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CHQ Poll: Don’t Spoil the Holidays with Politics

Boycott Nevada, say conservative and Tea Party activists.  No primaries or caucuses until January.

We asked you:  “Do you approve of the primary season starting in December?”

And we explained:  “If Nevada sticks to its present caucus schedule, New Hampshire says it will be required to hold its first-in-the-nation primary on December 6 or December 13.   The second-tier of Republican presidential candidates is threatening to boycott the Nevada caucus if the date is not set back, thus allowing the New Hampshire primary to be held in January, after the holiday season.  Which side are you on?”

Here is how you responded:

69% Boycott Nevada. Let us enjoy the holidays with no primaries or caucuses until January.

15% I could care less.

10% Leave Nevada alone. A December New Hampshire primary is fine with me.

7% I am undecided.

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Don't spoil the inauguration 2049

At the rate we are going, the Iowa caucuses to determine candidates for the 2052 presidential election will be held in January 2049. That could really pour cold water on inauguration celebrations for the candidate elected in 2048.

Boycott the bummmmmmms

Boycott the bummmmmmms