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CNN Republican Debate: Are Republicans Getting Dumber?

What makes Republican candidates for President agree to a debate moderated by CNN’s notoriously liberal host Anderson Cooper? Beside rank stupidity, it is hard to think of a reason.

Imagine a debate among the Democratic presidential candidates in which Sean Hannity, Michael Barone and Laura Ingraham asked the questions; it will never happen because the Democrats don’t feel the need to pander to the conservative media the way Republicans are willing to pander to the establishment press.

And here is what Republicans get when they do pander.

A debate moderated by the same Anderson Cooper whose vulgar jocularity with David Gergen resulted in this crass comment about the Tea Party during a 2009 broadcast, “It’s hard to talk when you’re tea-bagging.” Audio courtesy of News Busters

Republicans who agreed to this debate on the theory that Cooper and CNN will be on their good behavior and dispense with the junior high school-level vulgarity need to wake-up and take a look at just how liberals like Anderson Cooper make Republicans look bad.

It isn’t by fabricating news or outright lying, it is by selecting questions that set the agenda on liberal terms and pre-suppose the outcome favored by liberals or by editing out the conservative viewpoint or facts that tend to support the conservative viewpoint.

For example, during the height of this past summer’s debt ceiling debate, CNN conducted a poll that Cooper reported as showing 64% of the public supported raising taxes -- and that made Republicans appear to be dishonest for claiming most Americans were opposed to a tax increase. What Cooper failed to report was the same CNN poll showed that two-thirds of those polled favored the "Cut, Cap, and Balance" plan advocated by conservatives and passed by House Republicans.

Further, during the CNN-sponsored debate in Tampa, the question of Social Security being a “Ponzi scheme” was thoroughly aired. Yet a question from a member of the audience that went right to the heart of Republican voters’ concerns about the growth of government, “…out of every dollar that I earn, how much do you think that I deserve to keep…” was referred to only one of the candidates, with no follow-up.

After all the theater of the Republican debates, conservatives are fed-up with the Republican candidates handing-over the agenda for this election cycle to liberals like Anderson Cooper and would like to have just a few of their questions answered.

Here are a few questions Republican primary voters might care about that appear to have been missed in the past debates:

According to a recent Gallup poll, 49% of Americans believe the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens -- do you agree or disagree and why?

Or, what would you do to end the crony capitalism that has led to the Solyndra green energy scandal and contributed so much to our deficit?

Or how about, President Obama and the Democrats have spoken favorably of the Occupy Wall Street protests, even though the protests seem to have a strong anti-capitalist tone. Do you agree or disagree with the Occupy Wall Street protests and does your position differ from President Obama’s?

Any Republican candidate who is smart enough to be President ought to be smart enough to see that the way to defeat Obama is to stop letting liberals like Anderson Cooper set the agenda through these debates and to get out on the stump to sell conservative policy solutions to the crisis facing our country.

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GOP debate

Only Ron Paul and Newt seem to understand the game that the Liberal media play.

In addition to Richard's questions, I would like to see a real policy forum. For instance, let us go through each Federal department, reviewing the past few years of Actual spending as well as projected spending. What is each department spending our tax dollars on? What are the main policies? Then let us hear what the Republicans would do.

Same with much comes from individuals, corporations, and other sources? What options do we have...Fair Tax (national sales tax), combo (perhaps 9-9-9), Flat tax, and how about Milton Friedman's Negative Income Tax idea?

Not so dumb debate in NH next month...

One of the problems is the difficulty of getting national coverage. If Republicans only appear on Fox, they a accused of being scared, if they appear on other networks, they get abused.
One solution is to organize the debates and moderators first, and then invite the networks to observe, with one of their anchors as a MEMBER of the panel, not the moderator.
One group which has done this is the Granite State Patriots Liberty PAC. They have organized a debate centered on the constitution for Nov 10 in Exeter, NH, and so far, only Romney has declined, while all but one of the rest have accepted.

Tuesday Night's Debate

Last night's debate may prove to be a disaster for the Republicans. Though I am a conservative, Rick Perry is giving the Conservative Movement a bad name through unfortunate remarks. As for Romney, we already he is a liberal, yet we may be stuck with him. The overriding issue is to ensure that Obama is defeated in 2012, but the way our candidates are handling themselves may help our current President to turn things around politically for himself rather quickly. And going onto CNN shows incredibly naivity. They may as well have held their debate in front of Pravda of the old Societ Union.

Here's one for the books: Last night on the John Bachelor Radio Talk Show, someone mentioned that the current President of Argentina did an article back in 2009 in the Wall Street Journal claiming that Barack Obama has great similarities with Juan Peron, for those of us who know history. The old Peronista government, or Junta, would combine big unions with big corporations and big government. They would all work together. Whenever the corporations got out of line, a certain group of paid-for Occupy Wall Street types would demonstrate against the corporations, this giving the government greater reason to clamp down on those who didn't cooperate fully with the Peronistas. Sound familiar?

Getting out on the stump may be a stump to far

for me to get to. Debates and Television are a more modern technology than buses and stumps.
I don't know how these debates are arranged and set up. My guess as to how to keep the liberals out of the equation is to use real 'conservative' media with real 'conservative moderators.
The question then becomes, who are they and what country are they in. Lacking the answer to that, the candidates should run and moderate their own debates and use the media outlet they choose.

And yes, ask the hard questions.

Can Republicans Get Any Dumber

I thought they were about as dumb as they could get, but each day brings proof that they can an d are getting dumber with each passing day.