2012 presidential election

Issa Probes Into Fake Employment Data Scheme

Drew MacKenzie, Newsmax

A Congressional committee is planning to grill Census workers over falsified unemployment information that made it appear more people had jobs shortly before the 2012 presidential election.

How Are We Going To Beat Hillary?

How are we going to beat Hillary? History tells us there’s only one way: Nominate a Republican candidate who will campaign and govern as a limited government constitutional conservative.

How Obama Rigged the '12 Election

Dr. Barry N. Moore, The Blaze

Americans were investors made part of a fraudulent scheme (Obamacare) by an integrity-less White House and its re-election campaign. Romney couldn’t beat a candidate that threw the fight.

R's Did Better Than You Think

Sean Trende, Real Clear Politics

For all the hubbub about the damage to the GOP brand, their candidates held up fairly well Tuesday night. We continued to see drop-offs in Dem. performance using the '12 presidential elections as a benchmark. Several R's won competitive races in blue territory.