2016 GOP Presidential Candidates


Rush Limbaugh, RushLimbaugh.com

"[Bush is] being looked at as a savior by the big money donor class & consultant class, the estab. of the party, to head off the Tea Party. Somebody like Jeb -- could be a sacrificial run just to make sure that a conservative doesn't get the nomination in '16." 

Please Lord, No More Bushes For President

A Jeb Bush nomination for president would ensure that the Republican establishment stays in power for at least another decade, and it would also ensure that, no matter if Jeb or the Democrat wins, Big Government will prevail.

Jeb Bush 'Actively' Exploring '16 Run

James Hohmann & Maggie Haberman, Politico

Jeb Bush announced that he has decided to “actively explore the possibility” of a run for president. He'll start a leadership PAC in Jan. to let him travel & talk with voters. He said the move came after discussions with his family over Thanksgiving.

How A Conservative Insurgent Can Win '16 GOP Nom.

David Corbin and Matt Parks, The Federalist

Treating voters as if they are ‘an enlightened and rational people’ might just produce a Repub. presidential candidate worthy of the name.

Levin On '16: GOP Must Pick Conservative For 1st Time Since Reagan

Tony Lee, Breitbart

Mark Levin said the GOP is "a party in trouble" that must nominate a bold conservative for president in 2016 if they do not want to get walloped yet again.

Jeb Acting Like the Moderate of Crowded '16 Field

Drew MacKenzie, Newsmax

“Jeb Bush isn’t going to be the hard-edged conservative pick for president in 2016, so there’s really no percentage for him in acting like it. And judging from his latest comments, Bush knows it, too.”

4 Repubs. Who Worry Hillary

Amie Parnes, The Hill

Hillary Clinton allies are focusing on 4 potential Repub. challengers for 2016: Jeb Bush, Rand Paul, Chris Christie & Scott Walker. Clinton World believes Paul has run the best “pre-campaign." The fact that Paul has worked to attract R's & D's to his cause has made him someone to watch. 

Cruz: The World Is On Fire

Colin Campbell, Business Insider

Sen. Ted Cruz attacked what he described as "the Obama-Clinton foreign policy" in a wide-ranging speech. As an alternative, Cruz presented his own three-part plan for "reasserting American leadership in the world."

Jeb: R's Have to 'Lose the Primary to Win the General'

Peter Sullivan, The Hill

Bush laid out policy positions that are controversial among the conservative base. He said he opposed Obama's exec. amnesty, but said R's should act on the issue “rather than have their heads explode.”

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Conservative Leaders Join to Block Jeb, Say He's Anti-Reagan

Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner

“I don’t know of any conservatives who are supporting him,” said Richard Viguerie, chairman of ConservativeHQ.com. “Jeb is a very good moderate Dem,” added Mark Levin. “He doesn't elicit excitement outside a small circle of wealthy corporatists & GOP Beltway operatives.”

Ben Carson Talk Resonates with Christian Conservatives

William Petroski, Des Moines Register

Dr. Carson called for a renewal of the principles of the founding fathers and support for the idea that the U.S. is a Judeo-Christian nation. He insisted that efforts must be undertaken to improve the nation's education system, curb the federal deficit and reform the tax system.

What Makes Scott Walker a Good Choice for 2016

Grover G. Norquist and Patrick Gleason, Reuters

The gov't reform & tax-relief measures enacted by Walker and other GOP governors are a big reason for the electoral success. Coolidge’s record and how it compares to what Walker has done in Wis. make a strong case for his name to be on the short list of GOP contenders.

$61.6M in FEMA Money May Haunt Kasich

Elliot Jager, Newsmax

Conservative critics of Ohio GOP Gov. John Kasich have latched onto a report from the Homeland Security  Inspector General's office that criticized the state's management of $61.6 million in grant money. The report could pose a stumbling block for his possible '16 presidential run.

Jeb Bush Faces Backlash Over Education Record

Michael J. Mishak, Associated Press

Jeb Bush has been one of the country’s most vocal supporters of Common Core. That puts him at odds with the conservative activists any GOP presidential hopeful would need to win the nomination.

Santorum Speech to Promote Hawkish Foreign Policy

Scott Conroy, Real Clear Politics

Former Sen. Rick Santorum will deliver a foreign policy address that'll outline his perspective on what he calls “the mounting conflict between the Western civilized world & radical Islamists” and will push back against the GOP’s noninterventionist faction. 

Chris Christie Takes Himself Out Of The GOP Presidential Sweepstakes – Again

When Kevin McCarthy and Chris Christie talk about “compromise” what they are really talking about is growing government at a slightly slower pace than it would grow if Obama had a Democratic majority on Capitol Hill. That is not what handed Republicans back the majority.

Cruz, RPaul at Odds Over Patriot Act Revisions

Elliot Jager, Newsmax

A bipartisan Senate bill that revises the '01 Patriot Act to better protect the civil liberties of ordinary Americans is dividing 2 Repub. presidential hopefuls. Ted Cruz is a co-sponsor of the measure while Rand Paul opposes it.

Gay Marriage Issue Now Linked to Portman

Dan Sewell, Associated Press

Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH) is considering his own 2016 presidential run. But such a plan could be complicated by the fallout from his newfound support for same-sex marriage - the reversal upset some conservatives who oppose it.

GOP Can Only Win 2016 by Nominating a Real Conservative

Philip Klein, Washington Examiner

Base voters need a candidate they can implicitly trust. A candidate who is constantly having to prove something to the base, from the declaration of candidacy to the waning hours of Election Day, is guaranteed to lose.