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Ron Paul Wins the Debate; Newt Next

CHQ Poll respondents put them far ahead of the rest of the GOP field.

We asked you:  “Who won the GOP presidential debate in Las Vegas?”

And we explained:  “We’re not asking who you support.  Rather, which candidate did the most to advance his or her candidacy in the Republican presidential debate Tuesday night?”

Here is how you responded:

35% Ron Paul
30% Newt Gingrich
15% Herman Cain
7% Rick Perry
6% Mitt Romney
5% Michele Bachmann
3% Rick Santorum

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The Fed.

The cause of 95% of what we call the rat race (keeping ahead of rising costs) for the last 70 years is caused by the Federal Reserve Banking system  creating money out of thin air. As people begin to realize, that costs have not been going up, it is the value of our money that has been going down and it simply takes more and more money to purchase the same amount of goods and services. This understanding is the cause of Ron Paul’s popularity.  None of the other candidates dares to challenge the power of the Fed. They would be toast overnight.

Right on Clarence!

Right on Clarence!


Ron Paul on States Rights, wow!! Notice how meany times someone said "I agree with Rep. Paul"??

The GOOD Doctor is an EDUCATOR!!

The message is the one we have been waiting for

What Paul did was purely issues based. He spoke to the heart of conservatives. Paul stated simply; the way forward for the nation was to cut the size of government. He restated the very conservative theme of Milton Friedman and Martin Gross, the best way to reduce government and government spending it to reduce the mechanism of government, the bureaucracy. He boldly stated, as did Friedman and Gross, get rid of non constitutional mandated departments, Education, Commerce, Agricultural, etc. Ron Paul suggests what conservatives desire, don't nibble around the edges of "good Government",  take a bite out unconstitutional government. When will the other conservatives in race get a clue. Ron Paul may not win, but he who takes the eliminate unnecessary, bloated bureaucracy mantle from him will pull away from the pack. Everyone wants to have the success of Reagan, but none of them want to grasp the fundamental conservative message he developed over decades, the message is the one we have been waiting for.

Ron Paul has Zero chance of

Ron Paul has Zero chance of winnning the presidency. Get over it. All the Paulbots organize to come out win all the polls. It means absolutely nothing...

I will just reiterate that Ron Paul has MASSIVE support

Just because national polls do not reflect his true support does not mean he has zero chance of winning (unless of course you buy into the Mainstream Media's attempt to discredit and marginalize Ron Paul - which is what they are working hard to do). 

Ron Paul has won numerous straw polls.
Ron Paul has more donations from the active military than all other GOP candidates combined!
Ron Paul has won reelection to congress 12 times.
Ron Paul has was CPAC twice.
Ron Paul won the California Straw Poll
Ron Paul won the Ohio Straw Poll
Ron Paul won the Value Voters Straw Poll
Ron Paul won the LA Straw Poll
Ron Paul nearly won the Iowa straw poll (missed it by 152 votes)
Ron Paul wins nearly every presidential debate online poll

The trouble lies with the MainStream Media (MSM) and the way they portray, villify, marginalize and almost wholly ignore Congressman Paul.  

Cain, Bachman, Perry, Pawlenty, Gingrich, Romney et al have benefited greatly from the MSM giving them plenty of airtime and coverage.  Yet Ron Paul who consistently polls very high, has the MOST grassroots support of any GOP candidate and is 3rd in the Money Race almost never gets coverage (don't believe me - just google Ron Paul Ignored by Media - you'll find a PEW Research article or two about the topic).

IF Ron Paul even got half of the media coverage of Romney or Cain we'd see a much different race shaping up.

Cain is just another flavor of the month candidate and nothing more.  
He doesn't understand the business cycle.
He doesn't understand fiscal or monetary policy.
He doesn't understand the long or short term consequences of our foreign policy.
In short Herman Cain understands $9.99 pizza which isn't even a good plan (it just adds a new tax and doesn't really cut government spending).  

Absolutely correct in my mind

Absolutely correct in my mind HeavyStarch:)

Ron Paul has Zero chance of...

You'd better pray that you're wrong.  Ron Paul will bring in the Libertarians on the side of the Republican Party to help defeat Obama, but if he doesn't get the nom, the Libertarians are gonna (once again) desert you.  We've had it with Republican waffling, lies, and outright fiscal irresponsibility, and without the Libertarians to back them, the Republicans have zero chance at taking the Presidency back from Obama. 

Get over that.

Ron Paul

It's funny - people keep saying that and yet he keeps polling a strong third in telephone polls (where the pollsters can effect the outcome), wins/places in more straw polls than any other candidate (where they can't), and *always* wins online polls.  Are you saying that supporters for other campaigns don't have internet access or can't afford to buy tickets to straw polls or something?  I guess I don't understand why being organized is a bad thing - wouldn't other candidates like to have organized supporters too?

The reality is, Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate who is looking out for the people of this country, and despite the efforts of the media, the political establishment, and people like you, people are hearing his message and agreeing with it.  If you watched the debate, you saw the number of people nodding their heads and applauding when Ron Paul mentioned his plan to cut $1 Trillion from the budget by bringing home the troops and cutting 5 cabinet agencies.  No other candidate has even come close to proposing something like that because they are far more focused on the success of their political careers and their wallets to go against the establishment like that, even though the majority of people want a smaller government and less foreign intervention.  Is everything Ron Paul does perfect?  No.  But even if I don't agree with one of his positions, I know for certain that he has thought it through and has a very good reason for his position and he's taken the position because he believes it's the best thing for the country.  And very often when I *think* I disagree with one of his positions, once I do more research I end up agreeing. 

My only issues with his Restore America plan is the prioritization of agencies to disband - I would start with BATFE and DEA, who do far more harm than good.  Or just add those two to the five...