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Conservatives Divided On What Cain Should Do

Half of our CHQ Poll respondents think he should stay in the race, but many are not certain what to make of the latest claim that he had a long-term affair.

We asked you:  “Should Herman Cain stay or go?

And we explained:  “According to media reports, Herman Cain told members of his staff that he is ‘reassessing’ his decision to remain in the race for the Republican presidential nomination following new allegations that he conducted a 13-year-long affair with an Atlanta businesswoman.  What do you think Herman Cain should do?”

Here is how you responded:

37%  I think Herman Cain is being smeared, he should stay in and fight these charges.

28%  I think Herman Cain has a good message, but these allegations are too much of a distraction, he should quit the campaign.

20%  None of the above.

15%  I am unsure what to make of the latest claims, but I think Herman Cain should stay in the campaign and let the voters decide.

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