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Judson Phillips on Virginia’s Choice for Senate

Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips writing on the Republican primary in Virginia for U.S. Senate:

“While [George] Allen would be preferable to Tim Kaine, the former Chairman of the DNC who is running for the Democratic Nomination, it would be far better to have a real conservative in Washington.

“Jamie Radtke understands the Constitution and its role in the life of our country.   She understands that spending and the size of government must be limited.  She understands that freedom and free markets are inseparable.   She understands that the problem we have in Washington is a spending problem, not a problem of America being taxed too little.

“Fighting an established, establishment politician like George Allen is not easy.   Jamie Radtke is stepping up and making history.

“If you do not know about Jamie, you should.  Consider ways you can help support real conservatives like Jamie Radtke with a contribution or with your time.

Jamie’s website is here.”

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