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Self-Interest Drives this Congress

In a move that exemplifies the nature of this Congress, our "representatives" voted to break and get home to campaign instead of working on the budget or dealing with any number of important and pressing matters. In a vote reeking of all which is wrong with Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi once again put her political interests above the American people’s and voted in favor of getting back to their respective states for campaigning.  

The Congress has but one basic function in life; to pass an annual budget and the spending bills for agency operations. They have failed miserably in this effort by passing only two appropriation bills in the House and none in the Senate. To make sure they got out on time to go home and campaign, they worked at light speed to pass a continuing resolution bill in record time. They only worked fast because Congress has a vested interest in the outcome. Going home to campaign! 

Legislation that is extremely important to the taxpayers has been kicked down the road until after the Nov 2nd elections.  What does this say? The controlling party is more interested in maintaining power than working on behalf of the electorate which put them in office. If they can kick their work down the road, the American people need to kick them all out of office and replace them with people who value true Americans and what their interests are.

Here are some factoids to read, digest and pass on to all concerned people of small government, liberty with justice for all to include the unborn!

New Poll Shows Iowa Judges Headed for Election Loss--Experts "Stunned"

No Iowa judge has ever lost a judicial retention election in living memory. Former Supreme Court Justice O'Connor who reaffirmed Roe v. Wade and the slaughter of innocent babies told the Iowa people they had no right to do it.  But at NOM they specialize in doing what those experts say can't be done. And guess what folks?  A shocking new poll on the front page of the Des Moines Register shows for the first time in history, a month before the election, the judicial election race is a toss-up. Source: Brian S. Brown, President, National Organization for Marriage 2029 K Street, NW, Suite 300 Washington, DC  20006

Is G.O.P. Pledge "Socialism Lite"?

Please hear the special report Ron De Jong & Steve Elliott recorded on the House G.O.P.'s "Pledge to America": Does the G.O.P. get it? Or is what they are proposing socialism "lite"? I credit Andrew McCarthy's piece in the National Review for raising many of these questions. Let’s keep an eye on this! Source: Steve Elliott, Grassfire Nation

If You Like It, You Can Keep It

I highly recommend this gets into the hands of those sitting on the fence, supporting democratic candidates or simply the health care bill. Discussion link: IF YOU LIKE IT, YOU CAN KEEP IT. Source: Patriotic Resistance

Welcome to the New Democratic Party of Communists and Socialists

The "Old" Democrat Party: The Democratic Party evolved from Anti-Federalist factions opposing the fiscal policies of Alexander Hamilton. Discussion link: Welcome to the New Democratic Party of Communists and Socialists. Source: Patriotic Resistance 

White House Insider: Obama Suffering from Severe Depression

What's your take on this article, true or false? Discussion link: White House Insider: Obama Suffering From Severe Depression. Source: Patriotic Resistance

Liberty and Socialism Collide In Nevada

Nevada has become the most important test for liberty in this election. Harry Reid led the charge for socialism in the Senate, jamming radical legislation for Pelosi and Obama. To preserve freedom and opportunity for our children, Nevada must be won! To continue to win votes across the great state of Nevada, make a small contribution by clicking here. Source: Dustin Stockton, Chairman Western Representation PAC

Barney Frank Is Afraid and Blaming You

Barney Frank is running scared!  Barney Frank is blaming everybody but himself. To figure out why he is a target across the country, Barney should look no further than his involvement in the collapse of the housing market via his friends at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Retire Barney Frank here. Source: Roger Stockton Western Representation PAC

Way to Go Texas!

Check out "Texas fights for us all against pro-Islamic textbooks". Source: Patriotic Resistance Discussion link: Texas Fights For Us All Against Pro-Islamic Textbooks

Murkowski team trying to sabotage Radio-Thon

Supporters of Sen. Lisa Murkowski tried to jam the phone lines of the Tea Party Express' "Radio Telethon". The way around this is for supporters of Mr. Miller to make a contribution online, direct to the Joe Miller for Senate campaign account. You can contribute to this campaign online here. Source: Tea Party Express

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