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Ron Paul Wrong on the Trump/Newsmax Debate

On many matters of national policy we tend to agree with Congressman Ron Paul, and even when we disagree, we respect his point of view. So, we must respectfully disagree with Ron Paul’s criticism and boycott of the Donald Trump/Newsmax debate.

Ever since Trump’s speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference in February 2011, wherein he said that Ron Paul had “no chance” at winning the Republican nomination for president or at beating President Barack Obama the two have been at odds and Congressman Paul’s decision to skip the debate appears to be the latest round in that feud.

Media bias and speaking in unfriendly forums is nothing new to Ron Paul and when the idea of a Trump-moderated debate surfaced we had frankly hoped that the Libertarian Congressman would enter the lion’s den and take Trump on.  We think Ron Paul’s well-thought-out principled positions on the economy, national defense and the Constitution sell better than Donald Trump’s mixture of establishment economics and populist rants against Obama any day of the week.

But Ron Paul’s decision to skip the Trump/Newsmax debate brings-up a larger question if, as Ron Paul put it, the event is beneath the dignity of the office of President and Trump is some kind of a false GOP deity, why should any of the Republican candidates participate?

Frankly from our perspective the same could, and has been said of most of the other Republican presidential debates.  For the most part the debates have been run by hostile left-wing journalists or other self-appointed experts as publicity stunts and ratings makers for the networks and sponsoring organizations; they have not been serious opportunities for the candidates to answer the questions upon which most GOP primary voters will make their decision.

So what’s the difference with the NewsMax debate?  Trump is at least as expert on economic policy and probably a lot less hostile than the panels and moderators of the other debates.

And let’s face it, Donald Trump has a following -- people will watch the debate for the same reason they sit in the fourth turn at a NASCAR race: they hope to make some fireworks. The Trump/Newsmax debate will bring-in a new audience of die hard Trump watchers who like the real estate mogul’s brash comments and unorthodox perspective on life and politics and this may very well be a new group of voters and a new market for conservative ideas.

What can be wrong with that?

NOTE: Please vote in our daily poll: Should GOP candidates participate in the Trump/Newsmax debate, or follow Congressman Ron Paul’s lead and skip the debate? 

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Why not have the Kardashian's do it?  Let's have the debates on a Wheaties box.

Trump is as qualified as a " moderator " as Newt is as a conservative.

Trump Is Not Economic Expert

Trump has failed for bankruptcy  and used other peoples money to get rich.  Insider information gone wild if he were in government.

ANyone who wants to start a fight with China is an idiot.  China is a valuable trading partner albeit, not the best but, it is not China's fault that America can't compete.  It's our governments fault for keeping the corporate tax rate at 35% driving business out of America along with jobs.

Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman did the right thing.  Romney took the easy out as usual.  He has no balls and would not stand on principle.


Under No Circumstances...

should Ron Paul or any self-respecting Candidate allow Trump to be the moderator at a debate. I can see him asking a question, taking an answer, pontificating his own opinion, and blatently peddling the false value of his endorsment.

I suppose that "the only worse thing than bad coverage is no coverage" to a point. But, Rep Paul and Gov's Huntsman and Johnson are already in the low to no coverage zone. I don't see a positive in it.

OTOH, a horrible appearance by anyone else can spell thier doom.

If I were Rep Paul, I'd host a "Town Hall Q & A" on the same night, in Iowa.

Imagine the banner: While the Republicans appear on Reality TV, Ron Paul Appears on TV Discussing Reality.

Dignity and Respect Are Lost on Trump

Donald Trump isn't interested in hosting a debate he is only interested in furthering his own agenda which is to rake in the dough while tossing out air kisses to his imaginary fans while promoting whomever is most in his pocket. The position of President of the greatest superpower the world has ever known deserves more honor than what Donald Trump has within himself to offer. I can't respect anyone who chooses to forgo their own dignity and that of the position of POTUS in order to indulged his flamboyant narcissism and receive a thumbs up and a wink from "The Donald" - whatever that means.

Money Can't Buy Class

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the GOP.

I can’t believe anyone with an IQ over 90 takes him or “Newmax” seriously.

I find it very telling that no other GOP candidate has publicly agreed to attend Mr. Trump’s so called “debate”.

 It’s my opinion that participating in his "debate" would be political suicide.

Of course it’s quite true that Donald Trump has a following of sorts - but then so does Courtney Stodden.

Fact of the matter is Middle America views Mr. Trump as a loud and crass attention seeker, and most Americans understand the difference between real life and “reality television”. 

Dr. Paul missing this debate

Dr. Paul missing this debate is a mistake.  I know a few people who will watch this debate simply because "The Donald" is moderating it.  In politics, there's no such thing as "Below The Dignity..."; when you have a positive message, you carry that message everywhere, even a 'circus'.  This is a classic case of, and I'm sure Trump would agree, "Any Advertising Is Good Advertising".  Dr. Paul needs to reconsider his decision.

Disagree freonfreak

Ron Paul would just bring more eyeballs for Gingrich's benefit.

Trump will try and build up Gingrich and trash Paul. Nothing to be gained here for Paul. Trump has already gone on record and called paul a joke who doesn't have a chance to win the nomination. If that isn't enough he threatens to be a write in if  when paul wins the nomination.

The best possible scenerio would be if Gingrich was the lone debater. It's a set up.

Agreed That Trump Is A Joke, BUT..

...So is Anderson Cooper.  So is Brian Williams.  Yet, Dr. Paul felt that they weren't a detriment to 'spreading the message' as debate moderators, and people like Hannity, Limbaugh and Beck are already pointing out that little number.  I don't know what Dr. Paul's true reasons are for avoiding Trump, but I can see how it might look bad to people who like Trump; people who could be swayed to vote for Dr. Paul after hearing his views, and not just sound bites.  Then there's Newsmax, which has a substantial, supposedly conservative readership; what's gonna be their reaction?   IMHO, this is a missed opportunity where Dr. Paul could easily expand on what he's been saying without the constant diversions of breaking over to another 6 or 7 candidates for their opinion on other subjects.  With just Snewtie and Rummie to contend with, Dr. Paul can take the time to explain why he feels the way he feels about issues without being relegated to 15-to-30 second sound bites, as has been the debate history to date.  I understand everyone's wanting to protect Dr. Paul by agreeing with him that this debate is farcical, and perhaps it is.   But again, even a 'circus' can generate a positive message.

As for gaining exposure for Snewtie, that's the price we pay for getting "The Message" out.  Let's not hide now.  Plus, there's a little thing called 'blowback'; any efforts on Trumps part to discredit Dr. Paul could actually serve to elevate him above Snewtie in the eyes of truly thoughtful Conservative voters.

There's are reasons Gingrich seeks Trumps Blessings

Trump is lucky his father was born before him. His father made a lot of money in real estate in NY, and Trump inherited it along with the name. He has been capitalizing on both ever since.

Gingrich is counting on both. The name that Trump sells to make a reality TV show that somebody else put together,but the viewers were supplied by Trump because of his name. He even sells steaks for somebody else with his name on them. No doubt money will be a factor as well.

Trump is more than willing to put his name on Gingriche's presidential run. He will also expect payback from Gingrich. If you think this isn't more of the same that we have put up with for decades, you may be using that organ that sits on your shoulders for a hat rack instead of  thinking logically.

Trump says Ron Paul is a joke and doesn't have a chance to get the nomination, and yet it is Gingrich that goes to trump to bolster his campaign while Ron Paul stands on his experience, and conviction to put this country on the right track to be what it was intended to be when the constitution was written. Paul doesn't need some egotistical billionaire to get him votes. He will get them from people who want the same things he does.

Ron Paul has been talking about auditing the Fed sinch around March of 2009, Gingrich jumped on that band wagon about June of 2011 when he realized Paul was getting a lot of traction calling for the audit which was long over do since the problems will never cease until the printing of money is stopped, and the full accountability as to where the money has been going.

Ron Paul is right in not participating in the debate that was intended to be nothing more than a reason to build up Gingrich with the association of Donald Trump.

There is excessive bias on

There is excessive bias on Mr. Trump's part. As a moderator, he would be in a position of power during such a debate and thus, even if insulted, should act respectfully. Instead, Mr. Trump decided to one-up Dr. Paul's refusal (pointing out that Mr. Trump IS a reality show host, has been playing with the idea of running himself, and prior cancelled on an Iowa Republican fundraiser) with a scathing and highly unprofessional response. Instead of any semblance of respect, Mr. Trump authorized a response that shows he's highly biased and would continue to act unprofessionally, even as moderator. In short, Mr. Trump revealed himself to be wholly a celebrity.

Trump is a RINO!!

Donald Trump gave money to both Republican and Democrat political campaigns the only difference was $10,000.

Trump gave $50,000 to Ralm Emanuel's campaign

Trumps trumpeting

Trump has decried that if "the right candidate doesn't get nominated" he would run as an independent.  This is pure self-promotion and a brazen threat.  The analysis is that any third party run will increase if not guarantee the chances of re-election.  Most importantly, this self-proclamation of Trump as judge and jury on who is the "right" candidate completely disqualifies him as an unbiased debate moderator.  Pure circus.

Candidates, not Contestants

I fully agree with Paul's decision to trump Trump.

Trump is looking for his next inane television show theme and it seems to be unsurprising similar to "The Running Man".  I can just hear Trump saying "Get me the Justice Department, Entertainment Division"

The sad truth is that even the self-professed "fair and balanced" debates have been more interested in entertainment than information and fully vested in manipulating viewpoints.  Trump is neither "fair" or "balanced" and could be the true poster child of the "imbalanced"

mine field

In war it is good strategy to avoid a known mine field. Some of the best brains in the world are trying to lure Ron Paul into making just one misstatement and it will be front page news around the world.

Big Turnip Trump

Large Turnips are used for animal consumption as feed. The analogy here is that Newt and Romney are just the same old pigs at the trough going to meet with another pig at the trough. There will be no change in our country till we get the guy who the establishment is afraid of. Besides.....BTT has had ties to the mafia before.........Ron Paul is a smart statesmen to not get in the trough with these pigs..

A brilliant move for Trump

Trump is still a possible Republican or thrid party candidate.  One has to suspect that he could be viewing this as his opportunity to take on the whole field, one at a time, with him getting more time than anyone else plus always getting the last word.  When he is finished, it is very possible that he will have demonstrated to a lot of people that he is better qualified than any of the candidates on the stage.  Paul could be wisely choosing to keep his distance from the fox.

Dr. Paul increases viewership

Millions watch the debate solely to see Dr. Paul.  Dr. Paul would be increasing Trump's audience by a factor of 50.  Why would Dr. Paul want to lend his popularity and credance to such a circus?

Ron Paul wins.

Ron Paul comes out of this looking great.  At this point, only Newt has agreed to participate.  Why would any self respecting candidate stand before the freak Trump?  Trump is a child with money.  Ron Paul is a statesman.  Huntsman gains my respect in this case as well.

Why dignify a debate between

Why dignify a debate between three jackbooted neocons? Newt/Santorum/Trump.


Have to disagree with you on this. Newsmax has missed the mark allowing Mr. Trump to moderate this debate. As both a potential candidate and as a personality with a clear agenda that intends to endorse a single candidate, Mr. Trump is in a position to frame questions in order to showcase his candidate selection, while nullifying the candidates that he has decided are "can't win' or shouldn't win. Granted, there is some degree of bias in most of the debates that we have seen but at least there is a pretense of objectivity from those outlets. Newsmax has sold that out in an atttempt to turn this process into an episode of The Apprentice, and the remaining candidates would serve themselves well to bow out.          

Promote Conservative Ideas?

But there would be no real conservatives there to promote them!