2014 midterm elections

Fed Up PAC Launches New Media Campaign "Who Will Keep Us Safe?"

Fed Up PAC's new media campaign aims to put the vote-changing video "Who Will Keep Us Safe?" in over 2 million in-boxes. Click this link to view the video and take our survey about what is really at stake in the 2014 election.

Tea Party Republicans Highly Motivated to Vote in Midterms

Frank Newport, Gallup.com

73% of Tea Party Repubs. are very motivated to vote, much more than non-Tea Party Repubs. or other Americans. About one in four Americans continue to say they support the Tea Party. Tea Party Repubs. are most focused on deficit, Iraq and Syria.

Obama’s Gift to America is Fear. Who Will Keep America Safe?

Never before, or certainly not since the dark days immediately following the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor that brought America into World War II, has fear been an every day, every hour, every minute phenomenon in American society. But today, thanks to Barack Obama, fear is everywhere in America. And only you, with your vote, can end the fear and make America safe once again. 


Our friends at NumbersUSA just launched a powerful ad in the key midterm election states of Alaska, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire and North Carolina. We urge you to see the ad then use our Contact the Candidates tool to tell them "no amnesty" you want the jobs go to the millions of American workers and legal immigrants already here who still can't find work.

How Do You Define “Security”?

Many Republican candidates, who claim to be running as conservatives, are not campaigning on the issue of national "security." Please use the comment function for this article to tell us how you define “security.” There’s no “right answer” but a short comment or even a one line bullet point is best. We will publish the top submissions tomorrow and share them with Republican candidates as part of our effort to nationalize the election.