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Amnesty and Paul Ryan's Presidential Ambitions

Along with Paul Ryan’s fine personal qualities comes a penchant for granting deference to the interests of the establishment GOP’s corporate paymasters and thereby alienating the two blocks of voters Republicans must have to win: Reagan Democrats and Tea Party movement voters. To arm yourself intellectually for the battle over amnesty and illegal immigration, watch the videos in our “Short Course” on amnesty and immigration and be sure to sign our "no amnesty" petition. 

Competence, Care, and Christie

G. Murphy Donovan, American Thinker

Other than Hurricane Sandy, Obamacare might be the best thing that ever happened to Chris Christie.

Even GOP-e Agree: Can't Rely on OCare to Win

John Gizzi, NewsMax

Former RNC leader Michael Steele said, "Party leaders shouldn't think that just hawking anti-Obamacare rhetoric will give them electoral cache with African Americans, Hispanics, and women... there is everything else that Repubs have done to tick off those voters since 2010 that the party will need to reconcile before there is an appreciable movement toward the GOP."

Can Christie Win Outside Northeast?

Jon Terbuch, TheWeek.com

Chris Christie's provincial problem: Can he win outside the Northeast? A recent poll indicates that Christie's popularity might not extend far beyond his home state, even against a generic Repub.

Christie: The New Tom Dewey?

Jeffrey Lord, American Spectator

Based on what Chris Christie says, the future of the GOP is in digging up the moldy “non-ideology” that is really not just another ideology but for Establishment R's an obsessive ideology. The ideology of poor old (unsuccessful) Tom Dewey that promises defeat.

O'Reilly Guest: Tea Party Are RINOs

Josh Feldman, Mediaite

Chris Christie supporter Bill O'Reilly hosted Bernie Goldberg, who trashed the Tea Party and addressed what he believes is a “potentially fatal split” in the GOP’s immediate future.

We Agree With Chris Christie (On Two Things)

Chris Christie's Sunday morning talk show marathon showed that the New Jersey Governor's major flaw as a Republican presidential candidate is not the messenger -- it is the Governor's lack of a conservative message.

Christie: GOP Should Follow My Lead

Fox News Staff

Chris Christie stayed neutral Sun. on whether he’ll run for president. But the Repub. had a message for governors and other elected officials pondering a 2016 run: “Get the job done.”

GOP-E: Win First, Fight Later

Mark Levin, MarkLevinShow.com

Christie refused to sign the briefs challenging Obamacare and is among a handful of GOP governors moving quickly to implement it. He's another big government Repub. Members of the GOP have no strategy or principled vision.

Knives Come Out for Christie

Patrick J. Buchanan, Human Events

Dems will be spending 26 months blocking Christie in Trenton and trashing him nationally, as will those in the GOP who see in the coalescing Chamber of Commerce-Beltway elite alliance a plot to seize the party from them. If a civil war's coming inside the GOP, does Christie wish to be the champion of the establishment?

The Backlash Against Christie

Howard Kurtz, Fox News

Hard-line conservatives may believe the media are pushing Christie precisely because he’s a more centrist Repub. of the establishment variety. Hannity thinks Christie will become his own worst enemy in 2014.

Look to Cruz, NOT Christie

Joe Miller, JoeMiller.us

The breathless burbling about how Chris Christie’s victory “shows the path forward for the GOP” conveniently ignores his inability to turn NJ red for anyone but himself.

Paul: Military Complex, DC to Blame in VA

Jeff Poor, Daily Caller

Gov't bureaucrats strongly inclined to vote for Dems sunk Repub. Ken Cuccinelli’s bid for VA governor, especially those staffing the military-industrial complex, said Ron Paul.

R's Did Better Than You Think

Sean Trende, Real Clear Politics

For all the hubbub about the damage to the GOP brand, their candidates held up fairly well Tuesday night. We continued to see drop-offs in Dem. performance using the '12 presidential elections as a benchmark. Several R's won competitive races in blue territory. 

Chris Christie: Looking Out for #1 Pays Off

Far from being a model of how Republicans should govern and campaign to win nationally, Chris Christie’s re-election proves three things: Chris Christie’s brand of “all about me” politics has no coat tails and means certain defeat for the larger conservative agenda, and having a weak opponent who has been abandoned by their own Party makes winning a landslide a whole lot easier.

Christie Win Could Transform GOP

Seth McLaughlin, The Washington Times

Move to the right or try to pull the GOP away from the tea party and toward the center? That is the question Chris Christie will face if he trounces his way to victory Tues. in NJ’s guv race and looks toward a '16 prez bid.

Romney Hits Tea Party, OCare

Lisa Riley Roche, Deseret News

Mitt Romney criticized both Obama's "fundamental dishonesty" about Obamacare. He chided the tea party over the gov't shutdown and touted Chris Christie, a moderate, as a leading contender for president in '16.

Viguerie: It's The Primaries, Stupid!

WND Staff

Conservative powerhouse Richard Viguerie (CHQ's chairman) who's credited for organizing Ronald Reagan’s huge victory in 1980 and the founding of multiple conservative organizations is calling for challenges to the elected GOP officials who may not be fully in line with the party’s roots. 

Cruz Challenging Palin In CHQ Straw Poll

Senator Ted Cruz has charged to within 1 point of perennial leader Sarah Palin in last week’s CHQ presidential straw poll. Palin and Cruz are the only two potential candidates to break 30 percent, with Palin still in the lead at 35 percent and Cruz gaining ground to stand at 34 percent. Vote in this week's 2016 presidential poll!