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The New Slavery Of Obamanomics

Tea Party backed Congressman Allen West regularly reminds his fellow Americans that, “The Democratic appetite for ever-increasing redistributionary handouts [and] is in fact the most insidious form of slavery remaining in the world today.”

Rep. Allen WestOne of the newest and most innovative ways the Obama administration has found to increase these “redistributionary handouts” is to increase the number of those receiving Social Security disability payments from the federal government.

We agree with Congressman West that dependence on government is a form of slavery – but we have a slightly different angle on who the “slaves” are.

According to our analysis, the disability ranks have outpaced job growth throughout President Obama's so-called recovery.

Under Obama, the economy has created less than 3 million jobs since June 2009, while at least 3.5 million workers have signed up for disability benefits, with some 8,786,049 workers taking federal disability in September of 2012.

As CNSNews writer Terence P. Jeffrey reported recently, “Over the past 45 years, the number of American workers taking federal disability payments has increased four-fold relative to the number actually working.”

What this means in real terms is that in August 2012, 142,101,000 Americans were working and 8,767,941 were on disability -- meaning there were only 16.2 people working for each person collecting disability.

As for Social Security itself, there are now fewer than 3 individuals working for each beneficiary, and that number is projected to drop to a 2 to 1 ratio over the next ten years.

Of course, a big part of the problem is that under Barack Obama’s disastrous economic policies, labor force participation – the number of people who are actually available to work – has shrunk to its lowest level in three decades.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a record 88,921,000 Americans were “not in the labor force” in August and only 63.5 percent of the civilian population (those over 16, who were not in the military or in an institution) participated in the labor force. That was the lowest level of labor force participation in 31 years.

What this means is that, with fewer people working and paying into Social Security, the “burn rate” -- or rate at which the funds are being drained is increasing rapidly. This is only made worse by the vast increase in those receiving Social Security Disability payments that has occurred under President Obama.

West has regularly referred to Social Security disability as “a form of modern, 21st century slavery,” most recently during an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program. Asked about criticism of his use of the term, he told Hannity that he intends to use whatever words “are necessary to get the attention of the American people.”

We think Congressman West should add America’s young workers to the universe of “slaves” he says Obamanomics is creating.  With one Social Security recipient for every 2.9 workers, and one Social Security Disability recipient for every 16.2 workers, it is pretty clear they have no choice but to keep working. And having no choice but to labor to support others is the oldest form of slavery there is.

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West is right

I fail to see the difference in what West's message and this article states.It is mental slavery,in that people think they need it to survive,and it it real slavery for the working class that support it.I am sure that if you contacted Mr.West he would clear up any misunderstandings you have on the issue.He is quite vociferous,and unafraid.I am very proud to have him represent my State.

COL West is right; and the

COL West is right; and the sad fact is that somewhere along the line; just as the requirements for work in the Welfare reform were gutted; so were the past work requirements to qualify for SSDI, clearly or people like Obama's Aunt Tunie couldn't be receiving a DIME,  yet she IS, despite the fact that she's here ILLEGALLY, and never worked or paid into SS here in her LIFE!  And many of those new recipients are ON SSDI merely because their unemployment benefits have run out and they STILL couldn't find work in the US!  That should NOT qualify them for disability benefits either!  It's PURE slavery for the payers and the payees alike!

Half of these people that

Half of these people that have lost jobs...just pick up your boot straps and YOU CREATE YOUR OWN BUSINESS...use your GOD GIVEN TALENTS...Yes YOU have them...inside of you...and if you can't aford to hire anyone...create something that you NEED NO HELP WITH...YOU CAN DO IT.....