Fed Up PAC Launches "Fed Up With Hillary's Dishonesty" Bumper Sticker

Fed Up PAC's "Fed Up With Hillary's Dishonesty" campaign has released a new limited edition bumper sticker, available exclusively through the Fed Up PAC website. FedUp PAC is a grassroots organization that advocates that constitutional conservatives take over the GOP because Americans are fed up with the Republican establishment.  It is not affiliated with any candidate or committee.

The FedUp PAC Debate Poll Results Are In

In the wake of the the 3rd GOP Presidential debate, which took place on Wednesday, October 28 in Boulder, CO, FedUp PAC conducted a series of three polls.FedUp PAC supports constitutional conservative candidates, and all FedUp PAC polls are 100% based on grassroots opinion, completely free of influence by any presidential campaign or surrogates. Here are the results.

Fed Up PAC Launches Social Media Channels

Fed Up PAC yesterday launched its Twitter feed, the first of its social media channels. To follow @FedUpPAC on Twitter, just go to https://twitter.com/FedUpPAC and click the follow button.