2016 Republicans

Ben Carson Quits the Race. Sort of.

streiff, RedState

The benefit of this “no path forward without suspending my campaign” strategy is that the Carson fundraising machine can continue to run, just in case a “way forward” can be found. And people can be kept on payroll. It also means that his backers can continue to vote for him he officially remains in the race, you know, just in case a “way forward” can be found.

Benko: Give Jim Gilmore His Due

Our friend Ralph Benko says although it would embarrass him were he to read this let it be said: Jim Gilmore is an authentic Cold War hero. His failure to rise in the polls this year may be due to his personally becoming — yet politically toxic — level of humility. He did not brag on his credentials, but his credentials are stunningly great.

Good News From Iowa, Bad News From The Republican National Convention

Despite the fact that outsiders Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are blowing away the competition in Iowa, the Republican establishment of lobbyists, elected officials and big donors has served notice it isn't going to let a little thing like losing elections get in the way of making sure one of its own is the 2016 Republican presidential nominee.

Trump’s New York Values: Contempt For The Constitution

This is the third in a series of four articles on Donald Trump's "New York values" by Richard A. Viguerie, CHQ Chairman
One of the primary reasons I endorsed Ted Cruz is that he is a constitutional conservative who has spent the past several decades defending constitutional liberty. Ted Cruz has a consistent record of defending the individual against the power of the state, and unlike Donald Trump he holds the Constitution in such reverence that he does not make violating it into a cheap applause line in a speech.

What if Rick Perry does get back in?

Erick Erickson, RedState

If Perry gets back in, he would first have to fundraise and second would have to consider if he wants to cause a collapse of ongoing consolidation — assuming he can get any traction at all. The fact is, as much as I and so many others really like and respect Rick Perry, he did not get traction when he was first in and would have to come up with a reason now to get support.

Who John Kasich Walks With Tells Us He’s No Conservative

Conservatives who have long had their doubts about Governor Kasich’s commitment to conservative principles, especially on the social issues, have had those concerns pretty well confirmed by his choice of noted liberal Republican ex-Congressman Tom Davis as the head of his campaign efforts in Virginia.