2014 elections

Media Ignores Dem In-Fighting

Joseph Curl, Washington Times

The failed Obamacare rollout has pitted hard-core lefties against moderate Dems. While the rabid lefties want to move full-speed ahead with the gov't takeover, moderates see danger at the polls, especially in the 2014 elections, when the party of the incumbent president almost always loses seats in Congress.

Even GOP-e Agree: Can't Rely on OCare to Win

John Gizzi, NewsMax

Former RNC leader Michael Steele said, "Party leaders shouldn't think that just hawking anti-Obamacare rhetoric will give them electoral cache with African Americans, Hispanics, and women... there is everything else that Repubs have done to tick off those voters since 2010 that the party will need to reconcile before there is an appreciable movement toward the GOP."

R's Gain 9 Points Over D's in Poll

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Repubs have erased a 9-point deficit on the generic congressional ballot and are tied with Dems, according to a Quinnipiac poll released this week. 

Big Biz to TeaParty: Outta the Way

Lawrence Delevingne, CNBC

McAuliffe bested tea party-backed Cuccinelli partially because some conservative business donors wouldn't give to the GOP campaign—or even switched sides. The MSM says that biz people are fed up with the "activist wing of the GOP," a trend that'll have broad implications for 2014 midterms.

Can R's Trounce Reid?

Cliff Smith, Daily Caller

Repubs are favored in every race they need to take the Senate, save one. R's need to win Reid's seat to gain control. Between Obamacare and the second midterm curse, this is very possible.

Should Cuccinelli Run for Senate?

Alex Pappas, Daily Caller

Conservative writer Quin Hillyer is the first person to openly make a full-throated case for Cuccinelli to throw his hat into the ring to take on incumbent Sen. Mark Warner, a popular Dem. in VA.

OCare's Affect on VA Guv Race

Erika Johnsen, HotAir

Charles Krauthammer, speaking on the VA giv race, said, "Obamacare single handedly turned what should have been a landslide into a cliffhanger. Cuccinelli was behind by double digits after the shutdown...He decided to gamble it all in the last week attacking Obamacare. 

Could GOP Lose BYoung Seat?

Alex Isenstadt, Politico

Repubs. are openly worried they could lose the late Bill Young's FL congressional seat that the GOP has held since before Nixon was president – and give Dems early bragging rights in their long shot to win the House in '14.

Romney Hits Tea Party, OCare

Lisa Riley Roche, Deseret News

Mitt Romney criticized both Obama's "fundamental dishonesty" about Obamacare. He chided the tea party over the gov't shutdown and touted Chris Christie, a moderate, as a leading contender for president in '16.

Chamber Shuns Tea Party in AL

Erick Erickson, Red State

The US Chamber of Commerce is spending $185,000.00 to help estab. Repub. Bradley Byrne, who's running for the AL01 House seat. They want credit for repudiating the Tea Party even in Alabama. 

Cruz Gives Olive Branch to GOP?

Manu Raju, Politico

Ted Cruz told his colleagues that he would not intervene in their 2014 primary fights.

GOP Will Rebound in Time for 2014

Keith Calder for American Commitment, Daily Caller

Obamacare is a disaster, and hiking premiums in states Dems need to win.

Viguerie: It's The Primaries, Stupid!

WND Staff

Conservative powerhouse Richard Viguerie (CHQ's chairman) who's credited for organizing Ronald Reagan’s huge victory in 1980 and the founding of multiple conservative organizations is calling for challenges to the elected GOP officials who may not be fully in line with the party’s roots. 

Building GOP Majority on Quicksand

Daniel Horowitz, Fox News

Beltway Repubs accuse some conservative groups of working to undermine a Republican majority, both by engaging in “unwinnable” fights and by working to replace incumbent Republicans instead of focusing exclusively on growing our Senate numbers. Repubs must work to build an enduring conservative majority in the Senate.

OCare Deadline Delayed Amid Fears

Elise Viebeck, The Hill
Basically, Obama shut down the gov't to stop the GOP from making any change to a law he had to change a week later. He's delaying the deadline to buy insurance because House D's fear retaliation in the 2014 midterms.

More Tea Party Challengers Step Up

Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

Tea partyers and conservative groups signaled they believe they didn’t lose, but rather were sabotaged from within by weak Repubs — and took the first steps to oust one of them. Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel announced he would challenge U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran in the Republican primary next year.

R's Swing Race Fundraising Way Up

Daniel Doherty, Townhall

The NRCC compiled a list of what they believe are the 7 most vulnerable House members, or NRCC Red Zone Democrats. In 3 of those 7 races this past quarter, GOP challengers out-raised D's by impressive margins.

Boehner to Allow Squishy Deal

Ed Morrissey, Hot Air

Boehner will allow a vote on an emerging Sen. proposal to open government and lift the debt ceiling without amendments and have it pass with Dem votes. Boehner may not be Speaker in '14.

Ted Cruz Channels Richard Viguerie and Ronald Reagan

By adopting the wisdom of Ronald Reagan, and the political insights of our own Richard Viguerie, Ted Cruz is defining how a revitalized conservative Republican Party can start winning elections again.