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Will the Real Herman Cain Please Stand Up

Herman Cain rose to the top-tier of GOP presidential candidates by being the most articulate “not Romney” candidate to appeal to Tea Party and movement conservatives, but Cain is on the verge of losing that support as he stumbles through questions about the depth of his commitment to the conservative agenda.

The latest Cain stumble was on the question of abortion. Cain was presumed by social conservatives to be pro-life, but in a series of contradictory statements, Cain managed to go from pro-life to pro-abortion on demand to a position pretty much the same as Barack Obama’s all in one interview.

What Cain said to CNN’s Piers Morgan was, “It ultimately gets down to a choice that the family or that mother has to make,” Cain told Morgan. “Not me as president, not some politician, not a bureaucrat. It gets down to that family. And whatever they decide. I shouldn’t have to tell them what decision to make for such a sensitive issue.”

This appears to make Herman Cain the latest candidate in a long line of politicians who may conduct themselves and their lives according to conservative principles, but who apparently lack the commitment to the conservative agenda.

We have to agree with what Texas Governor Rick Perry said at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Presidential Forum about Cain’s comments, “It is a liberal canard to say I am personally pro-life but government should stay out of that decision… If that is your view, you are not pro-life, you are pro having your cake and eating it too.”

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I'm a strong tea party supporter and no way am I leaving Cain.  He's a non-politician so of course he will incur some gaffes, name me one candidate who has not???  But for the caliber of people he is dealing with and a liberal media, he's doing damn good!  One thing Cain exudes is TRUST, honesty, straight talk, and willingness to own up to something if he is wrong.  I am also an NRL member 500% and watched the Piers interview, I did not see anything wrong whatsoever in his answer to Piers.  If no govt funding is allowed, to any abortion service, then the person has a freedom to choose whatever they wish because in the long run someone without any sense of concern for human life is going to kill the child anyway.  Remove the funding 100% and let the individual pay for her crime not the taxpayers who choose life.

Get Off the Cain Train

The reason you won't be leaving Cain is that you too are pro-choice.

You say, remove the govt. funding, 'then the person has a freedom to choose whatever they wish' and somehow you (and Herman Cain) feel your hands are clean?

I cannot believe the continuing support of Herman Cain.  And it seems to me those who are most hesitant to get off the Cain Train are the ones that are the loudest about thier Christian faith.  I cannot understand how any Christian could support any candidate who does make 'Protecting Life' the highest priority.  And that means eliminating the choice and the option. 

Herman Cain is dangerously uninformed.  Obama brought us 'Hopey/Changy'.  Cain comes with some amorphous sincerity and a southern voice that makes people feel good.  We are in trouble as a nation.  We need someone with experience, a proven record and a real plan to restore our nation.


Let Cain be Cain

The media and pundits find terrible things wrong with everyone and everything.  Herman Cain is trying to be rather candid and honest.  Anyone who claims to have the "answer" to every question and topic is being dishonest or a liar.  All politicians betray the positions they espouse when running for office.  YES ... EVERY CANDIDATE ABANDONS ALL POSITIONS AND LIES.  How's that for an opinion?  Clinton was a liar.  GW Bush was a liar.  Obama is a liar.  They're all liars. Period.

Perhaps Cain will break the mold.  Ha!

Herman Cain Blow's it Bigtime

Herman Cain is wrong, and he is a liar.  If a man is unwilling to protect the most innocent and helpless among us, then he cannot be trusted to protect any other God-given right.

Neither the "mother" nor any member of a "family" possesses the "right" to murder another human being.

Simply because the unborn child has no voice from inside the womb does not forfeit the chil'd right to exist outside the womb. The unborn human has an immortal soul -- and is not a piece of property to be disposed of however the mother may please.

No individual possesses the "right" to shed innocent blood.  A person may will to doi so, but he or she may never claim the "right" to do so.

The defense of ALL human life, at all its stages, is the FIRST organizing principle of a just society.  Murder is not in the purview of "choice" as a matter of ordered liberty -- if it were so, then not one of us should ever think themself safe from any external aggression or the violation of our God-given rights.

Herman Cain is showing America his true colors -- He is a disingenuous LIBERTARIANISM ... another name for the "do whatever I may please" libertine.  WOf what worth is fiscal liberty if moral corruption is given free reign? We do not need this sort of leadership -- especially now.

Herman Cain donated $1

Herman Cain donated $1 million of his own money in an attempt to encourage black voters to vote pro-life.



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