurrently.

His sentence was revised, and he was sent back to prison for 12 months in July 2016 when he violated the terms of his probation. He violated the terms of his probation again in 2019, but the charges were dismissed.

The reporting also revealed that Officer Rolfe begged Brooks to live as he desperately administered CPR to the dying man.

Rolfe's bodycam came off during the violent altercation that erupted when he tried to cuff Brooks telling him he'd had too much to drink to be driving.

But the camera never stopped recording, as it was picked up and carried around by other officers called out to investigate the shooting before eventually being returned to its owner.

Amid angry shouts and accusations from by-standers Rolfe can be clearly heard pleading, 'Mr. Brooks keep breathing. Keep breathing for me.'

The jerky bodycam footage captures him kneeling on the ground and administering CPR to the bleeding man while Brosnan looks on.

Rolfe administered CPR until the ambulance arrived and can be heard repeatedly calling Mr. Brooks' name as he tried to keep him alive.

Were those the actions of a murderer?

Not according to former Pittsburgh Police officer Sheldon Williams, a member of the Pittsburgh Citizens Police Review Board, who said  judging from the public record, the Atlanta police officer in the Rayshard Brooks case had reasonable justification to shoot, after Brooks assaulted the officers and took one of their tasers.

Not according to popular social media star “Mike the Cop” who decided to quit his job in law enforcement after officer Garrett Rolfe was charged. The Washington Examiner reported Mike, who worked as a police officer in metro Detroit, announced to his 425,000 subscribers on Friday that he had made “the difficult but necessary decision” to quit.

“Seeing that officers who simply did their job and did what they were trained to do could be literally railroaded without due process, thrown under the bus by their department, by their city. All of that stuff made me realize that now I'm not just being asked to sacrifice my life, and my family is not just being asked to sacrifice my life, potentially,” he said, adding, “Now, I am being asked to sacrifice the financial future and well-being of my family, in case I was thrown under the bus, or criminally charged, or ended up, you know, getting sold up the river for simply doing my job."

It appears to us that “Mike the Cop” is right, that given the rapidity with which he was charged and convicted in the media Garrett Rolfe IS being railroaded. And it appears that thousands of people agree, because they are stepping up to provide support to Garrett Rolfe’s legal defense through the Georgia Law Enforcement Organization. To contribute to Garrett Rolfe’s legal defense fund click this link or go to .

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No need to defund when the left can defame

The call from the left to defund police is so ludicrous President Trump rightly said that they had just handed him the election.

As if pulling the party left off a cliff with the near selection of Socialist Sanders were not enough to disenfranchise any sane moderate Democrats, the calls for open borders and the tear down of ICE followed by the calls to defund the police should convince even the most staunch anti-Trump Democrat to stay home.

I won't even bother with the obvious - that their only other choice and party candidate is a houseplant; an obvious shill for whomever the Deep State pencils in as his VP.

The media lynching of our boys and girls in blue will continue as the hand of those determined to bring our fair country to her knees is played out according to the Rules for Radicals playbook.

The question is - as We the People going to allow it? Will the silent majority stay silent? Or, is it time to re-write this B movie script and rename it "Plays for Patriots"