2014 elections

The War On Women Is Over & We Won

Emily Zanotti, American Spectator

Dems reap their condescension to women. Women got the message that all the Dems think about is their vaginas (when they think about women at all). R's should take this disaster to heart, and note that in many places where they mad

Conservatives, Take Heart: America Rejects Obama's Leftward Lurch and Democratic Politics of Race and Gender Division

This midterm election upset a lot of the assumptions about 2016 and demonstrated a resilience and energy among conservatives that should position the GOP for a battle for the White House that looks much more competitive than the Democrats thought only a few days ago.

Petition to Congress: Stop Obama's Executive Amnesty!

Oppose an Omnibus Spending Bill and Executive Amnesty For Illegals!

To: Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner, and All Members of the House Republican Conference

Will GOPers Break Old Habits?

Bill Kassel, American Thinker

R's are noted for losing their reformist edge. The combined influence of well-connected lobbyists, well-financed pressure groups, etc. tends to dampen enthusiasm for being tagged a loose cannon by standing on principle. 

House Republicans Eye ‘100-Year Majority'

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Greg Walden, NRCC chair, said R's may have built a “100-year majority” in the House. "We're back to a majority as big as any of us have seen in our lifetimes." he said.

GOP Closing Data Tech Gap with Dems

Thomas Lifson, American Thinker

Ron Fournier believes that the GOP has gone a long way toward technological parity.

Exit Polls Show ALL Demographics Shifted to GOP After '12

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

The GOP made slight gains in 2014 over 2010 among blacks, 18-29YOs, the middle class, and a large jump among Asian-Americans. They lost ground among women, Latinos, independents, seniors and 30-44YOs, and both working class and the wealthy. 

Why Ari Fleischer Is Dead Wrong About Election 2014 and Election 2016

George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer’s argument that Republicans must adopt Obama’s top goal for his second term – amnesty and “comprehensive immigration reform”– to win in 2016 was almost word-for-word the same justification President Barack Obama used in his post-election press conference for proceeding with his toxic agenda, and it is also dead wrong.

Battle for Soul of the GOP

David Nather, Politico

Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party Patriots put it bluntly: “You’re welcome, GOP. Now keep your promises.” Conservative activist Brent Bozell warned: “The GOP owes its victory to its base & breaking any promises now will put their majority & any chance for the presidency in '16 in jeopardy.”

Cruz Won't Run for Majority Leader

Peter Sullivan, The Hill

Ted Cruz ruled out running for majo. leader after Repubs. took the Senate. He declined to say whether he'd vote for McConnell for maj. leader. "My practice has been not to second guess leadership decisions," Cruz said when asked why he won't express support for McC.

Still Undecided: 18 House, 2 Senate, 6 Governor Races

David Eldridge, Roll Call

After a night of historic wins by the GOP, there are still a handful of key races, mostly in CA & AZ, that The AP had not yet called Weds. morning. The VA & AK Senate races are still toss-ups, too.

Tea Party Takes Wendy Davis Senate Seat Konni Burton Wins

Merrill Hope, Breitbart

It was a major victory for conservatives when Tea Party favorite Konni Burton (R-Colleyville) won Senate District 10, the state senate district seat that has been occupied by Wendy Davis (D-Fort Worth) since 2009.

5 Quick Takeaways From the Election

Rick Moran, American Thinker

GOP governors might be the biggest winners of the night. Red states got redder. The GOP can win in purple states. It was the night of the Repub. women. Can the Dems now reassemble their winning coalition?

Moderate Megadonor: TEAParty Ruined GOP

Joseph Lawler, Washington Times

The Tea Party has “completely captivated & ruined” the GOP, and will doom the party’s chances of reclaiming the presidency unless it's checked, says billionaire Jon Huntsman, Sr. (father of Jon Huntsman who ranin '12 for pres.). His pick for '16: Jeb Bush.

Conservative Victory In Midterms Settles Round One In GOP “Civil War”

Congratulations. The Constitution is battered and on life-support, but had enough in it last night to allow We the People to reject Obama's imperial lawlessness and constitutional lawbreaking. Now limited government constitutional conservatives must hold Republicans to the agenda that got them elected.

Dems Blame Losses on Obama

Justin Sink, The Hill

Vulnerable Democrats say they were unable to shed the shadow of an unpopular White House.

Two States Where Black Voters Helped the GOP

Erick Erickson, Red State

In IL, prominent black ministers around the state encouraged congregants to abandon Gov. Quinn and support the Repub. In GA, largely black precincts didn't see the turnout expected. Experts say black moms didn't want D's to nix charter school funding.

Jeanne Shaheen Conspired W/ WHouse Insider On IRS Targeting Scandal

Patrick Howley, Daily Caller

Dem. NH Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was principally involved in a plot with Lois Lerner and Obama’s political appointee at the IRS to lead a program of harassment against conservative nonprofit groups during the '12 election.

Krauthammer: ‘Liberalism On Trial’ During Midterms Elections

Al Weaver, Daily Caller

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer believes that Tuesday’s midterm election is a “referendum on Obama’s hyper-liberalism,” and the results of an “incompetent” and “overreaching government.” 

Election Day Will Be a Hollow Victory For GOP

Erick Erickson, Politico

"The GOP celebration will be brief. When the new Republican Congress convenes next year, tries to lead, and looks over its shoulder, there won’t be many conservatives following."