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Romney Tells the Truth: Conservatives Applaud, Media and Dems Go Nuts

Mitt Romney was taped telling a private audience that “All right -- there are 47 percent who are with him [Obama] who are dependent on government, who believe that, that they are victims, who believe that government has the responsibility to care for them,” adding they “believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing.”

Mitt RomneyOf course the media and liberals (but we repeat ourselves) went nuts, but conservatives don’t see Governor Romney’s comments as a “gaffe,” we think he was spot on.

Although we certainly hope that the 47 percent Governor Romney cited is high, he is right – those voters who want the federal government to do something for them, besides those things set forth in the Constitution, are not going to vote for him or any other Republican.

What’s more, it was great to see that in an unscripted moment, Romney actually agrees with us on this important point.

Conservatives have been frustrated that the Romney campaign has mostly avoided making this election about the new “entitlement America” that Obama has been working so hard to create. So, we were heartened to hear Governor Romney say that his remarks were a message he is “going to carry and continue to carry."

Herman Melville said the truth uncompromisingly told will always have its jagged edges – and the truth about the damage Obama’s culture of dependency is doing to America is one of those jagged edges. We think this election will be won on those jagged edges of truth, if only Governor Romney will keep telling it uncompromisingly.

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Romney's words have been taken out of context.  He was referring to the campaign and where he needed to concentrate his efforts.  Like he said, people that pay no taxes are not going to care about him lowering taxes.  His message is not going to resonate with these people.  The people in this category should want him to win more than anybody if they truly don't want to be on the government dole.  Mr. Romney will rebuild our economy and provide jobs.  Not from the government but thru free enterprise.  If Obama is so concerned with the jobs problem, why does he do everything he can to destroy jobs with regulations.  Coal mines are closing.  How many people will that put out of work?  He discourages job creation with every regulation he imposes on the job creators.  I guarantee Mr. Romney cares more about that 47% than Obama ever has or ever will.  They are just a voting bloc to him.  Mr. Romney actually cares about them as people and wants to improve our economy so that they will not be kept down but prosper as we all gain from a thriving economy.

Barry Defender

Oh ,I must have missed that rousing speech that Obama,or whatever his name is,gave to ... anyone about how it is important to get off Federal aid,because other people in the future will end up paying for it.Hey Richard,why don't you do an article about Allen West of Florida.He is the opposite of Obama.He was born in the United States.He is a black man.He believes that welfare is a form of slavery.He is a long time veteran of our armed forces.He does not pretend to be white.He does not pretend to be black.I do not agree with everything that comes out of his mouth,but I trust him with my life.He is also a conservative that helped save money.He boosted foriegn relations by 50% with HR/help the allies.

47%? More than half will vote for MITT

(those voters who want the federal government to do something for them, besides those things set forth in the Constitution, are not going to vote for him or any other Republican.) Oh do not worry, more than half of these 47% will VOTE FOR MITT...Watch what doesn't matter if most of these people are getting help...they are not morons...they are not stupid...They want the RIGHT WAY, THE RIGHT ROAD FOR AMERICA...just hold on and WATCH ON ELECTION...and DO NOT WORRY. THE REAL CHANGE IS HERE AND THE LORD MOST HIGH WILL HAVE HIS WAY....


As usual you're off the mark. Obama did not create this culture of dependency or entitlements. We Americans have implemented these safety nets over a long period of time for people who fall through the cracks through no fault of their own. As you should know many have lost their jobs only to have them shipped overseas, many have exhausted unemployment funds so what is a head of a household suppose to do?

Romney can't even begin to relate everytime he opens his mouth his foot winds up in it and makes matters worse.

Are you unable to understand? Obama is merely trying to help them out. These working poor people don't like being on the public dole, they are a proud people they want jobs, a job gives one a sense of pride.

There is a small percentage of derelicts who'd rather not work a day in their lifes that is true but there is no 47% who only want handouts or who consider themselves victims. It just not happening.

Romney lives in an alternate reality and you too, you misjudge the American people who unfortunately got caught in this economic downturn. So what did you really expect? He insulted about half the population of the US what did you think was going to happen? What a foolish man you are.