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Herman Cain Builds Campaign Brand with 9-9-9 Plan

Weeks ago, GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain announced his bumper sticker-ready 9-9-9 Plan.

The tax plan, which calls for a 9% business tax, personal tax and sales tax has been criticized by conservative tax reform advocates such as Grover Norquist for its potential for an increased tax burden yet, for Cain, it continues to build online buzz.

According to Google's search traffic, the terms "999 Plan" and "Cain 999" received significantly more interest than the candidate's name alone.

In contrast, to Herman Cain's success, presidential candidate Rick Perry's announcement of an unnamed flat tax plan generated little interest online with the term "Rick Perry hunting" creating more search traffic.

On Twitter, Cain also received double the interest of GOP rival Rick Perry, even after the Texas Governor announced his coming flat tax proposal.

Herman Cain's commercial marketing experience with Godfather's Pizza may have helped the presidential hopeful produce a simplistic marketing strategy with the 9-9-9 plan, despite the negative reviews of important conservative critics.

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OK. I just can't take it anymore. I LIKE most of what Mr. Cain has to say, but the 9-9-9 is a fraud. Why do I say that? Well, first of all, there is no such thing as a corporate income tax. Not really. Any such-named tax is a cost of doing business. What happens to any such cost? It is passed on to the ultimate consumer in the price he pays for the product or service provided. So, it is really YOU & I, the consumers, who actually PAY this tax for the corporations. In addition, Herman wants to tax my income when I make it, then he wants to tax it again, when I spend it. So, this is REALLY a -27- tax plan to the ultimate, tax-paying consumer! Only ONE of these taxes should exist.

Since I thing the income tax is the absolute WORST method of taxation, drop it completely. There are too many ways to "hide" income for BOTH the rich & the poor. The corporate tax would be OK, if both of the others are dropped! The sales tax may be the best choice, again, ONLY if both of the others are dropped. Those EEEEEvil rich people, who buy a lot, would pay a lot; the poor, who buy little would PAY little! But the poor would now have an interest in the pot, not just as recipients of the benevelance (???) of the government (actually, of course, this is the tax payer!).

What should the maximum tax be? I happen to think that taxation at ALL levels (Fed, State, County, City, Borough, Parish, etc.) should NOT exceed 10%. If that is enough for God, then by god, that should be enough for Caesar in ALL of his incarnations!!! In addition, our curent taxation is upside down. Where do we receive most of our services? Locally! Our roads, our streets, our sewage, our schools, our fire & police protection, - ALL local. (Yes, I know that the Fed has pushed itself into ALL of those areas, but it has no constitutional right to be involved in ANY of those local concerns, & that unconstitutional meddling MUST end.) That 10% should then be allocated across ALL of existing levels of government.

As an example, if you have only Fed, State, & Local to consider, I would suggest that a "Fair" spread would be 5% Local, 3% State, then 2% Fed. They MUST, MUST, MUST be REQUIRED to live within that level of taxation. The level should NEVER be able to be raised above the 10%. Anyone (up to & including the President) even suggesting that rates be raised, should be subject to immediate, forceful removal from office, with forfeiture of any & all further compensation of any type from taxpayer coffers.

Taxes should NOT go to the Fed & then be funneled back to the States or Local agencies through its massive, costly bureaucracy. Taxes should be collected at the local level, where they take their percent first, budget to live within that level, & funnel the remainder UP the chain. Each level removes its "fair" share, budgets to live within it, then continues sending the remainder up the chain. The Fed gets (& MUST live within) what is left. The Fed should be RESPONSIBLE & ACCOUNTABLE to the States for its various activities, not the other way around. That is why our constitution originally had Senators appointed by the state. They were to protect States Rights & hold the Fed in check. (Our Founders had it right in how & why Senators were appointed, not elected - but that is another matter!!!)

Finis! End! QED!

Don't be duped

Are you prepared to buy a $40,000 car, and pay $3600 Fed tax on top of city state, and county taxes?

It's a gimmick, and the only ones hurt are the middle class, and the poor.

How long would it stay at 9-9-9? When they need more money, they will surely raise it.

If you vote for Cain, you are just replacing obama with another Soros lackey. He doesn't want to audit the Fed, has no plans for cutting the spending, and stopping the Fed from printing more money.

Do yourself, family and friends a favor and vote for the only guy who goes by the constitution, Ron Paul.

Cain has offered a

Cain has offered a alternative and it has basis no matter how loudly the left screeches and yells about ruination and corruption, the plan is  not designed to save the rich but include all to pay their share of taxes and the more you make the more you will ultimately contribute with your buying power.  The more regulated the government is and will need to budget and prove to all where your tax money is being spent, I do not find that to be a bad thing but for one who loves to scam the taxpayer it is a disaster, the end of of their free milk money.

If Cain's thinking is adopted then surely as the progressive tax comes to a end, the IRS ceases to exist and tax anxiety disappears into the dust, new thinking takes hold and term limits now come to mind and further the plight of the voters and taxpayers who are under represented to salary their electees and make public service based on merit and not incumbency, in other words we put the civil back into public service and eliminate the government unions that directly oppose free elections.  Cain is giving you food for thought and future you can live with.

All marketing but no substance

Herman Cain's 999 plan is marketing gimickery at it's finest.  
Make a simple slogan that can be repeated often and it will stick.
Smart marketing strategy but wholly unsound in terms of what this country needs to get back on economic track.
Cain's 999 plan will introduce an entirely new tax which will end up hurting the poor and lower middle class the most. 

999 doesn't address the root cause of our fiscal problems which is SPENDING at the Federal level. 

This is why the only candidate with a serious plan of attack is Ron Paul. His recently announced budget plan cuts $1Trillion from the US Budget in the first year!  He provides some simple tax reforms and busts open the door to fixing the problem - Federal Spending.  His plan combines massive cuts in Federal spending while also provide tax cuts at the same time. 

Ron Paul's long term goal would be to eliminate the personal income tax because he believes it is immoral and theft.  Once we have the necessary cuts in spending in place - cutting taxes will be easy as the government will be smaller and require less money over time.  


Herman Cain is the real deal his plan is just a prelude to the Fair Tax which he supports.  Getting people use to something new as far as the tax code is concerned will be an acconplishment in itself.  It is the Congress that has to be willing to go that route and if it does it will bring prosperity back to America.  There will be those who will trash the plan but they really haven't disected it.  The Fair Tax eventually will be the tax of the land many many more will see the benefits of the plan.  The Fair Tax gets everyone on the same playing field, and those who are struggling and are the below the poverty level will get a pre-bate back.  Just think of all the people that don't pay any taxes, well they will be on new goods and services.  That means corporations, drug dealers and those who haven't paid taxes will.   I just feel it is time for a major change in the tax code and Herman Cain is on the right path.  Check out the Fair Tax book it will open your eyes up.

Drag Herman down ...

The media, many pundits ... all want to drag Herman Cain down.  I hope Cain can resist the temptation to listen to the fools ... he needs to stay "Herman".  He can win.  We don't expect this man to have the answer to every question imaginable.  I expect him to make some mistakes.  The 9-9-9 plan is not perfect ... what is?  It's better than the current tax code.  Cain has a lot of support because he's not a professional politician and has no good reason to lie to the public.  The rest of the candidates have far more serious flaws.