Hillary Ruins the Plan

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review

Here is the real collusion scheme: In 2016, the incumbent Democratic administration of President Barack Obama put the awesome powers of the United States government’s law-enforcement and intelligence apparatus in the service of the Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign, the Democratic party, and the progressive Beltway establishment. This scheme had two parts: Plan A, the objective; and Plan B, a fail-safe strategy in case Plan A imploded — which all the smartest people were supremely confident would never, ever happen . . . which is why you could bet the ranch that it would. There was just one problem — that problem was Mrs. Clinton.

Shining a Light on ‘Back Row’ America

Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

Noonan ends this dramatic year writing of a man whose great and constructive work she discovered in 2016. He is the photojournalist Chris Arnade. She follow him on Twitter, where he issues great tweet-storms containing pictures and commentary about America. He has spent the past year traveling through much of the country taking pictures of regular people in challenging circumstances and writing of their lives. The people he met were voting for Trump. Many saw the America they’d grown up in slipping away. They wanted a country that was great again. They experienced elite disdain for Trump as evidence he might be the one to turn it around.

Why 2016 was a major turning point for the world

Robert W. Merry, Washington Times

Historians will look back on 2016 as an inflection year in world history, perhaps not as momentous (or violent) as the years that follow but marking a major global turning point, when the old order of world politics could be seen as crumbling. This disintegration actually has been going on for some time, but it was not so readily discernible during the intervening years as it became in 2016.

Rumors of a GOP Senate Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Amelia Chasse, Real Clear Politics

Polling data is one of several stubborn realities undermining the conventional wisdom that the Republican majority is in more trouble than it would be in any competitive election year.

Ted Cruz for President

Steve Berman, The Resurgent

The real reason I support Cruz is that he and I share the same unshakeable belief in government being a servant of the people, not a ladder for politicians to climb. At every level–local, state, and federal, our elected officials need to be accountable for their votes and their words. Too many in the history of our Republic have been more interested in their own featherbeds, keeping themselves in office, and favoring those who helped get them there.

New Poll: Conservatives Demand Honest, Open GOP Convention

The nomination of either Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio would cause 53% of conservatives to consider voting for a third-party candidate.  If Republican power brokers were to take advantage of a deadlocked convention to nominate Mitt Romney, 75% would oppose that move.

Picking a Presidential Nominee in 2016

Morton Blackwell, RedState

If enough conservatives unite, they can nominate and elect any of the more conservative Republican presidential candidates.  So there’s every reason for conservatives to try hard now to unite in support of a candidate they believe would be the most determined and effective conservative President possible.

Dear candidates, where are the spending cuts?

Jason Russell, Washington Examiner

Identifying specific spending cuts can be a liability for a candidate, but making the case for specific cuts and explaining why they're necessary can also earn candidates the respect of many voters. Federal debt held by the public has doubled under President Obama. Without a plan to cut spending, the next Republican president is in danger of making matters worse.

Will conservatives break the RINO spell in 2016?

Sahil Kapur, Bloomberg

But with a swath of “outsider” candidates gaining traction, and the party's historical tendency to nominate an establishment figure, conservatives have their work cut out in uniting behind one to carry the party's torch.

Tea Party Leader Becky Gerritson Endorses Ted Cruz for President

“America needs a leader who is bold as a lion and will seek justice and always speak the truth, one who respects the rule of law and our US Constitution. We need a leader who will confidently rebuke our enemies both foreign and domestic. One who appreciates and supports our military. We need a leader of integrity who seeks wise council and who will maintain unity and order. One who believes in America’s greatness and will do his utmost to preserve and further it. That man is Ted Cruz.” -- Becky Gerritson, Co-Founder and President of the Wetumpka Tea Party

Presidential Horse Race 2016: GOP’s approval rating hits new low as candidates vie for debate spots

A little over a week out from the first GOP presidential debate, the sixteen declared Republican candidates face the daunting prospect of trying to buck the party’s negative image, please its angry conservative voting base and win the nomination.

The Rand Paul Moment

Rich Lowry, Politico

True, the issues seem to be breaking his way, but there’s also an “interesting” quality about him.

Allen West to Test Marco Rubio?

Katie Glueck, Politico

West disagrees with Rubio on amnesty and refused to rule out a potential challenge in 2016.

Looking at the 2016 GOP Platform

John Hayward, Red State

Political elites have convinced us to settle for less, but the GOP should be about striving for more.

Rand Paul Makes Immigration Move

Alexander Bolton, The Hill

The Kentucky Senator’s proposals take aim at three of the most controversial areas of the bill.

Is NJ Governor Chris Christie Thinking About 2016?

Conservatives must help Governor Christie understand that if he chooses a reliable limited-government constitutional conservative to fill the New Jersey Senate vacancy, it will help him in 2016. You can help make this point to Governor Christie. Call the Governor’s office (the number in Trenton is 609-292-6000) and invite him to walk with conservatives and urge him to appoint a limited-government constitutional conservative to fill the unexpired term of New Jersey’s senior Senator.