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Attorney General Bill Barr Strikes Antifa And BLM Revolutionaries

Attorney General Barr
Attorney General William P. Barr on Friday directed the formation of a task force that will be dedicated to countering “anti-government extremists,” escalating federal law enforcement’s response to the violence that has sometimes marked nationwide protests against police brutality and racism, according to a memo obtained by The Washington Post.

In the memo, Barr wrote that amid peaceful demonstrations, anti-government extremists had “engaged in indefensible acts of violence designed to undermine public order.”

“Among other lawless conduct, these extremists have violently attacked police officers and other government officials, destroyed public and private property, and threatened innocent people,” Barr wrote in a directive to all the Justice Department’s law enforcement components and U.S. attorneys. “Although these extremists profess a variety of ideologies, they are united in their opposition to the core constitutional values of a democratic society governed by law. . . . Some pretend to profess a message of freedom and progress, but they are in fact forces of anarchy, destruction, and coercion.”

According to Barr’s memo, the task force will be led by Craig Carpenito, the U.S. attorney for New Jersey, and Erin Nealy Cox, the U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Texas, and it will include representatives from the FBI and federal prosecutor shops across the country. Barr wrote that it would develop information about “extremist individuals, networks, and movements” and share that data with local law enforcement. The group will also provide training and resources to local authorities to help prosecute anti-government extremists, Barr wrote.

“The ultimate goal of the task force will be not only to enable prosecutions of extremists who engage in violence, but to understand these groups well enough that we can stop such violence before it occurs and ultimately eliminate it as a threat to public safety and the rule of law,” Barr wrote according to reporting by The Washington Post.

According to The Washington Post, Barr’s memo said that, in the past month, the Justice Department had disrupted extremists “of all persuasions,” and he singled out two: “those who support the ‘Boogaloo,’ ” a radical right-wing group whose adherents openly anticipate civil war, and “those who self identify as Antifa,” a far-left-leaning ideology that encompasses communists, socialists and anarchists.

In the wake of Attorney General Barr’s memo the Justice Department announced it is charging four men with destruction of federal property over an attempt to topple a statue of Andrew Jackson in Washington, D.C.

In a criminal complaint unsealed last Saturday, the DOJ alleges that Lee Michael Cantrell, 47, Connor Matthew Judd, 20, Ryan Lane, 37, and Graham Lloyd, 37, participated in a June 22 attempt to tear down the statue in Lafayette Park, just near the White House.

According to a Department of Justice statement, the complaint alleges that Cantrell was captured on video attempting to pry the statue off its base with a wooden board and trying to pull the statue down with the aid of a yellow strap.  The complaint alleges that Judd is seen on video trying to pull down the statue, and that Lane is seen on video affixing a rope to one part of the statue and then pulling on another rope tied to the statue.  The complaint also alleges that video of the incident shows Lloyd as he breaks off and destroys the wheels of cannons located at the base of the statue.  Lloyd is also captured on video pulling on ropes in an effort to topple the statue, and handing a hammer to an unidentified individual involved in the incident.

Judd was arrested on Friday and appeared in Superior Court of the District of Columbia today.  The matter was transferred to the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on Monday, June 29, 2020, where Judd will make his initial appearance before United States Magistrate Judge Robin M. Meriweather.  The remaining defendants have not yet been apprehended.

The Justice Department statement says that video evidence shows all four, along with other unidentified individuals, attempting to pull down and damage the statue of Jackson, the seventh president of the United States and one of the icons of the old Democratic Party.

These actions come on the heels of President Trump’s Executive Order to protect federal monuments, which he described in a tweet, saying “I have authorized the Federal Government to arrest anyone who vandalizes or destroys any monument, statue or other such Federal property in the U.S. with up to 10 years in prison, per the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act, or such other laws that may be pertinent.” “These arsonists, anarchists, looters, and agitators have been largely stopped,” Trump later tweeted. “I am doing what is necessary to keep our communities safe — and these people will be brought to Justice!”

As we explained in our series “It’s Not A Protest, It’s Not A Riot, It’s A Revolution,” the attacks on monuments are just the tip of the iceberg of the revolution currently being conducted by Antifa and BLM, but addressing these acts of vandalism could be a much needed start toward rolling up these anti-constitutional revolutionary organizations.

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Follow the Money

If the task force is to truly be successful, the have only to track the source of the dollars that allow these journeyman thugs to board busses, bail them out of jail when apprehended, and take out ads for agitators in places like Craigslist.

Donations from celebrities and political groups promoting anarchy should be as punishable as the acts themselves. As the recent college scandals show...the Hollywood elite are hardly above scumbaggery when it suits them, helps their kids get ahead, or makes a has-been a headline for a day.

Kudos to AG Barr and President Trump for targeting these groups federally since local and lib state politicians are allowing these "block parties" to take root in their own backyards. As any homeowner can tell you, weeds allowed to thrive next door will overwhelm the best efforts of the property owner who cares for their piece of the American Dream.