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Assault on America, Day 580: Trump is right, national mail-in balloting would be a disaster

Eric Holder mail in voting
Trump’s mentioning postponing the election touched a nerve -- and more

“SSSSSssseeeeeeee! I told you he was going to try and sabotage the election!”

I didn’t actually hear the refrain personally but I’m guessing when President Donald Trump suggested last week that this year’s election could be postponed until after it’s deemed “safe” to vote by the powers-that-be, it must’ve been greeted in many a coffee hole (or at least the ones “permitted” to be open) as proof positive that Democrats, the media and so-called “conservative” NeverTrumpers were correct all along in prophesying the outsider president wouldn’t depart the White House willingly if he loses in the Electoral College on November 3.

If I had heard it, my reply would’ve been “Horsepucky.” The greater point Trump was trying to make was that continued Democrat attempts to foist universal federally mandated mail-in voting on the entire country would not bear fruit on his watch. Far be it from me to get inside the head of the always unpredictable Trump, but this one was pretty obvious. Fully translated, it means, “If you won’t shut up about the uncertain viability of an election conducted entirely by mail, we should just put off voting until it’s safe to do it the old fashioned way, by showing up at your polling place on Election Day and casting a ballot.”

But first, Trump’s actual wording. Brett Samuels reported at The Hill, “President Trump on Thursday suggested delaying the 2020 elections, something he does not have the power to do unilaterally, as he levied fresh attacks against mail-in voting.

“Trump, who is badly trailing presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in national polls, framed the suggestion as a question and argued that with more mail-in ballots there would be more fraud. There is no evidence to support the idea that either absentee or mail-in ballots increases voter fraud [emphasis added]. It also does not appear that there will be universal mail-in voting this fall, though some states require mail-in ballots.

“’With Universal Mail-In Voting (not Absentee Voting, which is good), 2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history,’ Trump tweeted. ‘It will be a great embarrassment to the USA. Delay the Election until people can properly, securely and safely vote???’”

It's been my theory all along that Trump never does -- or Tweets -- anything without considering it first, which runs counter to the establishment media’s typical narrative that he incessantly watches TV with Diet Coke at his side and an electronic device in his lap, ready to send out his latest spur-of-the-moment broadside against Democrats, the establishment and any other person or thing that runs afoul of his notoriously touchy personal disposition.

If that’s the case then the lifelong real estate developer and reality TV celebrity has gotten awful lucky, because there isn’t a subject that Donald Trump doesn’t have an opinion on and he’s sent out however many tens of thousands of tweets. He’s also managed to get himself elected to the world’s most consequential political office on his first try and defeated the globe’s most powerful establishment -- not to mention, the Clinton machine -- by flying by the seat of his pants.

When are the haters ever going to concede that perhaps Trump knows what he’s doing and it isn’t all about one non-stop ego-trip intended to bolster his already legendary image and company brand name? Everyone knows Trump likes gold but it doesn’t mean he has the Midas touch; no, he’s just a really, really savvy assessor of human nature.

That being said, I wouldn’t have done it -- raised the possibility of postponing the election -- if I were him. By doing so, it only provided additional fodder for the hysterical alarmists and bored magpies at CNN and MSNBC to squawk about. The whole notion that Trump’s ego would compel him to stay past his constitutional authority is absurd, but now his opposition has bulletin board material to nail to the locker room wall. The nation’s pundit class went berserk four years ago when during a debate Trump said he wouldn’t necessarily accept the results of the voting. Here we go again.

But the threat from universal mail-in voting isn’t trivial, and contrary to assertions from the media (such as the one above), there is plenty of evidence that voter fraud exists. Attorney J. Christian Adams has written a number of thoroughly researched pieces on the topic as has John Fund at National Review, Hans A. von Spakovsky and others who bother to delve a little below the surface to garner the truth instead of accepting Eric Holder’s, Barack Obama’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Hillary Clinton’s and Joe Biden’s word for it that everything is on the level.

And anyone who’s seen the great work from James O’Keefe and the good folks at Project Veritas understands how widespread the problem is -- and that the very people charged with safeguarding the integrity of the balloting are either hopelessly negligent, or in on the fraud themselves. It’s utterly naïve for liberals to claim that mail-in balloting will be flawless and, for lack of a better word, “safe.” This ignorant belief assumes everyone has pure and unassailable motives when it comes to politics. After what the country has been through lately, is there anyone who’s willing to wager that groups like Black Lives Matter won’t be doing everything within their power to tip the election?

So it’s somewhat understandable why Trump would tweet such a thing even if it appears unwise to allow your enemies to go around wagging an index finger in people’s faces while shrieking about how they knew this would happen. The issue of voter fraud must be kept fresh, especially as Democrats threaten (through legislation and otherwise) to impose their own system on the states. It’s common knowledge that Nancy Pelosi’s repeatedly tried to slip federal mail-in balloting provisions into coronavirus “relief” bills, a sleazy underhanded tactic to dupe the public.

It's the height of hypocrisy to be griping about elections integrity when they’re the ones who’ve constantly whined and cried foul whenever they’ve lost a close election. It doesn’t need to be rehashed here, but Democrats claimed, ad nauseum, that George W. Bush was an illegitimate president because of the Florida “dangling chad” vote fiasco in 2000, a controversy that reached the Supreme Court. For those with poor recollections, Al Gore conceded the election and then took it back when the Sunshine State’s vote margin dipped below a thousand. Numerous recounts later, it took over a month for the matter to be settled; in the meantime, the country split down the middle. The media loved it.

Isn’t it funny how Democrats always seem to come up with extra votes whenever the election night tally is razor thin and they end up on the short side? How did disgraced Minnesota Senator Al Franken ever reach the upper chamber? He was behind after the initial count but then the state Democrat Party miraculously “found” uncounted ballots. And presto! Like magic, they were all for Franken! Imagine that!

More recently there’s the case of Georgia airhead (and Joe Biden VP short list candidate) Stacey Abrams and the fact she failed to admit defeat and concede the election even after having lost to now Governor Brian Kemp by 50,000 votes. Most if not all states provide for a recount if the margin is within a certain percentage, but this is insane. Abrams -- and her cohort of enabling Democrats and media honks -- said her loss was due to “voter suppression.” What the heck is that? What proof did they have? Did anyone come forward to legitimately claim they couldn’t vote because they were prevented from doing so?

Facts don’t lie. Democrats will overturn every rock -- or raid every prison -- in search of more votes for party candidates. Liberals want to extend the franchise to illegal aliens, restore voting privileges for convicted felons and even lower the legal voting age to 16. Are they just being generous in shining a spotlight on the sunnier side of human nature? Hardly. They surmise that the more gullible you are the more likely you’ll vote Democrat.

Why else would anyone oppose a Voter ID law? Is it really too much to ask an American citizen for proof of identity when requesting a ballot? Democrats swear such laws are racist and intended to keep minorities from exercising their rights, but everyone must go through the process to receive driving privileges or to get on an airplane. Or to buy alcohol. Why is voting treated differently?

Trump didn’t say it, but voting should demand some level of commitment from everyone. Not only is there the undisputed possibility of fraud and ballot harvesting, there’s the argument that people who won’t even bother going through the trouble of asking for an absentee ballot aren’t motivated enough to care about who wins. Citizens who need assistance voting already have a way to get it done without sending out unsecured ballots to every address. Voting should be harder to do, not easier.

In addition, Democrats don’t care a lick about scrubbing voter rolls (of dead people, duplicates or those who no longer reside within a state) and seek to mail out ballots to every registered voter. Who will verify the results?

No, Mr. Trump, we shouldn’t postpone the balloting. But if it means caving to the frantic scare tactics of Democrats and the puffed-up coronavirus panic, then something needed to be said.

Democrats would like nothing better than a disputed election

It's no stretch to claim Democrats pretend to know everything about everything and would stop at nothing to regain political power, even if they have to lie, cheat, steal -- or sue -- to get it. Their best case scenario on Election Day is to validate the plethora of polls showing Grampa Joe Biden with a commanding lead in the national popular vote and in several key “swing” states, with the 77-year-old mentally faltering dolt earning a resounding victory.

But if the election is close, or if Trump repeats his amazing “comeback” win in three months, the liberal party is already preparing to not let this one get away so easily. Think it won’t happen? Joe Biden’s campaign has already hired over 600 lawyers to make trouble after the initial round of votes are counted.

Imagine the mess it will create if congressional Democrats are successful in using the COVID-19 panic as justification to dictate to states regarding mail-in balloting. Because of the many problems associated with off-site voting -- lack of signature, questionable validity of the ballot, interpretation issues, lateness of delivery, etc. -- the result could take days or weeks to determine. And there will no doubt be limitless “challenges” if Trump ends up winning.

The Florida recount debacle referred to above could be repeated in ten, twenty or more states. The media would work overtime to dream up “conspiracy” theories about voter suppression and intimidation. “Witnesses” would come out of the woodworks swearing they were coerced due to race, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or place of residence.

Like the cyborg in the legendary “Terminator” movie series, the “machine” wouldn’t stop until it won -- or was destroyed. Scary.

Media and pollsters already setting the table for Election Night indigestion for liberals

We’ve seen it for months -- polls showing Joe Biden leading President Trump by clear margins. The support defies belief for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the heinous nature of the recent social unrest, Democrats’ own behavior as well as Biden’s clearly deteriorating intellect. Maybe there’s another reason, too. S.A. Miller reported at The Washington Times, “Trump campaign officials are convinced that polls showing Joseph R. Biden with a big lead are tilted left by undercounting Republican voters and are missing a hidden cache of the president’s supporters who are leery of pollsters.

“President Trump and his campaign staff are not under the illusion that he is winning at this stage, but they think the race is much closer than polls suggest, especially in the battlegrounds of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

“’They get some of these people who say they have no opinion or are undecided when they really are Trump supporters,’ said a Trump campaign insider who did not want to be identified without authorization from the campaign. ‘The big thing the polls are doing is just underrepresenting Republicans, and it’s blatant.’”

Miller’s piece further quoted “experts” who indicated that Republicans shouldn’t rely on large numbers of “secret” voters, but there could be some. Here’s thinking Democrats are doing everything possible to overstate their level of support so as to make a close election -- or a Trump win -- into grounds for massive national “protests” and to excuse official non-cooperation with anything Trump does in his second term.

President Trump opened a can of worms last week when he tweeted that the election could be postponed until after the COVID-19 national panic subsides. Democrats will use the occasion to step up their calls for mail-in balloting, a tragic national disaster waiting to happen if it comes down to it. Republicans had better step up.

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