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House GOP Abandons Fiscal Conservative Principles

With such important stories as the latest antics of pop “star” Madonna dominating the front page of the Nation’s news sources, and the mainstream media firmly in the big spending establishment’s corner, you may be forgiven for missing the latest betrayal on spending by the House Republican leadership.

Speaker John BoehnerWhile the House Republican leadership is fulfilling its pledge to move spending bills in regular order -- in contrast to the Democrat-controlled Senate’s scandalous record of not passing a Budget in over three years -- the establishment GOP has abandoned any pretense of cutting spending.

Witness this year’s Energy and Water Appropriations Act (H.R. 5325) which contains more spending than last year’s bill. Conservatives offered amendment after amendment to reduce spending in the bill, only to be shot down when the leadership would not support them.

McClintock (R-CA) – Cuts the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy program by $1.45 billion. Rejected 113-275.

Chaffetz (R-UT) – Cuts the Advanced Manufacturing Program by $74 million, to FY 2011 levels. Rejected 140-245.

McClintock (R-CA) – Eliminates nuclear energy research subsidies (saves $514 million). Rejected 106-281.

Chabot (R-OH) – Eliminates funding for the regional commissions, such as the Appalachian Regional Commission (saves $99.3 million). Rejected 141-276.

Blackburn (R-TN) – Cuts 1% across the board (would cut $321 million). Rejected 157-261.

Mulvaney (R-SC) – Brings the bill toward RSC budget levels by cutting a total of $3.1 billion across almost all accounts. Rejected 125-293.

King (R-IA) – Prohibits funding of Davis-Bacon union wage requirements. Rejected 184-235.

Flake (R-AZ) – Across the board spending cut that would keep funding at FY 2012 levels ($87.5 million savings). Rejected 144-274.

While House Republican leaders, such as Majority Leader Eric Cantor, may argue that they voted right on some or all of the amendments, nary a one of them took to the Floor to oppose the pork-laden Water Bill that increased spending -- or support an amendment that made a measly 1 percent across-the-board cut -- or even to rally the votes to pass Jeff Flake’s amendment that merely froze spending at today’s levels.
As we’ve said many times before, we won’t have conservative government until we get principled conservative leaders in Congress. There are many Republicans in Congress who claim to be conservative, but apparently there are none in the House leadership who will actually fight for conservative principles on spending.

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House conservative?

Since when have "republicans" in the House been "conservative?  The despicable "neo-cons"  have practiced their profligate actions while mouthing conservative rhetoric for decades and the gullible Republican electorate swallows their lies, voting for them time after time.  The "two party" system is an exclusionary farce.  World government is the goal of these disingenuous politicians (of both parties).  I refuse to vote for their "lesser of two evils" which only continues the resultant decline in adherence to the Constitution.  George H.W. Bush iterated the policy that is being followed in a speech designating the "New World Order" as inevitable and desirable.

Impossible Debt

Our debt alone is greater that all the money if put together in the entire world...It could not pay it, and to incur more is simple insanity!! I note also:

Could it be considered "sick" when leaders like in Calif, but other cities and states as well, are
trying to follow Socialism, by going immensely into debt with their free programs, mainly to
illegals and aliens, and cannot understand the relationship between their spending huge amounts
of money on social programs, and their current debt? They don't see it...they don't understand it...
somehow...a total brain disconnect altogether!!! They always think a bunch more tax dollars
would fix it!! SICK sick!!!

house gop

The republicans that do NOT see the light, (conservative values) will be voted out with the rest of the trash next November, good riddens rino's.....those that don't vote to make taxes less, government smaller, and actually adhering to their oath to defend the constitution will be bye bye, we are out of time and patience.



It is my humble opinion that we would not be in this morass if the electorate were educated and I do not mean college. A 12 year solid education on math without electronic calculators, English especially Comprehension and Literature, science as in Biology, Chemistry, and Meteorology, Geography, World History, American History, Civics and our Republic, and the Arts including Music. These have been lost thanks to our illustrious leaders and the so called Department of Education. Students are no longer challenged in that they do not how to think. They no longer know right from wrong. They are like Lemmings ready to follow the leader and eventually dive right into the sea. This is how those who got into power were able to pull it over the masses and I believe that our government is trying to make our citizenry dumb and stupid for the reason of holding onto the power. Walter Williams once said that even the Suma Cum Laud graduates from our illustrious schools like Harvard and Yale could not pass a 1950 HIGH SCHOOL FINAL EXAMINATION TODAY.


GOP RINO's Refuse to cut any and all spending

Remember folks time to make a proverbial "clean sweep" of the incumbents.  They have no interest in your wishes and certainly have no interest in saving our Nation!  They are a lazy bunch of do nothings!

Perhaps, they aren't lazy.....

By this I mean, what if they are working very hard to submerge the US economy in debt?  This might change our strategy for how to deal with the politicians and the problem.

For example, think of the tactic used by the banks to confiscate 25% of the entire housing market for pennies on the dollar.  Get the homeowner in debt over their heads by making loans incredibly easy and cheap to get, then raise the interest rate and confiscate everything they have when they can't keep up the payments.  The bakers are doing the same tactic now, but only on a national level.  Get the US so deep in debt, there is no way to get out, the country defaults and the banks confiscate everything.  The Fed (private banks) is making it incredible easy and cheap for the government to borrow too much by printing up whatever amount of money the government wants to fund the national debt.  The politicians are working for the banks by encouraging voters with one government program after another. 

The politicians are not lazy, they are working very hard, but for the banks.  That's why they are the biggest contributors to Obama & Romney.  That's why the banks get bailed out.

Now, how do we get rid of the politicians who are working overtime for the banks to submerge our country in debt so they can confiscate everything?

The People MUST Wake-up!

What the people needs to understand is that government is set up to suck the money and life out of the people. Saving, efficiency, cost cutting, etc... is NOT the function of government(s). The more we give them the more thay want. The current problem with our nation's debt is NOT that we don't pay sufficient taxes; government spends too much without any regards to the people. They are self serving and above our laws, period! I am sure most taxpayers would agree to a temporary tax increase if the funds were used to pay off our debt while, at the same time, reducing the size of our government and their spending. They WILL NOT use it to pay off our debt. They, instead, use it on whatever they want. Example: did you know ALL the money we've paid into our Social Security funds have been spent by our government? This fund was supposed to cover our retirement and it is all gone. What about the billions of dollars many banks, auto companies and many others, have paid back on the so called stimulous crap? What do you think they did with the money? Nope, it was not used to pay off the loans we received from China and God knows who else; they've spent it on other crap and continues to borrow at the tune of over $1 trillion every year! OUR ONLY HOPE TO SAVE OUR NATION IS TO VOTE THESE LOSERS OUT OF OFFICE, if not too late. I will surely remember each one of them when I vote.

Cutting the Budget and Deficit

Washington Representatives:

You have the power to:  Make a plan to cure the budget and defecit problem; why not do that?  1.  Donald Trump offered awhile back to help (Trump has done business all over the world; Trump knows how to do business with China,).Trump says if we asked for import tax from China, we could pay off the "defecit."  2.  Herman Cain is very good with figures; why not ask for his help?3.  You've got these  people with knowledge; why not use it for the betterment of the United States of America? 4.  China doesn't deserve to run our country.  Americans have worked hard for what we have;  don't give our country away to undeserving people. 






GOP Turncoats!

We need to clean house completely of ALL of the GOP members in Congress who have shown themselves to be spineless idiots & have not stood true to Conservative principles!! They make me sick!! This includes the spineless Baynor...however he spells his name! He is a pathetic excuse for a Speaker!! He gives in every single time the going gets tough!! We need people who will stand up & fight for what is right! I'll never vote vote for any of these spineless idiots again!! We need NEW BLOOD in Congress who will stay true to our Conservative values no matter what!!

"This includes the spineless

"This includes the spineless Baynor." might make him cry.

How did it come to this?

As I read this and so many other news accounts from the U.S. and Europe, the words of Theoden from Lord of the Rings come to mind: "Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? They have passed like rain on the mountain, like wind in the meadow. The days have gone down in the West behind the hills into shadow. How did it come to this?"

Greed, cowardice, and blind self-interest have increasingly become the ruling principles of the West. We cannot continue down this road.