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The Propaganda of the Deed – How America’s Marxist Revolution is Spreading and Growing Bolder

Hugo Minnesota Protest
In a normal country, if armed revolutionaries set up a roadblock, surround representatives of the government and challenge the legitimate authority of that government, while engaged in a wild night of looting and burning, the legitimate authorities are empowered to use force to suppress the insurrection – but Wisconsin under Democrat governance is not a normal place.

So, after the police shooting of Jacob Blake* armed revolutionaries set up a roadblock and surrounded a Kenosha, Wisconsin police vehicle. The police didn’t attempt to arrest them or engage them, they left the revolutionaries in charge of the street, giving them a major propaganda victory.

You can see the video through this link:

This is a modest example of what is called in an insurgency “the propaganda of the deed” and it is how the Marxist insurgency in America is spreading and growing bolder and more violent.

For those who still remain skeptical that there is an organized Marxist insurgency afoot in the United States we commend to you a few recent news reports as evidence the revolution has now spread from Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis to other cities.

A few days ago, in Denver, Colorado, where riots have been going on for weeks in imitation of the Portland ANTIFA insurrection, the Denver Post reported that sometime before 9 p.m., a van arrived to provide some of the rioters with shields before the night’s burnings and lootings commenced. The tactics were the same in both places.

In Seattle and Portland, the revolutionaries have moved out of the city centers into residential areas, making midnight forays to spread their “no justice, no peace” threats. In Portland they use “support vehicles” to block the roads so the police cannot intervene and blockade pedestrians and residents in cars from entering their own neighborhood or accessing their homes.

As independent journalist Andy Ngo reported: “Wake up, mother f—ker wake up!” chant BLM in Portland tonight as they go through residential areas and shut down the streets. And in an August 22 report: Antifa protesters are marching in residential areas in NE Portland and shining lights into people homes, demanding they come out. #PortlandRiots #antifa

This tactic of moving out of the city center and into affluent and middle-income neighborhoods is what was used to great effect when the BLM mob targeted the Portland Place neighborhood of Mark and Patricia McCloskey in St. Louis, Missouri.

BLM is marching through residential neighborhoods in Chicago pointing at “white people” in their residences and yelling at them to come down then getting the crowd to scream at them. They are also blasting loud music, and referencing burning down the gentrified buildings.

And the tactic is spreading: BLM-backed Far Left Democrat legislative candidate John Thompson in Minnesota called upon a BLM mob “protesting” in a residential neighborhood to “burn down” the Minneapolis/St. Paul suburban community.

The fact that Thompson was able to enter a residential neighborhood, block a street, set up a P.A. system and abuse strangers in their homes without being arrested is another example of “the propaganda of the deed” and it will spread and embolden the revolution if not challenged and defeated.

And so we see the tactic being used in the small city of Hugo, Minnesota where a speaker during a recent BLM revolutionary demonstration explicitly threatened to burn down the neighborhood and told residents they need to start paying additional rent because they live on “stolen land.”

In the example cited in the previous paragraph we can see the closing of the circle of the Marxist revolutionary narrative: The United States is illegitimate, it exists on “stolen land,” the only answer is to tear it down violently and start over.

One might assume that increasingly violent acts committed against or in the neighborhood of innocent non-combatants might reduce, not increase, the support for BLM and ANTIFA, but as Neville Bolt, David Betz and Jaz Azari observed in their paper “Propaganda of the Deed 2008” for the UK's Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, “the propaganda of the deed” does not equate to a single act of terror – it is not an event, it is part of a process of narrative construction, reinforcement and confirmation through deeds. It is they wrote, “a symbolic and rhetorical tool for insurgents in a repertoire of ‘political marketing’ – it encourages the formation of sympathetic support-communities.”

And it seems to be working. After being subjected to one such foray, residents of a Pittsburgh neighborhood came out and chalked messages of support for the revolution on their street.

In the vast continuum of potential examples of “propaganda of the deed” BLM and ANTIFA are still on the low end, compared to say al Qaeda’s attack of September 11, 2001 or the IRA’s bombing campaigns in Northern Ireland, but they are learning, and until the deeds have consequences they will continue to increase in boldness and in violence.

* Jacob Blake, the man shot by police in Kenosha, Wisc., has a history of assaulting police. He also has past charges for domestic abuse and a sex crime. There was a warrant for his arrest when he was confronted by police. Blake has a history of resisting arrest and had been charged with carrying a concealed weapon, carrying a firearm while intoxicated, endangering safety - use of a weapon and disorderly conduct. Although Mr. Blake is expected to survive, BLM rioters are currently destroying the city allegedly to avenge the shooting which seriously injured him.

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