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Assault on America, Day 597: Joe n’ Kamala Day 4: Racism, COVID-19 lies, and lots of videotape

Joe Biden speech
Biden may have been the star on Thursday night, but a lot of people were still thinking about a “President” Kamala Harris.

He didn’t mention it on Thursday night, but Democrat presidential nominee (no longer nominee-to-be!) Joe Biden must’ve been thinking it: I’m on the ballot in November but this contest is really all about President Donald Trump versus my new gal-pal, Kamala Harris -- and by extension, the worldview of the new breed of radicalized socialistic race-baiting Democrats.

To entertain such a thought might seem odd for a man who’s spent his entire adult life in politics and chasing the presidency, only to realize his dream at the well-past-prime tender age of 77-years-old. Biden took the stage in Wilmington, Delaware, as the closing act of the four-day “virtual” Democrat National Convention (the real gathering was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but the only “live” audiences were remote) without an Obama or Clinton in sight, and perhaps it was fitting that ancient Joe had the last words because the drudgery of the program seemed to go on forever.

For all we know Biden aged another decade while stewing through the overly contrived informercial-like production the first three nights. The rest of us out in TV-land -- if indeed there was anyone besides me still watching at the end -- felt much more matured by the time Grampa Joe uttered his first sentence. The whole thing was excruciating but necessary viewing to grasp what the national poll leader would do to (not “for”) the country if he prevails.

Whereas Wednesday night was female dominated (and then there was Barack Obama, who whined and griped like a discontented liberal woman), Thursday was “Dudes Night.” In addition to Biden, earlier speaking slots were allocated to fellow Democrat presidential candidates Cory Booker, “Mayor Pete” Buttigieg, businessman Andrew Yang and last but not least, former New York City Mayor “Little Mike” Bloomberg.

The latter contender dumped over one billion of his own money into his four month-long campaign, which definitely will go down as the most extravagant but futile political effort in history if measured by a dollars-per-vote basis (how about Jeb Bush?). The arrogant little tycoon clearly felt as though he could replicate the eminently successful run of first-timer and fellow New Yorker Donald Trump, but Bloomberg ran headlong into the feminist rage of Massachusetts senator Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren during his two debate appearances -- and that was that.

And it wasn’t exactly revealed by the former candidate, but he’s plunking millions more into the Democrat party endeavor this year to unseat Trump. I guess that’s what happens when you’re in your late seventies and have so much disposable cash that it has to go somewhere. Why not purchase some political influence? Here’s wondering what Bloomberg thinks of the Democrats post-George Floyd riots, where swaths of Gotham have been trashed and burned by thugs, destroying much of the work he’d done while serving as mayor. Would it make a difference?

“Little Mike” did manage to win 55 delegates (at $18 million per delegate), but then again, the business and media giant didn’t feel much pain. To hear him praising Biden on Thursday night was gut-wrenching nauseating, but not necessarily more so than any of Bloomberg’s Democrat predecessors. Grampa Joe achieved his own personal wealth through his near-half-century in the swamp and managed to swing sweet deals for wayward son Hunter, too. As Forrest Gump would say, “There’s only such money a man really needs… and the rest is just for showing off.”

Biden did that -- show off -- on Thursday night. And let’s be honest, after all he’s gone through pursuing the highest office in the land, maybe the guy deserved his moment of uninhibited bloviating and grandstanding. The same can’t be said for Booker, Buttigieg and Yang, though -- what have they ever done to merit prime speaking time in the final hours of a party convention?

No matter. This election is all about Kamala Harris, since the doddering dolt Biden is at most a one-term placeholder if he manages to win in November. It’s hard to imagine the rapidly fading Grampa Joe even serving four years, so Harris is the one people are staring at. That’s a frightening look, isn’t it?

Biden offered something for everyone on Thursday night. Christmas in August!

If there’s anything that could be said for Democrats, it’s they’re not the least bit shy about advancing proposals that most likely can’t ever be achieved. Most of what the party promises will never see the light of day -- simply because the “solutions” are to problems that don’t exist (such as with “climate change”) and/or they’re too expensive; to enact them would send the nation’s already untenable debt load through the proverbial roof.

Like a secular minister doling out federal communion from a single loaf of bread, Biden tore a piece for everyone and slowly walked to each identifiable liberal constituency and gave them a handful. If you have no agenda, then just pass out largesse to the party whose followers thrive on “free stuff.” But there’s no real blessing in the doing -- it’s mostly just pipedreams and waste.

The Democrat nominee “thanked” Obama for being a great president, and in the next breath launched into another diatribe about Trump and how the New Yorker supposedly believes the office is all about him. Music to the ears of party members and #NeverTrumpers, but does anyone else buy it?

It's COVID-19! “After all this time, the president still does not have a plan (after six months and trillions of dollars spent?)” he said. Biden then talked about his “plans” to battle the pandemic which don’t sound all that different from what Trump’s been doing if the media would actually report the truth. Except in one respect: “We’ll have a national mandate to wear a mask, not as a burden but a patriotic duty to protect people.” Wow, that will go over well, won’t it? How will the people of Wyoming take the news? And they say Trump is an authoritarian dictator?

Imagine the mushed-mouth idiot fomenting a civil war over masks. So much for all that individual rights stuff. But the guy cares so much about everyone, right?

Biden may have promised the moon (including more pay for “essential” workers -- but what about the non-essentials?) to his leftist voters (to buy influence with the Bernie Sanders’ kook fringe), but he also attempted to sound like the pragmatic “moderate” who’s made a career out of chumming around with pols from both sides of the aisle and can therefore “get things done,” primarily though baking a bigger (borrowed) pie and cutting everyone a slice.

It doesn’t take much brains to just give everyone what they ask for. That’s how government has gotten so large and out of control. Under a Biden presidency -- together with a party House majority and a narrow senate majority (and they do away with the filibuster on a party-line vote) -- the sky is the limit. And that sky is no longer filtering the sun’s damaging rays. Talk about one heck of a debt-fostered sunburn!

Make no mistake, Democrats aren't the least bit interested in bipartisan "working together" to pass new laws. At least Nancy Pelosi was honest (in part) on Wednesday evening, placing the blame (credit?) for stopping the liberal freak agenda at the feet of Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump. Pelosi doesn't hope to work with Republicans -- she wants to elect more Democrats like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar, hardcore leftists who wouldn't compromise if Joe Biden was being held hostage and his life depended on it.

Biden himself might've garnered a reputation as a dealmaker and a guy who gets things done, but only to the extent the other side was willing to bend to what he wanted.

To him, “restoring the soul” of the nation involves blowing up the size of government and empowering the regulatory state to control everything. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough slush to go around anymore. The surplus is gone. Uncle Sam is broke and the treasury contains no more crumbs to distribute among the flea-infested politician rats. Grampa Joe can dish over “Green Jobs” and “investing” in industries all he wants. Times have changed.

Government’s share of American GDP can’t go any higher, or we’ll be Greece. Reality will strike Joe even if people are dumb enough to elect him.

Can Democrats ever find a happy place if they lose in November?

The main problem with Biden -- and liberals and Democrats in general -- is they base their happiness and contentment on whoever is in the White House. To them, the White House is America, because the federal government is America. Congress is important, too, but Democrat voters care most about the presidency because they see it as the ultimate weapon to wield power. Only when Democrats don’t control the executive branch does Congress become relevant as a check on the Republican president.

This mistaken belief runs contrary to the American governmental framework. The Founding Fathers devised a constitution delineating limited powers to the federal government because the great men believed the heart of the nation was in the chests of each individual, not those in high office. If government played a role at all, it was at the local or state level, where accountability is best achieved.

If given the opportunity, Democrats would rewrite the Declaration of Independence today to suit their modern "woke" sensibilities. It would read something like this: “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal -- but some are more equal than others depending on their dark skin color, political affiliations and willingness to toe the line to contemporary notions of acceptable thought -- and they are endowed by their government (not Creator) with certain very-alienable rights, among them are life (as long as you're not unborn and if you swear allegiance to Black Lives Matter), liberty (huh, what's that? You wanna own a gun? What for? To shoot people?) and the pursuit of happiness through government control.

Democrats think the Founders are outdated because this notion -- that government should only be ancillary in the minds of the People -- cannot win them elections. That's why they've demonized Donald Trump so intensely, because if they can't make elections all about the bipedal being in the White House, they've got no chance to pass their impossibly expensive and stupid boondoggles such as government-bought healthcare for everyone (including illegal aliens) and climate change busting "investments" in green energy.

Democrats hate Trump so much because he's kind of like them in one sense -- he holds out until he gets all or most of what he asks for. This is what legislative gridlock is made of and the reason why holding the White House is so important for both sides these days.

Democrats couldn't get Trump to bend on universal mail-in voting so they concocted this inane defense of the Postal Service in order to fool the gullible and uninformed into believing that the election outcome hinges on whether there are boxes on certain corners. I must confess, I don't have the slightest clue where a post office mailbox resides (I hardly ever use them), but I do know where a Post Office is -- and I know there are a couple of the big blue boxes there!

A lot of Republicans like big government too. The GOP is the home for limited government thinkers yet it isn’t a conservative party. If conservatives are to ever get the government back on track, we need to beat the establishments of both parties, which is shaping into a monumental task. Elect more conservatives. Time is running out.

For now, re-electing Donald Trump is vital to those who hold out hope that government can be restrained. A president Biden/Harris would be a disaster.

Seriously, can Republicans do better with their convention next week?

I wouldn’t necessarily advise Republicans to repeat the Democrats’ mistakes in executing their own convention, but one video the party should definitely play is Maryland GOP congressional candidate Kimberley Klacik walking through the streets of Baltimore. Whereas Democrats showed a plethora of scenes from across America where people told dark sob stories about being betrayed by Trump and his administration, Klacik shows actual footage of abandoned or run-down brownstones that have deteriorated under decades of neglect. It doesn’t hurt that Kimberley is a very young and attractive African-American woman whose message contrasts heavily with the “We hate Trump forever” mantra of the do-nothing Democrats.

Like a World War II battleship, Democrats spent four days and nights lofting shells against Trump and Republicans hoping to soften up the ground for an invasion. Next week it’s the Republicans’ turn, and they’ll do their best to turn back the enemy. Joe Biden is now the Democrat nominee. Bring on the fall campaign. Let’s talk about issues, should we?

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