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Assault on America, Day 582: Hey Joe Biden, your VP search Ain’t No Way to Treat a Lady

Biden VP Vettors
Is there one Democrat VP choice who could bring everyone together?

How important is unity?

The question echoes through a lot of our brains of late as Democrat nominee-to-be Joe Biden is allegedly (almost) ready to announce his all-important choice for his running mate next week. Close followers of the news know Grampa Joe was supposed to solve the mystery this week, though purported indecision and confusion among the finalist candidates postponed the process a few more days. If the news media was honest it would be running story-after-story about the liberal top dog’s inability to make up his mind (assuming he even has one), or even to brief those who are still under consideration on a timeline.

Instead there’s nothing but silence coming out of Delaware -- or at least in the public sense. What gives, Joe? Natasha Korecki and Christopher Cadelago reported at Politico, “At least some of the contenders were in the dark on Sunday about their upcoming interviews with Biden: They were told to be prepared for in-person sit-downs, while at the same time cautioned that could change due to health and logistical concerns surrounding Covid-19.

“For weeks, aides of contenders going through the vetting process said they had little visibility into the campaign’s thinking. They’ve scoured news reports for tidbits on the finalists and any window into where they are in the horse race.”

They’re using the Chinese Communist Party (CCP or Wuhan, if you prefer) virus as an excuse again. This is inexcusable, isn’t it? Doesn’t Grampa Joe remember the old Helen Reddy song “Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady” from the seventies? If he had, he’d recall the opening lyrics:

“I guess it was yourself you were involved with,
I would've sworn it was me.
I might've found out sooner
If you'd only let me close enough to see.”

No one’s getting close to Biden these days -- or at least no one comprehends the inner workings of his mind. Instead, the half-century career politician is keeping all his prospects in the dark, not updating them about interviews or shedding light on his mindset heading into this crucial stretch. That ain’t no way to treat a lady, Joe! At any rate, the above referenced tune came out in 1975, over two years into Biden’s first term in the senate. Dang, that’s “a long, long time ago… but I can still remember how that music used to make me smile.” Okay, enough song allusions. There are literally thousands of titles spanning Joe’s political career. Someone should make a video…

The Politico reporters continued, “Amid the uncertainty, short-listers have adopted competing strategies, with several lesser-known candidates taking to TV news shows to raise their profiles while more prominent contenders such as Sens. Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren remain out of the spotlight.”

The anticipation must be agonizing. It’s safe to say probably everyone has been paralyzed with inertia awaiting some sort of word to arrive via telephone, and one can only imagine there are lots of women in Democrat-land now checking their smart devices every ten seconds or so to one, make sure the volume is turned up on their ringer and two, to confirm that a call didn’t mysteriously slip through and go straight to voicemail. Or maybe in the 71-year-old “Pocahontas” Warren’s case she’s staying at home perched next to her antique rotary-dial phone, the good luck charm having been the means she received teaching offers in the past after telling potential employers she’s an affirmative action-seeking Native American. (Kidding, of course)

Anyone looking into the potential decision-making and presidential management style of Joe Biden had better pay close attention since this choice is both the most and least momentous verdict of his life. It’s the most important in the sense his campaign will be saddled with the woman’s flaws for the next three months and least consequential because if he ends up losing, no one will care about his wishy-washy waffling the day after the election.

The fact Biden can’t seem to settle on the right fit isn’t surprising considering he spent decade after decade in the upper chamber old boys club chumming with the likes of Teddy Kennedy and Bob “KKK” Byrd, the always affable woman-abusing “party boy” Chris Dodd and a coterie of Republicans including John McCain, Richard Lugar and Orrin Hatch. It’s almost like being in the same classroom as a grade school kid for well over thirty years. The teachers might change every term but the desks are all arranged in alphabetical order.

Don’t feel too sorry for Joe -- the identity-politics obsessed Democrats asked for this conundrum. Inch-by-inch and yard-by-yard the party elders backed themselves into a corner and there’s simply no way to satisfy everyone at this point. By consistently stating and restating the obvious lie that President Donald Trump is a racist, they couldn’t possibly anoint two pasty white pols to lead their ticket this year. Since the primary voters narrowed the field down to two older-than-ancient and pale as a ghost white guys, it meant that the number two had to be a minority.

Then the Democrats’ slavish devotion to the #MeToo cause mandated that a woman needed to share the ticket as well. Again, since the voters methodically rejected all the female presidential candidates, eventual winner Biden was confronted with an either-or situation that couldn’t be ignored. Party elected leaders couldn’t rhetorically crucify Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as a teenaged girl-exploiting frat boy and not save a little of their own medicine for themselves.

Or it could be that 2016 nominee Hillary Clinton laid the groundwork for the current impasse. After Democrats made such hay over shattering the glass ceiling and went on record as hating the “deplorables,” there was an awfully high threshold to leap over. You know, their nominee(s) couldn’t be seen as bowing to the “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic -- you name it” half of Trump supporters. As Democrats, they had to be better than the other guys, which includes elevating a “diverse” ticket.

Why aren’t Democrats touting the amazingly successful Mondale/Ferraro duo?

It's not enough to be “woke” and “diverse” this year, you have to be able to rub the surface characteristics in Republicans’ faces, too. After all, Democrats started all of this “It’s a woman!” chatter back in 1984 when Fritz Mondale went long on little-known Rep. Geraldine Ferraro as his running mate. Why isn’t Mondale being consulted for his experience? Mondale is 92, only slightly more senior than Biden himself. Ferraro died in 2011, so she wouldn’t be any help.

It's interesting to note that Ferraro was selected despite her “only” being a three-term congresswoman at the time. Democrats had little chance against the popular juggernaut of Ronald Reagan in that year, but it’s instructive how choosing a rather obscure, little-known vice presidential nominee could backfire for Biden. That would serve to eliminate a couple of his short-list participants like Reps. Karen Bass (CA) and Val Demings (FL). Nominating either of them would look like a naked suck-up to black and women voters. Bad news, Joe.

The party’s abhorrent congressional leadership only adds to the pressure Joe’s feeling. 80-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s spent a career trying to divide and conquer, her every press appearance loaded with sneering contempt for anyone who disagrees with boilerplate Democrat crapola like blanket amnesty for every illegal immigrant or who values American traditions such as standing for the national anthem. Over in the Senate, there’s 69-year-old “Chucky” Schumer, a white man who can’t seem to wear his spectacles so they don’t look like granny reading glasses.

No “diversity” there. Where’s the unity? Do any Democrats seriously claim Pelosi and Schumer offer a chance to bring people together?

It almost makes you feel sorry for poor Joe. The back slappin’, hair sniffin’, child repellin’, nude swimmin’, shoulders massagin’ and sexual assault denyin’ Biden would clearly feel most comfortable with some of the white gals that were or still are under scrutiny. Early on it was rumored that Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar was being vetted, though she withdrew her name after it was revealed she’d let George Floyd’s torturer, Derek Chauvin, get away when she could’ve gone after him (as prosecutor).

Biden also appears to have a comfort level with Warren, though her age and skin color are disqualifiers. What good would it do to add to his ticket an over seventy senator from a bluer than blue state who’s viewed as a kook in many circles, closer in ideology to crazy Bernie than Biden himself?

It's a mess. How can Biden expect to unify the country around his selection when he can’t even bring the members of his own party together? The longer he waits, the worse it will be for him, too.

Whoever thought the filibuster would be on the ballot this year?

As if the stakes in this year’s election could get any higher, Biden’s former boss Barry O. tossed another sizzling hot ember into a pile of matchsticks when the 44th president preached on the necessity of getting rid of the filibuster during his eulogy for John Lewis last week. Obama made the senate’s consensus-building procedural tradition into a racial issue, arguing that keeping it would mean bringing back Jim Crow laws. He was serious.

Race doesn’t have much to do with the filibuster unless you’re talking about Democrats callously stalling black Republican Senator Tim Scott’s police reform proposals just because of his skin color a couple months back. But there’s little doubt that if the Democrats take over the upper chamber’s majority that they’ll move to end the tradition of requiring 60 votes to advance legislation.

Just imagine passing Medicare for All or the Green New Deal with 50 (and Vice President Karen Bass breaks the tie?) or 51 votes. Or granting blanket amnesty to every illegal alien residing within the borders of the United States. Or abolishing ICE, or pushing through laws mandating that religious institutions cover abortifacients in their health plans. Or mandating medical coverage for transgender sex change operations. It could get that ugly.

Former Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid started the country hurtling down the slippery slope in 2014, employing the poorly labeled “nuclear option” to nix the filibuster on lower court nominees and administration appointments. Republicans ditched it for Supreme Court appointees in 2017 when Democrats wouldn’t give the okay for Neil Gorsuch to take a seat on the high court.

Eliminating the filibuster for legislation would have tragic results for those who cherish constitutional rights (such as the Second Amendment) or value fiscal responsibility (not that things are great now). The republic might not survive.

Grampa Joe would be all over it. Think of the power! He wouldn’t even need to rule based on executive orders, he could leave it all up to the radicals on Capitol Hill to do his dirty work.

Another liberal leaves establishment media platform over toxic environment

Last month liberal former New York Times editor Bari Weiss resigned over the intolerant environment in the legendary paper’s newsroom and now an MSBNC producer has quit her network with similar complaints. Jessica Chasmar reported at The Washington Times, “MSNBC producer Ariana Pekary penned a blistering resignation letter Monday comparing broadcast news to a ‘cancer’ that is stoking national division and risking people’s lives...

“Ms. Pekary [claimed] that a senior producer once told her that viewers flip on MSNBC for ‘comfort,’ not news. ‘As it is, this cancer stokes national division, even in the middle of a civil rights crisis,’ she wrote. ‘The model blocks diversity of thought and content because the networks have incentive to amplify fringe voices and events, at the expense of others… all because it pumps up the ratings.

“’This cancer risks human lives, even in the middle of a pandemic,’ she added. ‘The primary focus quickly became what Donald Trump was doing (poorly) to address the crisis, rather than the science itself. As new details have become available about antibodies, a vaccine, or how COVID actually spreads, producers still want to focus on the politics. Important facts or studies get buried.’”

This doesn’t require a great deal of elaboration. Bias drives ratings. It should be noted the so-called “conservative” (it’s not really, except for its evening hosts) network, Fox News, is the only such outlet that could be described as right-leaning. The rest of “broadcast news” (Pekary’s term) is all decidedly left-of-center. No wonder the media’s Trump reporting is well over 90% negative.

“Unity” is a fleeting concept in today’s America and it doesn’t seem likely folks will be brought together when Grampa Joe Biden’s running mate is announced, the filibuster is done away with or the media keeps up with its all-hate-all-the-time coverage of President Trump. Our country is in crisis and a lot of bad actors are making it worse.

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